Friday, July 22, 2016

Revisiting London Calling by The Clash

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus Music Podcast
Hosted by Lou Lombardi aka Loudini & Katie Simone
Loudini and Katie will talk on Revisiting London Calling by The Clash
featured artists are Jason Achilles Mezilis, See Spot Run, and Holy Sheboygan

Jason Achilles Mezilis
Jason Achilles Mezilis is a 14-year veteran of the LA music scene, where he has performed with, produced, and recorded countless bands on the west coast indie circuit. He is also a studio owner, and divides his time between live performance with OWL, and ongoing production and composition work at his boutique analog / digital recording studio Organic Audio Recorders in downtown Los Angeles.

Jason is a multi-instrumentalist, having first studied classical piano from a young age, and later inspired to pick up the guitar a week after his first Van Halen concert at the age of 16. He received his Bachelor’s in Music from the University of California, Berkeley, and a number of positions at premiere recording studios throughout California led him through the streets of Oakland, San Francisco, and eventually to his current home in Los Angeles.

Jason and Chris met at through a mutual friend in Hollywood’s legendary (now-defunct) Opium Den nightclub. A 7-year long friendship ensued, including long hikes and discussions through the storied, winding hills and musical history of Laurel Canyon…eventually paving the way for their joining forces in Owl and the development of a strong musical chemistry together. Despite being at one time the ‘odd-man-out’ in Chris and Dan’s long-standing youthful friendship, Jason has paved a comfortable niche in the Owl nest, due in large part to his gleeful initiative to try and tell everybody else what to do, all the time.

See Spot Run
See Spot Run’s song “Weightless” was certified by BDS as being "the highest charted independent song on the rock chart since the inception of BDS.This made them the first indie rock band to break the top 10.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters gave See Spot Run the "Breakout Single of The Year Award". Wire Magazine gave them the "Concert of the Year Award" shortly after.

See Spot Run was formed in Montreal by QuƩbec natives Chris Brodbeck and Randy Bowen. Also in See Spot Run are Fudge (drummer) and Aaron Little (guitar) both from Mississauga.

The band has created and released music in both French & English. “Super-heros sous peu” was the first CD released in French and contains both of the band’s previous Top 10 hits, Decoller and TerrifiĆ©.

A See Spot Run song was featured on the Canadian/American hit TV series DeGrassi, The Next Generation. The episode featuring the song was aired on the N Network in the USA in February 2008 and on the CTV Network in Canada in March 2008. The song was also used by Degrassi on vSide with a virtual world rendition of the Degrassi coffee house “The Dot”.

See Spot Run has had 5 videos on Much Music and has appeared and played on some MuchMusic shows as well as Canada AM, Breakfast Television and many other similar shows across Canada.

See Spot Run has toured in the USA and Canada. Recently they headlined a concert in Orlando Florida. See Spot Run also opened for Bon Jovi in front of 20,000 people and Stone Temple Pilots in the following year.

Chris Brodbeck -Bass + Vocals

Randy Bowen - Guitar + Vocals

Aaron Little - Guitar + Vocals

Dave Fudge - Drums + Vocals

Holy Sheboygan!
Julia Blair - Vocals, Viola, Accordion 
Cameron Carrus - Vocals, Upright Bass, Guitar 
Ben DeCorsey - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Banjo 
Jeffrey Edenberg - Vocals, Horn, Percussion, Organ, Toy Piano, Recorder 
Cary Foxx - Tenor and Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Vocals 
Rachel Graber - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
Liam O'Brien - Vocals, Guitar, Alto Saxophone, Tapes, Tin Whistle, Upright Bass 

Holy Sheboygan! emerge from the dark woods naked, a wild tangle of hair and dirt. They open mouths filled with jagged teeth. A rough yowl echoes through the dusk.

Holy Sheboygan! is a band of scavengers. Creeping through the alleys of musical sound, they borrow melodies from a wide array of genres, tape-recorded noise from their everyday lives, and percussion from the abundant dumpsters of the Fox Valley. By their very nature, they can be described as nothing other than 'garbage folk.'

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