Sunday, July 24, 2016

Loudini interviews Fly Never Dies

Fly Never Dies is a genre-bending group whose music fuses hip-hop vocals, rock guitar, and pop flair to create a sound unique to today's trends. The group consists of Jay "Trew " Crockett, a Prince George, Virginia based artist, actor, model and songwriter, and Eric Haywood, an Atlanta, Georgia based producer and multi-instrumentalist. The Band Occasionally features Casey Shea Producer DC Soul Plus Mind and Dan Edinberg

The pair met in 2007 at a Richmond area concert and beat battle that Haywood was performing in. They soon began working on their first pair of collaborative albums under the guidance of legendary hip-hop producer Ski Beatz (Jay-z, Camp Lo). These sessions resulted in 2 albums (2008's "The Last Call EP" and 2009's "The Morning After"), and a small regional following, but ultimately led to a string of industry related mishaps and lessons learned.

Following a self-imposed hiatus, Haywood and Crockett regrouped and decided to change their musical direction. Trew toured the east coast with “Kid is Qual” and opening for groups such as Jacks Mannequin. Crockett also pursued acting and modeling. He was able to carve out a niche in both, finding modeling work with the Wilhelmina Models agency, and landing roles in commercials (Ferguson and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and television shows for Investigation Discovery and DIY networks. Haywood took music composition classes after discovering a love for film and television scoring. Upon resuming his musical duties, Haywood was lucky enough to find work scoring short films, and soon after found a gig for the Atlanta based PaRock productions, landing him in the studio with artists such as Ray Lavendar and Bone Crusher.

After several sessions, a bond was established after extended trips to California. The Los Angeles palm trees and sunshine helped to create a sound and overall aura upon the project. The Love and The Stars Ep; a hodgepodge of pop, alternative, dance and hip-hop was created with the purpose of playing towards the strength of each artist. Songs such as "Love and the Stars" “and "Let It Go", demonstrate what musicians can accomplish when pushed to their creative boundaries. “Dance with You” “Miles” and “My T-Shirt” are feel good, melodic tracks describing the carefree evenings with Trew’s mentality of “always make a memory”.

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