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What 5 Hard Rock or Metal Bands Would You Induct In To Your Fantasy Hall Of Fame?

Imagine you have your own hall of fame where only the COOLEST hard rock and metal bands get in... who would YOU induct in 2018? Lily, Keith and Loudini discuss their picks... but what are yours???   Featured Loudini Artists:   Riot V   Graveyard  Cellar Darling
We will also be paying tribute to Gunnery Sgt. turned actor R. Lee Ermy

Riot V
Welcome to RIOT V (5)
The continuation of the legendary band RIOT!

Founding member guitarist Mark Reale hired bassist Don Van Stavern to join the band in 1984 during the end of the Born in America tour. The renewed formation featuring Mark, Don, Rhett Forrester and Sandy Slavin, then based in LA, played and label shopped to no avail so upon Rhett and Sandy’s departure Mark and Don headed to New York to regroup, write music and search for musicians!

With the Eighties developing into a metal-fest, a new-look new-sound RIOT bounced back transforming from an edgy hard rock band into a power metal assault and released the widely-acclaimed release ‘THUNDERSTEEL’ (Sony) and RIOT was reborn! 

‘THUNDERSTEEL was followed by with the jaw-dropping conceptual album ‘THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER’ (Sony) featuring an elite list of guest performers (Rainbow’s Joe Lynn Turner, Tower of Power horns and Saturday Night Live band leader G.E Smith. Mark and Don’s idea was to capture the intensity of “FIRE DOWN UNDER” but on steroids! Ace drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Fates Warning), vocalist Tony Moore and newly added axe man Mike Flyntz rounded out this power fury line up! 
This line up went on to record on more album together “IMMORTAL SOUL” right before long time guitarist Mark Reale’s unfortunate passing. 

Taking a couple years off regrouping and soul searching, Don Van Stavern and long time RIOT partner Mike Flyntz decide to “UNLEASH” chapter V (5) on the masses! Joining this dynamic duo are vocalist extraordinaire Todd Michael Hall, madman skin basher Franky Gilchriest and guitar whiz kid and former Mike Flyntz guitar student Nick “The Stick” Lee. 

RIOT V (5) releases “UNLEASH THE FIRE” which entered the Hard Rock 100 Billboard charts at 75 and Rolling Stone Magazine gives it a 4 out of 5 and most media including Burrn! Rock Hard and Aardshock calling it album of the year!

The band hits the ground running with a full head of steam and appear at all the prestigious Festivals world wide and headline sold out shows in Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy including Keep It True, Metal Assault, Headbangers Open Air (Germany), Skulls of Metal Festival (Spain), Blast from the Past Festival (Belgium) and melted faces at Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden), Rock Fest Barcelona (Spain), Loud Park (Japan), , Fall of Summer (Paris), Metal Apocalypse, Bang Your Head with Twisted Sister/ Anthrax, Metal Days with Megadeth/ Volbeat, two appearances on board 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise ship Festival and top it off with appearances with with Judas Priest, Motley Crue and Def Leppard, Journey to name a few! RIOT V’s amazing stage show and thunderous performance have most promoters praising the band in there top 3 picks of most fests! 

RIOT are consistently on radio and metal charts worldwide and part of New York City’s Top 20 Most Influential Metal Bands, 100 Best Metal Albums of All Time, 100 Best Metal Bands of All Time and numerous mentions on VH1’s That Metal Show with Eddie Trunk and staff sighting RIOT as one of the innovators of Metal music in America and beyond, RIOT V truly are Metal Warriors and will keep marching and fighting the good fight to bring you the music you’ve come to know, love and expect from RIOT V (5).....Shine On!

The History of Heavy Metal Hall of Fame 2018 inducts Don Van Stavern and Mike Flyntz

Current Location
New York City - San Antonio - Michigan

General Manager
DVS AFFAIRS Management

Booking agent
Jörg Düsedau

Len Schmitzer

classic heavy rock, blues, and psychedelia

Band Members
Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals
Jonathan Ramm – Guitar
Truls Mörck – Bass
Oskar Bergenheim - Drums

Gothenburg, Sweden

Record Label
Nuclear Blast (World), Stranded/Universal (Swe)

Are you a retailer interested in buying titles from this band?

For North + South America, Asia, Rest of World, contact
wholesale [at] nuclearblastusa [dot] com

For EU:
wholesale [at] nuclearblast [dot] de

New album PEACE out on May 25th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast Records. Order here: http://nuclearblast.com/graveyard-peace

Press contact
mail@nuclearblastusa.com (US) / info@nuclearblast.de (EU)

Booking agent
Sweden: Richard.Ardermark@livenation.se / Europe: TobbeLorentz@theagencygroup.com / USA: carminesesto@theagencygroup.com

Cellar Darling
Cellar Darling formed in the summer of 2016 out of the split of Switzerland’s most successful metal act to date, the chart-topping Eluveitie. The trio consisting of Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars & bass) therefore already looks back on a decade of touring the world, in 45+ countries on 6 continents. The winners of the 2014 Swiss Music Award as ‘best live act’ have experienced much together, forming a bond that can overcome any adversity. 

After the split with their former band in June 2016, Anna, Ivo and Merlin quickly realised their musical journey was far from over and instantly began working on their own songs. What quickly developed was a unique and fresh combination of grand and heavy riffs, powerful drumming and a unique voice, with the signature folky, earthy tones of the hurdy gurdy, confidently fusing heavy alternative rock with strong fokly influences and poetic lyrical tales, creating what you may very well call a New Wave Of Folk Rock. 

After a summer of intense songwriting sessions, Cellar Darling self-released their first single, 'Challenge' along with a bonus track ‘Fire, Wind & Earth’, in September 2016, to overwhelmingly positive reactions from around the world. Signing to Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017 was swiftly followed by 3 subsequent single releases, all met with a staggering support from the ever growing fanbase. Cellar Darling’s debut album ‘This Is The Sound’ was released on June 30th 2017. 

Lyrically, Cellar Darling are storytellers. They want to carry you away into their world of music, awaking the spirit of the stories our parents told us before going to sleep, painting pictures with melodies, metaphors and poetry. Melodize the adventures of the human spirit, with all its mysteries and emotions. 

The upcoming album promises to awaken your imagination and stretch your musical tastes.

General Manager
Kate Piatkowska & Merlin Sutter // info@booyaventures.com

Press contact
Anne Swallow // anne@nuclearblast.de

Booking agent
World (excluding North America): Sharon Richardson // K2 agency // SharonRichardson@k2ours.com
Rest of the world: info@booyaventures.com

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Angela Soffe World Traveler and Mom of 3 turns Lemons into Lemonade with New Album

Angela Soffe is an Americana singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the lead singer and songwriter of the award-winning Angela Soffe Band based in the Pacific Northwest. Her latest album, 'Second Wind' is the result of a darkness-into-light narrative, and marks a brave return to music. Raised by American parents in Southeast Asia, the artist weaves a glowing musical tapestry inspired by the flavors of her past. The weighty topics of her new album are exquisitely offset by soothing musicality, an amalgam of folk, pop, and bluegrass with touches of new age and classical music. Throughout the album, Angela’s voice exudes a sweet emotional grace at the intersection of defiance, wonderment, longing, and vulnerability. Highlights on this soulful journey of an album include “Rocks,” “Freedom,” and “Second Wind.”

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nita Strauss. " Anyone who say's that rock is dead just hasn't been paying attention "!

Los Angeles born guitarist Nita Strauss has become a force to be reckoned with in the music world, dazzling audiences across the US, UK, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, and sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists including rock legend Alice Cooper, R&B star Jermaine Jackson, early MTV darlings Femme Fatale, video game supergroup Critical Hit and popular tribute band The Iron Maidens. Her skill, exuberant stage presence and love for all things about her instrument have earned her a stellar reputation and endorsements from many top companies. 

Nita has been featured in many worldwide print magazines and on dozens of albums, trailers, and soundtracks, including Heroes Of The Storm (Blizzard) and Grammy-nominated Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Konami/ Platinum Games); and is the author of the Premier Guitar column “Drop Dead Shred”. Nita was also the official in-house guitarist for the LA KISS, the arena football team owned by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS. She is one of the most sought after clinicians in the industry and has done extensive clinic tours across multiple continents. Her consistent touring schedule has shown her to play in front of over a million audience members per year consistently for the past several years.

In 2017 Nita launched her original band, We Start Wars, and classic metal cover band The Starbreakers. She is also touring with Alice Cooper and working on instrumental solo material.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

5 Perfect Rock Albums

There are a lot of great albums out there, but not many that could be considered "perfect". This week Keith, Lily and Lou talk about the 5 Perfect Hard Rock and Metal Albums
Featured Loudini Artists:   Dark Entries  Snake Head Ritual  Meka Nism

Dark Entries

Band Members
☢ Drums: Francesco Fiorino
☠ Bass: Antonello Pallotta
☾ Guitar: Lorenzo Colonna
☥ Voice,Synth,Guitar: Donato Lacalamità (Darkamura)


A Tribute Band to the Great Masterpieces
of the 80's New-Wave & Gothic-Rock

Snake Head Ritual
Snake Head Ritual are hard rock rust belt perseverance embodied. This is a band that has weathered adversity and triumphed more than once, and it shows in their particular brand of riff distilled rock and roll. Their music is perfectly aged in the oak barrels of revered tradition like Zeppelin, Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, buried deep in the oxidized regional midwestern soil of The Stooges, Cactus and early Grand Funk Railroad. Like their predecessors though, SHR realized that there was no room for pretenders or copycats, and while the path may be lighted by their forebears, Snake Head Ritual are anything but orthodox pentatonic followers. 

The first thing one notes about the music of SHR is the passion and individuality of both the songs and of the songwriters, who do not cling to their influences like children frightened to let go of the side of the pool. Rather, Snake Head Ritual use their influences only as a momentary springboard for jumping into the deep end, confident in their own skills. The only option is to swim.

With two remarkable full length albums under their belt since their formation in 2012 and a recently revamped lineup, SHR are honing their already extensive setlist for maximum live impact. Having done several years of legwork to build a fervent and loyal following, both regionally and internationally, Snake Head Ritual have the swagger and the songs to dominate any stage or studio they come in contact with.

Snake Head Ritual is:
Kevin “Chez” - lead vocals
Bill McCullough - guitar
Josh LaForge - drums
Nick Contreras - guitar
Mahlon Orrin - bass, backing vocals

Meka Nism
Meka Nism is a metal band that is comprised of exquisitely talented musicians that seamlessly work in unison to create some of the most elaborate, unique and eclectic music on the planet. Members include, Meka (vocalist), Bobby Keller (lead guitar), Jarret Robinson (bass), Jay Adkisson (keys), and Christopher Lane (drums).

Meka Nism was formed back in 2006 and originated as Meka Nism and Her Rusty Tears. Meka was the former guitar player for Orlando punk legends Dirty Barby and Angel Autopsy, who enchanted audiences for years. Florida based Hidden Records quickly noticed her as being a unique talent and put her on their independent label. In 2006, “Mad to Love” was the first album recorded by Meka Nism and her Rusty Tears. The album was recognized as an exceptional artistic achievement of great beauty and passion. "Break," the second track from the album was the WINNER of the Songwriter's Showcase of America's (SSA) Best Experimental Song of the Year – 2006. Meka was also SSA's Solo Artist of the Month - January 2007. Explosive with enthusiasm, Meka made a scorching impact on the Central Florida music scene. She has a strong, loyal fan base, not only in Florida, but around the United States, in areas like Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and many more.

In 2010, with the return of Meka from touring in Japan with over 150 shows, the movement to solidify the group as “Meka Nism” began and in March of 2013, the debut EP “The Dance at the End of the World” was released as the band’s first collaborative collection of songs as a unit. The theme behind the EP was based off of a world that was destroyed, desolate and in dismay. It was meant to uplift spirits to a higher potential out of negative situations and to bring them to light. The idea of playing their music as the world came to an end was the ultimate triumph, which was based on 2012’s prediction of the world coming to an end. The band also released their first music video for the single “Bring the Sun Back” in October of 2013. Meka Nism’s debut EP “Dance at the End of the World” was proof that new sounds, new excitement and new frontiers have not only been explored but have been claimed as their own unique voice in the music industry.

After touring and playing numerous amounts of shows in Florida and in the South East, opening for Mastodon at the Kink Festival, and a headlining House of Blues show, Meka Nism began the journey to start “The Shift”. The EP was successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014. Brett Hestla, former bass player for Creed and vocals for Dark New Day, was chosen as the producer and recording began back in October of 2014. “The Shift” was released on May 1st with a massive CD Release show at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida. 

2015 was a big year for the band in that they toured for a month with platinum award winning band, Trapt, all across the mid-west and east coast. Earlier in the year, playing the Texas Showdown Festival in El Paso, Texas, opening for the likes of The Offspring, Limp Biscuit, Upon a Burning Body, and more. Followed by a tour across Texas with Otep. 
In 2016, Meka Nism got the opportunity to tour with the Swedish power-house and one of metal's biggest up and coming bands, Avatar. The two bands wrecked havoc across the east coast and mid-west before ending in Minot, North Dakota. Upon returning home, Meka Nism was named Orlando's #1 Metal Band according to the Orlando Weekly and was chosen to headline the local stage at the 3rd Annual Kink Festival opening for Evanescence, Hellyeah, and InFlames. 

Nothing has seemed to slow down. 2017 has proven to be a big year for the band so far. They were given the slot to open the main stage at WJRR's Earthday Birthday 24 with the likes of Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Nonpoint, and more. The name of the new EP, "The War Inside", was unveiled and the plans of recording it in Germany with world renowned producer and engineer, Lasse Lammert, were announced as well.

2016 Orlando Weekly Best of (#1 Metal Band in Orlando)

2015 Orlando Weekly Best of (#2 Metal Band in Orlando)... See More

Current Location
Orlando, Florida

Press contact

Booking agent

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Photographer and Painter, Carolee Rainey has a Ricky Lee Jones Epiphany and Returns to Music with a Passion

New York-based songstress Carolee Rainey has just released her incredible new single, “Empower” off her forthcoming album, ‘Feel Fearless!’ Fusing elements of legends like Rickie Lee Jones and Stevie Nicks “Empower” is an excellent first taste of what’s to come for Rainey, who explains: 
“One day when I was working out on the treadmill I started writing this song I call ‘Empower’ because the TV on the treadmill was interviewing this lady who was talking about empowerment becoming a real movement and she totally inspired me. Now, I want to pay it forward and inspire all of you to take a deep breath just like I did and tackle some unfinished dream inside your soul fearlessly.  I really want to hear what you come up with. Please share with me.“

You heard the woman! Turn up your speakers, take a deep breath, and prepare to be inspired. We can’t wait to see Carolee releases next! Keep up with Carolee on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud!

Long  ago  in  an earlier lifetime  of performing, I did a lot of busking, playing  bars, hotels and cruise ships. There were publishing deals,  almost record deals, voice overs in movies and a job as A&R for Atlantic Nashville out of LA.  It was a wild and rambling time.  
Eventually  the tides changed, and I  found myself immersed in a different life of painting and photography.  I believe the solitude of being a painter and the exploration of a unique style of painting  offered  me a different perspective to  songwriting. Not sure if it's an innate sense of restlessness or if the winds were just revving up again, but eventually I put the paintbrush aside in search of a different kind of canvas and palette.  
At a particularly low point when I was sure the tide would never come in again,  a friend took me to a concert. The me walking into that concert became transformed and re-ignited during those life-changing 90 minutes.  
Diversions LA says in their February 2018 review, Carolee Rainey Tells Listeners to Feel Fearless. "Evoking comparisons with Stevie Nicks the songs on her potent debut mini-album reflect inspirational and empowering messages lyrically.  The music is solid, strongly singable, and will delightfully lodge in listeners internal musical repertoire for a long time."
Rainey says she was inspired while attending a Rickie Lee Jones concert. She found Jones’ performance transformative, and immediately began to write her own songs. “It was the next stop on the train for me,” she says.  
Philosophically, Rainey says she views life as a journey.  She asks that listeners tune in to her songs because “they’ve got life, wisdom and lightness even if they can get lonely and dark.”  
Tight backing musicians create magnetic listenable support to Rainey, including Doug Yowell, Richard Hammond, Thad DeBrock, Everett Bradley and Clifford Carter on acoustic piano and keys.  The EP was produced by Grammy and Emmy award winning producer Robert L. Smith at Defy Recordings and  Avatar Studios.   in their February 2018 review, Carolee Rainey Tells Listeners to Feel Fearless. "Evoking comparisons with Stevie Nicks the songs on her potent debut mini-album reflect inspirational and empowering messages lyrically.  The music is solid, strongly singable, and will delightfully lodge in listeners internal musical repertoire for a long time."
Rainey says she was inspired while attending a Rickie Lee Jones concert. She found Jones’ performance transformative, and immediately began to write her own songs. “It was the next stop on the train for me,” she says.  
Philosophically, Rainey says she views life as a journey.  She asks that listeners tune in to her songs because “they’ve got life, wisdom and lightness even if they can get lonely and dark.”  
Tight backing musicians create magnetic listenable support to Rainey, including Doug Yowell, Richard Hammond, Thad DeBrock, Everett Bradley and Clifford Carter on acoustic piano and keys.  The EP was produced by Grammy and Emmy award winning producer Robert L. Smith at Defy Recordings and  Avatar Studios.  

Friday, April 6, 2018

Megadeth vs Metallica

It's the heavy metal throw down of the ages... Metallica vs. Megadeth. Who will take home the heavy metal crown and who will go home and hang up their spikes in shame. You DO NOT want to miss this week's Loudini Hard Rock & Metal Circus!  Featured Loudini Artists:   We Start Wars   Valor and Vengeance   Light The Torch

We Start Wars
"The Animal Inside", the first song from WE START WARS, the new all-female group led by Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles-based guitar shredder for the ALICE COOPER band, can be streamed below.

Strauss said of the band's name: "A phrase I heard years ago has always stuck with me: 'Some of the greatest wars in history were fought over a beautiful woman.'

"I've always been fascinated by the idea of the female warrior, someone who fights her own battles and doesn't take shit from anyone, and equally fascinated with the concept that a woman's love or defending her honor would be worth so much that people would actually put their own lives and the lives of others at risk over it. The most famous story everyone thinks of first is, of course, 'The face that launched a thousand ships,' Helen of Troy. But there was also Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Attila the Hun's invasion of Rome, Richard the Lionheart rescuing his sister Joan of England during the crusades, General Wu Sangui's betrayal, which led to the downfall of the Ming Dynasty in the 1600s, and the Celts uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60. The list goes on and on.

"So that's the story behind the name — WE START WARS represents not only the battles that women face in daily life, but also the battles that have followed them throughout history.”

Strauss previously stated about her decision to launch WE START WARS: "I've been wanting to be in this exact band since I started playing guitar, and after over a year of putting this together and auditioning musicians, finally ended up with an amazingly talented, hard-working and driven group of girls. I truly couldn't be more proud of how these songs are coming out."

WE START WARS will make its live debut on May 25 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California.

The band's lineup is as follows:

Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER) - Guitar 
Alicia Vigil (VIGIL OF WAR) - Bass 
Seana (a.k.a. Shauna Lisse) - Vocals 
Nicole Papastavrou - Guitar 

Katt Scarlett (FEMME FATALE) - Keyboards 
Lindsay Martin - Drums

Strauss told Ultimate Classic Rock about her new project: "I started writing music, and it turned into something that sounded like it needed to be a band. It didn't sound like something that was indulgent enough to just be like, 'This is the Nita show.' They sounded like band songs. I'm a band person. I might come across like kind of a show-off onstage and stuff, but I like collaborating with people. So I threw together a great group of girls. I thought it needed a great female lineup, and I think I've almost got it the way that I want it now."

Strauss recently released a brand new solo single titled "Pandemonium". Written, recorded and produced by Nita, the song features the axewoman on all guitar and bass, alongside her boyfriend and manager Josh Villalta on drums and Katt Scarlett on keyboards.

Strauss is a longtime Ibanez signature series endorsee who made her name with THE IRON MAIDENS, FEMME FATALE and LA Kiss.

Valor and Vengeance
Band Members
Adam Ryan:Vocals 
Mike Muenzer: Lead Guitar
Tyler Morgan: Guitar/B.Vocals
Paul Perry:Bass
Josh Fresia-Drums

Huntington Beach Ca

Valor & Vengeance was formed in Huntington Beach, CA In September of 2009 by Paul Perry. Valor & Vengeance was officially activated in January of 2016 .V&V brings new media culture designed for the next millennium. 
The band’s music is the driving force for all mediums relating to their trans-media infrastructure.
Featured tracks such as Sinking Further and Ghost Town.
Bring the fundamentals of heavy music to a new horizon.
These songs highlight sonic rhythm sections and guitar leads
That are not meant for the submissive. V&V adds inspirational
Vocal melodies and words of inspiration that every individual of all ages can relate to. V&V ‘s had a few soft releases over the past few years that proved to be something special. V&V has been played on active rock stations in the S.F Bay Area as well as various Internet radio stations. The first song they released on the band’s website Over & Over won best Metal Song 2011 by Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Over & Over was released On Rock Band 3 February 2012. This Beast has awakened

2011 .11Best Metal Song "Over & Over" Hollywood Music and Media Awards
2017 9.Winner Best Rock Song "Sinking Further " The Akademia Awards
2017 .11Winner Rock Song of the Year "Sinking Further" Hollywood Music and Media Awards


Personal Information
Official Page for Valor & Vengeance

Current Location
Huntington Beach Ca

General Manager

Light The Torch

For Europe, contact
wholesale [at] nuclearblast [dot] de

New album, REVIVAL, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order at http://nuclearblast.com/lightthetorch-revival.

General Manager
Strong Management - info@stronghq.com

Press contact
amy@atomsplitterpr.com (North America) / info@nuclearblast.de (Europe)

Booking agent

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Big Dad Ritch of Texas Hippie Coalition, on Barbecue Sauce and Red Dirt Metal

Big Dad Ritch came to prominence in 2004 when he co-founded the red dirt metal band Texas Hippie Coalition with John Exall. After being influenced by bands like Molly Hatchet, Pantera, and ZZ Top,[1] Big Dad Ritch and Texas Hippie Coalition became the founders of the red dirt metal genre.

Big Dad Ritch, in over a dozen years with Texas Hippie Coalition, has released five full-length albums: Pride of Texas (2008), Rollin' (2010), Peacemaker (2012), Ride On (October 2014),[3] and Dark Side of Black (April 2016).

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Best and Worst Family Bands

They Say," "You Can't Pick Your Family!" But what if you're in a band? What are the best and worst "family bands" in rock? This week, Lily Keith and Loudini talk about their picks for best and worst family bands.  Featured Loudini Artists:    Thundermother  Hardcore Superstar  Sons of Texas

These hard rock chicks will blow your head off!
The quintet have toured throughout Europe, gaining fanssuch as In Flames, Zakk Wylde, Danko Jones, Opeth, Motörhead, Airbourne and many more.

They have conquered the whole of Sweden with their AC/DC influenced sound. Next step - THE WORLD!

Previous gigs include Close-Up Boat, Metaltown, Sweden Rock Festival, support act for Danko Jones and Michael Monroe to name but a few.
See you soon in a town close to you!
Crashing in at No 2 in the hard rock charts
these girls are set for No 1 soon!

Prepare to be amazed!





"There are three great bands in the world: Bullet, Airbourne and THUNDERMOTHER.”
-Joel o´Keffe in AIRBOURNE.

"You guys are great. Love the twin guitar attack and your singer can belt it out without whisky and cigars assisting."
-Danko Jones

"When they release their debut & sell platinum, you will feel proud because you were there in the beginning."
-Johan Jacobsson, CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE.

"Good music is always good music. Pay attention to the new Rock Queens of Sweden,Thundermother. Great stuff!"
-In Flames

"I suggest you get this album. Ever since I got this record my wife of 28 years cannot keep her hands off me!!"
-Zakk Wylde

"its sounds great!! Awesome energy & good old AC/DC vibe!! yeah!!!"
- Pontus Snibb: BONAFIDE

"Cool band and a furious singer!"
-Chris Laney

"This is really good"

"I'm a fan"
-Fredrik Åkesson, OPETH

"Wow, the action!!"

”Fuck they really play loud!”
-Ralf Gyllenhammar, MUSTASCH


Thundermother started the summer 2010 in Växjö when the guitarist and southern swede Filippa Nässil wanted to play Rock'N'Roll. So with dreams and visions along with the song "Shoot to Kill" humming in her head she started Thundermother. She moved to Stockholm to pursue her dream.
She found her first partner in crime Giorgia Carteri in Stockholm who also followed her own dreams of playing music, coming all the way from Italy, though nowadays she's identified as one of the southern stockholm fellas.
After numerous ordeals with other musicians they have finally found the right group of people with right motives and Rock'N'Roll in their heart. Tilda Stenqvist on drums from Karlstad, Linda Ström from the Smålander woods and Clare Cunningham born and raised on Ireland, nowadays living in Stockholm.
They're having fun and it's noticeable on-stage. Pure enjoyment and Rock'N'Roll deep from their bones. Hardrock-girls from around the world now united to do one sole thing, to play together and travel on the roads.

Thundermother has been playing the Close-Up boat with Turbonegro and Candlemass, they were the opening act for Danko Jones on his Swedish Tour, they were the openers for Metaltown on the Blood Stage in the presence of thousands of people before Clutch and Graveyard, they had played with bands like Bonafide, The Scams & many many others. Thundermother did it themselves the hard way. Without a record they filled pubs and clubs to the brim and played at Sweden Rock Festival and will continue to tour! ROCK N ROLL IS ALIVE!

Personal Information
Past gigs:
Nov 13 Rockklassikerbåten, SWE
Nov 7 Sandviken, SWE
Nov 6 Sticky Fingers, GBG, SWE
Oct 11 We Rock Madrid, Spain
Oct 10 Atalaya Rock, Pozal De Gallinas, Spain
Oct 09 La Ley Seca, Zaragoza, Spain
Oct 08 La Gramola, Orihuela, Spain
Oct 07 KING CREOLE, Estepona, Spain
Oct 06 Iroquai Ubeda, Spain
Oct 04 Rock the Beer, Santander, Spain
Oct 03 Sala the Cool, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain
Oct 02 Sala Doka, San Sebastián, Spain
Sep 15 Arena Vienna 3, Wien, Austria
Sep 12 Hall Of Fame, Wetzikon, Switzerland
Sep 11 Modra Vopice, Prague, Czech Republic
Sep 10 Hydrozagadka, Warsaw, Poland
Sep 08 Logo, Hamburg, Germany
Jul 31 Skogsröjet, Rejmyre, Sweden
Jul 25 Hoforsrocken, Hofors, Sweden
Jul 04 Vicious Rock Festival, Trollhattan, Sweden
24/4 Göteborg, Rockfest, Sticky Fingers
Aug 06 Getaway Rock Festival (6-8 August), Gavle, Aug 01 Karlslundsfestivalen, Bollnas, 
24/4 Göteborg, Rockfest, Sticky Fingers
13/2 Örebro, East West Sushi
14/2 Norrköping, Where's The Music?
20/2 Sundsvall, Pipeline
21/2 Stockholm, Debaser Medis
5-6/3 Stockholm - Åbo, Close-Up Boat

14/11 Steph - The Club that rocks, Consett, UK
13/11 Yardbords, Grimsby, UK
12/11 Underworld, London, UK
10/11 Bannermans, Edinburgh, Scotland, AR
9/11 Pavillion, Belfast, Ireland, UK
8/11 Monroes, Galway, IRL
7/11 Spirit Store, Dundalk, IRL
1/11 Uddevallakassettfestivalen, Uddevalla, SWE
19/10 Debaser w/ Michael Monroe, Stockholm, SWE
18/10 Rockland w/ Michael Monroe, Sala, SWE
16/10 Vulcan Arena w/ Michael Monroe, Olso, NO
15/10 Sticky Fingers w/ Michael Monroe, Göteborg, SWE
14/10 The Tivoli w/ Michael Monroe, Helsingborg, SWE
4/10 Tattoo Mania, Vetlanda, SWE
3/10 Huskvarna Rock & Art Weekend, Huskvarna, SWE
27/9 Dirty Harry Rock Club, Gävle, SWE
26/9 Sunkträsket, Gislaved, SWE
29/8 Sollentuna Rock & Blues Festival, Sollentuna, SWE
16/8 Olsen På Bryn, Oslo, NO
15/8 Societen, Varberg, SWE
25/7 The Hammer Bar, Visby, SWE
16/7 Sommar i City, Umeå, SWE
6/6 Sweden Rock Festival, Sövesborg SWE
2/6 Porta d'Europa, Gorizia, ITL
1/6 Officina Agil Angeli Arbizzano, ITL
30/5 Jailbreak Live Club, Rome, ITL
24/5 Metallsvenskan, Örebro, SWE
23/5 Pub Babar, Tranås, SWE
10/5 Sala Loui Loui, Estepona (Malaga), ES
9/5 Sala Mambo, Jaen, ES
8/5 Sala Ego Live, Alcala De Henares (Madrid), ES
7/5 Sala Cadillac Solitario, Madrid, ES
6/5 Sala Twister, Leganes (Madrid) ES
4/5 Sala Serjos Rock, Monzon (Huesca), ES
3/5 Sala Doka, San Sebastian, ES
2/5 Sala Utopia, Zaragoza, ES
1/5 Sala Rocksound, Barcelona, ES
26/4 Granitrock, Grebbestad, SWE
25/4 Stopet Rockbar, Norrköping, SWE
20/4 Kafé de luxe, Växjö, SWE
12/4 Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, SWE
11/4 Moriskan, Malmö, SWE
5/4 Bryggeriet, Motala, SWE
4/4 Backstage Rockbar, Trollhättan, SWE
2/4 Göta Källare, RELEASE PARTY, Stockholm, SWE

10/11 Padova, IT
9/11 Interstate 270, Udine, IT
8/11 United, Torino, IT
7/11 Boulevard, Misano Adriatico, IT
2/11 AC/DC Machine, Stockholm, SWE
1/11 Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, SWE
3/8 Rock Out Wild Festival, Sorsele, SWE
2/8 Rockviken Festival, Frövi, SWE 
28/7 Olsen bå bryn, Oslo, NO
27/7 WINO’s crew, Kleivi, NO
26/7 Skogsröjet Festival, SWE
25/7 Örebro Sommarcity, SWE
13/7 Tvoli Rock Kristianstad, SWE
4/7 METALTOWN, Göteborg, SWE
6/4 Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, SWE
28/2 Harry B James, Stockholm, SWE
2/2 Lindesberg, Bistro Bellman, SWE
1/2 Göteborg, Sticky Fingers, SWE
16/1 Stockholm, Klubben, SWE

28/12 Helsingborg, Tivoli w/Bonafide, SWE
27/12 Malmö, KB w/Bonafide, SWE
14/12 Trollhättan, Backstage Rockbar, SWE
23/11 Karlstad, Glada Ankan, SWE
9/11 Borlänge, Liljan w/ BULLET, SWE
2/11 Avesta, Kings Arms, SWE
27/10 Hultsfred, Rookiefestivalen, SWE
20/10 Malmö, KB w/Danko Jones, SWE
18/10 Göteborg, Pustervik w/Danko Jones, SWE
17/10 Stockholm, Debaser Medis w/ Danko Jones, SWE
13/10 Lindesberg, Bistro Bellman, SWE
8/9 Norrköping, Rockers Bakficka, SWE
25/8 Tungelsta, Flakrocken, SWE
16/8 Norberg, Risbergs Verkstad, SWE
15/8 Stockholm, Harry B James, SWE
28/7 Ystad, Repromenaden, SWE
27/7 Växjö, Harrys, SWE
26/7 Stockholm, Popkollo Botkyrka, SWE
21/7 Strömsund, Flykälen Festival, SWE
20/7 Strömsund, Flykälen Festival, SWE
11/7 Stockholm, Pub Anchor SWE 
7/7 Flen, Amazon SWE 
27/5 Venice, Officine Meccaniche Wig Wam Club, IT
26/5 Rovigo, Haiti Bar, IT
25/5 Bolzano, Rock'N'Roll Club, IT
24/5 Milano, Blue Rose Saloon, IT

Booking agent

Hardcore Superstar
Many bands play it safe – Hardcore Superstar doesn't.
The Swedish four-piece had the balls to marry two styles that grew up hating each other. We're talking about thrash metal and sleaze rock. The former hard, aggressive and ugly, the latter catchy, melodic and decadent.
The bastard child's name?

– We play street metal, offers drummer Magnus "Adde" Andreasson. Thrash and sleaze both come from the gutter. They wear big sneakers, they are a bit stupid and they both read pulp fiction. I can't believe that nobody brought them together before.

Hardcore Superstar did just that with the band's fourth and eponymous album, released in 2005. But the quartet didn't arrive overnight, rather paying its dues during a rocky but rewarding ride.

The roots can be traced back to the late eighties, when Adde was talked into playing the drums by older friend and neighbour Jocke Berg.

– I played the guitar and we tried our best with songs such as "Paranoid" and King Diamond's "Shrine", Jocke remembers.

The young teenagers, hailing from a small town just outside of Gothenburg, ended up in different bands, who in turn chose different routes from their Iron Maiden inspired beginnings. Adde opted for heavier stuff in Dorian Gray whereas the Jocke fronted Glamoury Foxx went in a glammier direction. Incidentally, Jocke took up singing thanks to one Thomas Silver, fellow guitar slinger in Glamoury Foxx.

Eventually, Jocke and Adde ended up together again. This time in Link, a classic rock oriented outfit with grunge leanings. They were joined by guitar player Fredrik "Fidde" Johansson and bass player Martin Sandvik, the latter having originally tried to lure Jocke away to his own band, Wanted. Link did the occasional gig and recorded a couple of demos before Adde headed west to pursue his dream.

– I kind of grew tired of Link, he confesses. I moved to Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute.

Link recruited drummer Mika Vainio and kept going until parting ways with Fredrik Johansson in the fall of 1997. The guitar player wanted to take the band in a psychedelic and arty direction – the other three just wanted to rock.

– I remember showing Fidde the riff to "Hello/goodbye", Martin says. He turned his back on me and started to play scales on the guitar. He obviously thought the riff sucked.

The remaining members couldn't be bothered, forging ahead and adopting the name Hardcore Superstar. Well, there was one little problem. Jocke already was quite a frontman, but being the sole guitar player? Naaah. As luck would have it, Thomas Silver had just left local rockers Green Jesus Saviours. Hardcore Superstar had a club gig lined up in Gothenburg, so Jocke asked his old bandmate to help out. Things clicked immediately and Thomas signed up as a permanent member.
His connection with Gain Productions helped Hardcore Superstar get "Hello/goodbye" and
"Someone special" onto a compilation album. The response was phenomenal and Gain duly offered the band a contract. And so in early 1998 the boys set out to record their debut album.

– We were influenced by the LA metal scene of the eighties, says Martin. You know, LA Guns and Faster Pussycat and the likes. But we also dug Oasis, as can be heard in "Someone special".

The result, "It's only rock'n'roll", was released in October 1998.

– Putting out an album was awesome, Jocke gushes. I felt like a rock star. And then we got to support Motörhead in Scandinavia. It was like "wow, we've made it!".

The initial 1000 copies of the album sold like hot cakes, and the second pressing sold out as well. Legendary UK label Music For Nations took notice, but Mika Vainio's interest was waning. The drummer jumped ship in late 1998. The band was bummed out but quickly decided that this might've been a blessing in disguise. There was this guy in LA with a bit of skill behind the drums, remember. Thomas called Adde, suggesting he'd get his ass back to Sweden to play some proper rock'n'roll.

– I said yes on the spot, Adde remembers. I felt done with LA, especially after being in a pub brawl that sent me to the hospital. I was back in Sweden in less than a month after Thomas' call.

Everything gelled as soon as the prodigal son returned. Hardcore Superstar signed to MFN but instead of having "It's only rock'n'roll" re-released – as the label was pushing for – the band insisted on re-recording its best tracks plus a few new songs.

– We wanted Adde to be on the album, Martin says. Plus we'd written "Liberation", "Have you been around" and some other great stuff.

The choice proved to be a wise one as soon as "Bad sneakers and a piña colada” was unleashed unto a wider audience in the spring of year 2000. The old songs benefitted from better playing and better production and "Liberation" and "Have you been around" both became successful singles. Together with lead-off single "Someone special", they climbed the domestic charts and made Hardcore Superstar the first Swedish rock band to make it big in the new millennium. Pretty much the rest of the year was spent on the road. Hardcore Superstar played 169 gigs, including a European tour and visits to Japan and Canada.

– Those were our first proper tours, Martin says. Being in a tour bus for six weeks straight and getting to experience Japan was incredible.

Still on an adrenaline high, the band didn't waste any time making a new album. This time, the objective was to explore the possiblities of the recording studio to the max. If "Bad sneakers..." was a case of "wham bam, thank you, ma'm", the follow up "Thank you (for letting us be ourselves)" – released in September 2001 – was a meticulous piece of work. Hardcore Superstar's American seventies' classic rock record, if you will.

– That was our Aerosmith phase, Adde offers. "Thank you..." might not have been what people were expecting or wanting, but we wanted to stick our necks out. We really enjoyed taking our time and using all those expensive, vintage instruments. We even had a string quartet on there.

The album was recorded with producer Roberto Laghi at the helm. Halfway through the project, Hardcore Superstar got the chance to open for AC/DC at a sold-out show (more than 50 000 people) at Gothenburg's Ullevi Stadium. The band shared the stage with friends and fellow local heavy hitters Lok, with whom they'd recorded the single "Staden Göteborg" earlier in the year. The reworked punk rock song – written by the Troublemakers – was the theme song for the music event Popstad Göteborg and had received lots of air play. Supporting Angus Young & Co remains a career high point.

– AC/DC is the ultimate party band, Adde gushes. The music is about pure energy. That's exactly what we're trying to achieve with Hardcore Superstar.

As a huge bonus and ditto honour, the guys were invited to open for AC/DC in Turin, Italy, again a few days later. "Thank you (for letting us be ourselves)" spawned the singles "Shame" and "Mother's love/Significant other" ( a double A-side). The album and the singles all went top 20 in Sweden and Hardcore Superstar once again toured Europe and Japan.

A familiar pattern ensued. The band went straight to work – and the record turned out to be a very different beast to its predecessor. Released in the summer of 2003, "No regrets" was a sonically raw and decidedly more Britsih sounding affair. Misfits had always been a big influence, but spurred on by Roberto Laghi the quartet discovered, or rediscovered, bands like Buzzcocks, The Ruts and The Stranglers. The album was preceded by the single "Honey tongue" and "Still I'm glad" followed. Both made an impact on the domestic charts, but the latter's title was not a good description of the mood in the Hardcore Superstar camp. Quite the opposite.

The heavy touring and heavy partying had taken its toll and spirits were low. After yet another European tour, things became ugly when the band went to the US for selected shows. Hardcore Superstar attended a party thrown at the Swedish consulate in New York City, and Thomas Silver got into a fist fight with a journalist from Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. The short tour was completed, but the members knew they needed time apart.

– We were so tired of each other, Adde sighs. Tired of everything that had to do with Hardcore Superstar. It could've been two of us getting into a fight.

Back in Sweden, Hardcore Superstar went on a hiatus. The decision was made easier due to the demise of Music For Nations. The future was looking very uncertain, but there would be a twist of fate. Adde inherited an old house and spent the summer of 2004 refurbishing it with help from Martin. When at work, the guys blasted classic albums such as "Appetite for destruction", "Dr Feelgood" and "Among the living" and found themselves smiling again.

– It was like a revelation, Adde remembers fondly.
– We just went "this is what Hardcore Superstar should be about!". We had drifted away from our roots, in a way. It was time to write music from the heart and not listen to anyone but ourselves.

Adde and Martin had a new album mentally mapped out from the word go, and the writing process that followed was smooth and enjoyable. When all four members reconvened after more than six months apart, the chemistry was there again. Sparks were flying at rehearsals and everyone was pleased with the new and heavier direction, the self-proclaimed street metal.

Hardcore Superstar knew they had come up with their strongest material to date. In order to keep the vision pure, the band enlisted friends Johan Reivén (ex-Lok) and Christian "Rizsa" Isaksson to co-produce the record (with Adde and Martin) that was to put Hardcore Superstar back on the map. No-one outside that inner circle was allowed to listen until the album was wrapped. As a teaser, the single "Wild boys" was released in June. But even such a strong song couldn't fully prepare the media and the audience for what was to come.

When "Hardcore Superstar" finally arrived on the Gain label – yes, the band was back "home" – in November 2005, jaws dropped. The album was given excellent reviews worldwide and songs like "We don't celebrate Sundays", "My good reputation" and "Bag on your head" – all three eventually picked as singles – became anthems.

The tour was a runaway success, with not just old fans turning out to celebrate the comeback.

– At last we appealed to the old school metal fans. It was so cool to have those long-haired and bearded dudes with denim jackets playing air guitar in front of us, Martin says with a smile.

The live power of Hardcore Superstar was captured on the dvd "Live at Sticky Fingers", recorded in Gothenburg in March. The band toured Europe, made two triumphant trips to Japan (including an appearance at the prestigious Loud Park Festival) and played a number of European festivals, including a rousing performance in a jam-packed tent at the Sweden Rock Festival.

Having found a musical style and "modus operandi" that worked, the band was eager to start working on its a new album. It was decided that Adde and Martin should once again handle production duties, with old conspirator Roberto Laghi engineering.

The single "Bastards", recorded as a one-off and released in the summer of 2007, proved this was a good idea. It went gold in Sweden and showed that Hardcore Superstar were still on a creative roll. Before going into IF Studio – the Gothenburg studio previously known as Studio Fredman but now owned by In Flames – to record the album, Hardcore Superstar played some festivals. The most remarkable thing was the return to Sweden Rock Festival, this time as support act to Aerosmith on the main stage. Filled with confidence, the guys didn't have a problem immortalizing their new songs. The idea was to build on the strengts of "the black album".

– We knew exactly what we wanted to do, Adde says.

The recording process was more enjoyable than ever, and you can really hear that we were super confident. Musically, we went for diversity. You know, making the hard stuff even harder and the choruses even grander.

"Dreamin' in a casket" came out in November of 2007 and showed that "Hardcore Superstar" was no fluke. The album became another big-seller and the band went on tour to support it.
However, all was not hunky dory. Thomas Silver had lost a bit of his fire and found it hard to be on the road.

At the end of the first leg of the tour, he announced that he was quitting the band. Losing a long-standing member was a heavy blow, but Hardcore Superstar came up with a solution pretty much on the spot. The young and talanted Swede Vic Zino – whose band Crazy Lixx had been the support act on the tour – was chosen to fill the vacant spot for the Australian and Japanese dates that were just around the corner.

The Bosnia-born guitar player did a great job and was asked to join the band on a permanent basis. After some serious thinking, he accepted.

– I co-formed Crazy Lixx, so parting with my childhood friends was a tough thing to do, Vic confesses. But I just couldn't turn down an offer to join Hardcore Superstar. Since the black album, I've been a big fan of the band.

With Vic properly on board, Hardcore Superstar played several European dates as well as some high profile Swedish shows. Selling out Lisebergshallen, the second biggest indoor venue in Gothenburg, was a high point.
There have been many in the ten-year history of the band – and there are many more to come.

The story continues...

Sons of Texas
There is nothing subtle about Texas. There is a reason why we use the term “Texas-sized” to describe anything in life that’s exaggeratedly large, from posteriors, to bong hits, to jugs of beer. This boldness, naturally, extends to the Lone Star’s musical exports, loud n’ proud legendary artists like ZZ Top, Pantera, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among many others. Now, firmly in that cocksure lineage, is a mighty bluesy metal band from McAllen, Texas aptly named, Sons Of Texas.

The young quintet’s debut, Baptized In The Rio Grande—produced by the iconic Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Crowbar, Chiodos, Hatebreed)—is a Texas-sized portion of power metal grooves, dazzling guitar solos, strip joint/tailgate sing-along choruses, and soulfully charred vocal melodies. It took Wilbur 20 seconds of a YouTube clip to recognize this young band truly inherited the gonads of its Lone Star forefathers and sign on to work with the quintet.

“We’re proud of being a Texas hard rock band, that’s everything to us,” affirmsrhythm guitarist Jon Olivarez. “Texas is the biggest state, has a great history of football teams, and an astounding music legacy.” 

Sons Of Texas was spawned in McAllen, Texas, a valley town without the music legacy of Austin or Arlington. The scene vibes “music for music’s sake” with metalcore bands, blues-rock bands, and straight up rock n’ roll bands swapping members and sharing bills. Sons Of Texas solidified in 2013 around a lineup of local all stars. The group is Mark Morales, vocals, Mike Villarreal, drums, Nick Villarreal, bass, Jon Olivarez, rhythm guitar, and Jes De Hoyos, lead guitar. 

Despite being just in their mid 20s, never having recorded an album, and having only existed for about a year, the guys play with seasoned authenticity and fiery brilliance. The guitar duo of Jon Olivarez and Jes De Hoyos boastthat classic rhythm and lead division of labor of Metallica’s Hetfield and Hammett, Testament’s Alex Sklonick and Eric Peterson, and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman. Sons Of Texas has that rare gift of having a rhythm section of brothers—Nick and Mike Villarreal—so the grooves are telepathic and deeply in the pocket. And vocalist Mark Morales has a blood raw expressiveness evoking Phil Anselmo, Chris Cornell, and Zakk Wylde.

Baptized In The Rio Grande is an album for raising hell and enduring hard times. The record spans good old bad boy anthems like “Texas Trim” and “Baptized In The Rio Grande,” the stately ballad territory of the haunting “September,” and the dead end job-frustration of “Pull It And Fire.” The standout “Blameshift” showcases the guys have modern rock radio potential without sacrificing heft for hooks. 

The past year has been a blessing for the Sons Of Texas. Inking a record deal and working with a producer of Wilbur’s caliber doesn’t happen for bands in the Rio Grande region of McAllen, Texas. Olivarez explains: “People always told us to move to Austin, but we stuck with our hometown and made something of ourselves. We take a lot of pride in being one of the first Valley bands to get these opportunities. “

Current Location
Mcallen, Tx

General Manager
Larry Mazer

Press contact
Claire Reynolds - creynolds@razorandtie.com

Booking agent
Anthony Paolercio @ United Talent Agency

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Guernica Mancini Front's Thundermother to World Domination

High energy, wild riffs and a sturdy groove straight from the 70’s – two and a half years after the critically acclaimed album “Road Fever”, Swedish rock’n’roll band Thundermother returns. And it’s a truly amazing return. Thundermother’s third album is simply one of the greatest rock records you’ll get to hear this year.

In the spring of 2017 Thundermother saw some drastic changes. Four members left, three new ones arrived. But the band’s center piece – guitarist and founder Filippa Nässil – stood steady by her vision. Around that vision the new line-up quickly gathered and every piece immediately fell into place. In June the new, upgraded version of Thundermother released “We Fight For Rock N Roll” – a single that was just as much of a statement as a taste of great deeds to come. After that they hit the road for a 20 dates long tour through Europe.

The highlight of the tour was the concert at Wacken. After touring with Michael Monroe, W.A.S.P, D-A-D, Danko Jones etc. and a sold-out European headline tour it was finally time for the band to conquer Wacken. Even though they they’ve only played together for a few months the show was a complete success for Thundermother’s new line-up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Top 5 Bands That Quit WAY Too Soon

We've loved them but just like a favorite one night stand, they left us too soon. This week Lily, Keith and Loudini discuss their favorite bands that quit before their time was due.  Featured Loudini Artists:    Red Reign    Amaranthe   TesseracT   

Red Reign
Hard Rock/Metal

Band Members
Zachary Rossano - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Rossano - Bass/Vocals
Jacob Ramos - Guitar
Sean Dello Monaco - Drums

Lyndhurst, NJ

Making Great Music

coming along

Current Location
Lyndhurst, NJ

the beatles, led zeppelin, ozzy osbourne, dio, A7X, disturbed,van halen, metalica, stevie ray vaughn, joebonamassa, green day, breaking benjamin, 3 days grace, papa roach, slipknot, metal, rock, classic rock, alternative, blues/jazz.

Booking agent
Jacob Ramos

AMARANTHE have carved their name into the annals of metal in capital letters. According to some sources “melodic death metal” and somewhere else pegged as “metalcore” Amaranthe keeps driving genre purists loopy. 

Formed in 2007 by Olof Mörck and Jake E. in Gothenburg and sporting 3 singers, each with characteristics of their own, Amaranthe sound like no other band - timeless, pop choruses coated with an icing of three layers of sublime singing and growls. 

In April 2011 their debut album was released via Spinefarm Records to worldwide acclaim, charting high in Sweden and Finland. “Amaranthe” was the 84th most played album on Spotify worldwide, counting all genres. After a completed run of 92 live shows they returned to the studio.

March 2013 saw the release of “The Nexus”. Extensive touring followed, more chart entries garnered (Top 10 entries in Sweden and Finland, #12 on US Billboard Heatseeker etc.). 

October 2014 saw the release of Amaranthe’s 3rd outing MASSIVE ADDICTIVE. The album immediately charted in 6 countries, reaching #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. 

The band’s 4th album “Maximalism” was released in October 2016. The album charted everywhere, reaching #1 on the Billboard Heatseakers, Top 100 Billboard & #3 in Finland.

Jake E left the band in the spring of 2017 to pursue a career outside of Amaranthe. The band signed Nils Molin as replacement. The announcement was made at Provinssi Festival in Finland on July 1st 2017.

General Manager
Nem Agency Management:

Press contact
rowan@nem.fi , Malin Persson @ Universal Music for Sweden - malin.persson@umusic.com

Booking agent
WORLD except*: rowan@nem.fi
*EUROPE: guenther@cobra-agency.net
*US/CAN/S.AMERICA/AUS: justin.hirschman@artistgrp.com
*SWEDEN: markus.wiking@livenation.se

Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal

Band Members
Acle Kahney - Guitar
James Monteith - Guitar
Jay Postones - Drums
Daniel Tompkins - Vocals 
Amos Williams - Bass


Record Label

Lowering the TONE since 2007

New album SONDER will be available 20th April. Listen to the premiere of "Luminary" and pre-order now at tesseractband.co.uk

Current Location

General Manager
Adam Foster | 5B Artists and Media


Press contact
North America - Amy Sciarretto:

Europe - Sarah Lees: 

Booking agent
North and South America: Nick Storch - Aritst Group International; Europe & Rest of World: 
Dominik Meyer - The Cobra Agency