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Pam Taylor: "Stop Complaining and Start Creating" The Power of Fun and Intention!

Pam is an American roots musician born and bred in the South, well versed in the blues. Her debut album Hot Mess hit #1 on the Roots Music Report, #3 on Sirius XM BB Kings Bluesville and #25 on The Living Blues charts, making a name for herself in the blues world. When her band broke up in 2014 she was mentored on guitar by the legendary blues woman, Debbie Davies. She then teamed up with Robert Johnson to form Stolen Hearts and released an album called Dirty Southern Soul in 2015. Now she is back in the studio recording her next solo album. Although she has many awards and nominations under her belt she finds the most rewarding aspect of her career to be the impact her music has on people. After earning the right to sing the blues, by overcoming addiction, depression and physical ailments, she serves up a positive message along with her music; Knowing how it healed her, she plans to carry this message to others in hopes it will heal them too.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dave Bremner: Rock Poems for the 21st Century

Dave Bremner has been around the music business for more years than he would want to admit. Dave got into recording his “rock poems,” as he calls them, when his daughter Dawn bought him studio time for his 50th birthday gift. Dave’s own songs have been recorded either as solo projects or with a band of eclectic musicians called Luna Reklipse. This combo produced a superb album of rock arrangements of a number of Dave’s songs called “NEW BEGINNING.” However due to life getting in the way, that group is no longer together, and subsequent “band” set ups have failed to produce the right feel for Dave.

So, as his love for writing and performing is stronger than the desire to give up, Dave has jumped back on the solo hobby horse, performing live acoustic tracks or to backing tracks of his own songs, and is finding the return to solo projects very rewarding, thus far. He candidly says in his opening address at his gigs, “welcome to a night with Davy nae mates!!” ( Which is not true – as many of his music pals often come to watch his gigs and support his songwriting, just not as band mates any more.

This latest EP release (“Tigers and Dragons”) is a collection of some of Dave’s early songs, he often plays while performing live. He is often asked, “where can we down load these?” So, he thought it was about time these were back out there, so folks can get them.

“REASON TO LIVE” - A beautiful song about, and thanking his beautiful wife, for the support she has given him over so many years, and for so many different reasons.

“I HAVE YOU” - Again, a song about his own love for Julie, that came to him while receiving Reiki treatment during a bout of depression. Also covered by Luna Reklipse, it is one of Dave’s most requested tracks.

“LOOKING FOR LOVE” – A gentle version of this rock track – based on a dream and using a real play on mystic influences of his music hero, Marc Bolan.

“OUTSIDE” - Is a song Dave loves for a number of reasons, as people can identify with the words on so many levels.

“HEY JO” - A peaceful, laid back song about Facebook, on this occasion helping a Marc Bolan nut (Dave Bremner ) helping a fellow Marc Bolan nut (Jo Mummery) out of a difficult situation that could have had a tragic ending.

Dave Bremner is an accomplished song writer, but he knows he would not be able to get his songs to the masses without the help and support of ace guitar player and fantastic producer Niall Mathieson. He openly thanks him for the top quality work and his friendship over so many years.

Later this year, Dave will be re – releasing a Celtic Rock track called “Highland Home” – with any profits going to a Scottish cancer relief charity called, very aptly, CLAN. A wonderful organization that cares for those who need help when the dreaded cancer strikes. Dave was once one of those souls in need, and never forgets the support he got.

Dave is also awaiting news on the release of a song co-written and produced with Tony Watson – an interesting song and project that was recorded and filmed, and then produced and mastered on both sides of the Atlantic.

This hard-working songwriter has always dreamt of having someone notable in the industry record and perform his songs – and he will keep the fight going to make this happen, going until the final bell – more songs already in production awaiting final producer input. Different sounds on the way from this writer of memorable melodies that sit behind /support his rock poems.

HOT NEWS – Dave and a long time friend and fellow song writer, Dave Plenderleith have put together an acoustic duo called, Double D ( memorable name ) based on the 2 daves.They will be hitting the recording studio soon and hope to have an EP ready for release in early 2018. A little bit of country – a little bit rock n roll.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Alice In Chains: Dirt vs Stone Temple Pilots: Core

It's the Hard Rock/Grunge Throw down that you've been waiting for! Alice In Chains, Dirt vs Stone Temple Pilots. Core. Which one is better? Rocked Harder? Is More Enduring? Better Songwriting? Better Musicianship? Lou and Keith answer these questions and more. Tune in to find out  who will be the champion!   Featured Loudini Artists:    Scorpion Child    Charm The Fury    Bullet

Scorpion Child
A rock ‘n’ roll record should unlock a journey. The music, lyrics, and aura can summon a trip out of the ether. Scorpion Child conjure that kind of trip on their second full-length album, Acid Roulette [Nuclear Blast Entertainment].

The Austin, TX quartet—Aryn Jonathan Black [vocals], Christopher Jay Cowart [lead guitar], Jon “Charn” Rice [percussion], Alec “Mexecutioner” Padron [bass], and Aaron John “AJ” Vincent [heavy keys]—confidently expand the sonic palette established on their 2013 self-titled debut. That first offering bowed at #26 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and #99 on the Hard Music Albums chart. Following its premiere by Eddie Trunk, iTunes named “Polygon Of Eyes” its “Single of the Week,” and Scorpion Child earned a nomination for “Best New Band” at the Classic Rock Magazine presented “Classic Rock Awards.” They’d also share the stage with Monster Truck on the “Lords of the Riff” UK Tour.

Everything set the stage to play Acid Roulette.
“We didn’t want to divorce what we had built on the first record,” explains Aryn. “At the same time, we wanted to show we could do a lot of different things. The goal was to create a sound that could be both ethereal and turbulent. It was a journey making it. We all were going through a lot of stuff, but everything fell into place.”

Following a breakout two years, the group amicably parted ways with drummer Shawn Paul Alvear, bassist Shaun Avants, and guitarist Thomas Frank. Scorpion Child welcomed “Charn,” “Mexecutioner,” and “AJ” and immediately hit the studio in early 2015. Once again, they teamed up with GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith [Meat Puppets, The Toadies, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead] at The Bubble in Austin, TX. However, they took a different route this time during their three weeks in the studio.

"We recorded the heart and soul of the album live in the studio” says Aryn. “We didn’t do that on the first record. Tracking live made the album a snapshot of a moment. Since the guys just joined the band, we didn’t have much time to figure each other out or overthink things. We just naturally clicked. It was a do or die situation, but it worked out. Our initial vision became more intense with time and texture.”

That intensity courses through the album’s conceptual narrative. A tale of love, loss, lust, betrayal, and a game called “Acid Roulette,” the record follows the story of a doomed love that lands the male protagonist behind bars while his wife lives out an affair with her wealthy lover.
“With extensive touring, you experience so many things,” Aryn goes on. “I had this lucid dream about a bohemian guy who gets framed for a murder he perhaps did or didn’t do. He goes to prison for life. In order to mentally escape, he plays ‘Acid Roulette.’ The inmates would take a jar and cut up a sheet of acid and a sheet of paper. They’d mix it all up. Some guys wound up with like five hits of acid, while other people got none. It’s crazy.”
That story comes to life across the record’s twelve songs. The first single “Reaper’s Danse” revs up a twin guitar assault ala the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and otherworldly howl that could rouse any graveyard from its slumber.
“Lyrically, it’s the dance of the dead,” he explains. “It’s about what we become in the afterlife. It’s this triumph on top of something monolithic. The character is thinking about death, but he has no rope. He still has some will to live.”
“My Woman In Black” tempers a muscular riff with a bluesy cadence that’s wonderfully doomy as our protagonist muses on the woman that destroyed him.
“It’s about the first time he ever saw her,” continues Aryn. “Musically, it’s like an archway for us. We’re leaping into other influences like dark wave and even nodding to the likes of Bauhaus and The Sisters Of Mercy.”
Whether it’s the woozy psychedelic soul of the title track or the haze of delay on the chugging “She Sings I Kill,” Scorpion Child channel the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with a fresh spell of their own.
“We wanted to blend sounds we haven’t heard before,” Aryn leaves off. “It’s gritty when it needs to be. There’s a lot to think about in there. I hope people can absorb something personal when they go on this ride.”


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Charm The Fury
Metal band from Amsterdam. New album "The Sick, Dumb & Happy" out now via Nuclear Blast (Worldwide) / Arising Empire (Europe). Order album at

THE CHARM THE FURY have matured since their debut. With several of Europe's biggest festivals under their belt, they have transformed their sound into a startling slab of ultra-modern but utterly distinctive metal that shrewdly and honestly redefines what THE CHARM THE FURY is all about. Driven by a collective distaste for the state of the world in the 21st century, the band recorded an angry album underpinned by ferocious intelligence and a heartfelt desire to wake people out of their digital stupors.

The critical moment has arrived: THE CHARM THE FURY are armed, ready and hungry for the next big push. When it explodes in 2017, the smart money is on these diehard noisemakers claiming their rightful place among the new metal elite. They have the songs, the determination and the charisma to make it happen.

Plural (mixed)

Current Location
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

General Manager
Martijn Swier

Good music and noises from hell.

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Bullet was a one-hit wonder American rock band. Its only hit, "White Lies, Blue Eyes", peaked at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 1972. Band member (keyboards, vocals) Roget Pontbriand went on to play with K.C. and the Sunshine Band and Wild Cherry. Other members included Ernie Sorrentino and Mike Micara.

An English band, once known as "Bullet", often is mistakenly given credit for the hit "White Lies, Blue Eyes". This group formed in London; it included former Atomic Rooster members John Cann (vocalist) and Paul Hammond (drummer). The English "Bullet" changed their name to Hard Stuff because of the American band named "Bullet". In the UK, "White Lies, Blue Eyes" was released on the Philips label under the name of Bullet U.S.A..

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Eddy Clearwater, Playing the Blues for 60 years with No Sign of Slowing Down

During the 1950s, Chicago's West Side was a breeding ground for some of the world's greatest bluesmen. Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Freddie King and others ruled the clubs. With his fierce guitar playing, soulful and emotive vocals and wild stage shows, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater easily belongs on this list. A Chicago legend, Clearwater is an intense, flamboyant blues-rocking showman. He's equally comfortable playing the deepest, most heartfelt blues or rocking, good-time party music. DownBeat said, "Left-hander Eddy Clearwater is a forceful six-stringer...He lays down some gritty West Side shuffles and belly-grinding slow blues that highlight his raw chops, soulful vocals, and earthy, humorous lyrics."

Between his slashing left-handed guitar work, his room-filling vocals, his self-defined "rock-a-blues" style (a forceful mix of blues, rock, rockabilly, country and gospel), his boundless energy and even his signature Indian headdress, Clearwater is among the very finest practitioners of the West Side blues working today. The blues world recognized his talent by giving him the Blues Music Award for Contemporary Blues รข€“ Male Artist of the Year in 2001. His last release, 2003's Rock 'N' Roll City, was nominated for a Grammy Award. Now he's back with his very first Alligator CD, the aptly titled WEST SIDE STRUT.

WEST SIDE STRUT, produced by young hotshot guitarist Ronnie Baker Brooks (son of the legendary bluesman Lonnie Brooks), is an energized mix of West Side blues and old school rock injected with a tough, up-to-the-minute contemporary edge. Featuring some of Eddy's hottest playing ever recorded, the CD burns with his stinging guitar and rough-and-ready vocals. Guests include Eddy's old friends Lonnie Brooks, Jimmy Johnson, Billy Branch and Otis Clay as well as Ronnie Baker Brooks himself, playing some scintillating guitar parts. The 12 songs (including seven songs either written or co-written by Eddy) lean from straight-ahead blues and humorous rockers to plaintive, emotion-packed ballads. All are brought to vivid life by Eddy's ferocious and unflinching guitar playing, his power-packed vocals and unlimited energy, hard-earned by his years of experience. GuitarOne said Clearwater takes his listeners on "an inspired trip to that rollicking crossroads where the blues and rock collide."

Born Edward Harrington (a cousin of late harpist Carey Bell Harrington) on January 10, 1935 in Macon, Mississippi, Eddy and his family moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1948. With music from blues to gospel to country & western surrounding him from an early age, Eddy taught himself to play guitar (left-handed and upside down), and began performing with various gospel groups, including the legendary Five Blind Boys of Alabama. After moving to Chicago in 1950, Eddy stayed with an uncle and took a job as a dishwasher, saving as much as he could from his $37 a week salary. His first music jobs were with gospel groups playing in local churches. Quickly though, through his uncle's contacts, he met many of Chicago's blues stars. Eddy fell deeper under the spell of the blues, and under the wing of blues star Magic Sam, who would become one of Eddy's closest friends and teachers.

By 1953, as Guitar Eddy, he was making a strong name for himself, working the South and West Side bars regularly. He met and befriended everyone from Sunnyland Slim to Earl Hooker, picking up licks and lessons along the way. After hearing Chuck Berry in 1957, Eddy added that rock and roll element to his already searing blues style, creating a unique sound that defines him to this day. He recorded his first single, Hill Billy Blues, in 1958 for his uncle's Atomic H label under the name Clear Waters. His manager at the time, drummer Jump Jackson, came up with the name as a play on Muddy Waters.

After a successful appearance on a Chicago television show called Bandstand Matinee in 1959, Clearwater recorded another 45 for Atomic H, I Don't Know Why, and he started receiving more and more local radio airplay with singles for LaSalle, Federal, Versa and his own Cleartone label. The name Clear Waters morphed into Eddy Clearwater, and Eddy rarely was in need of a place to play. He worked the local circuit steadily throughout the 1950s, 1960s and into the 1970s, finding success among the North Side college crowd who responded to his individual brand of blues, his rock and roll spirit and his high energy stage show.

Twice during the 1970s he toured Europe (the first time with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells) and even appeared on BBC television in England. His first full-length LP, 1980's The Chief, was the initial release on Chicago's Rooster Blues label. Wearing a full Indian headdress on the cover (an homage to his Cherokee blood), The Chief, as he was now known, reached the largest audience of his career. Recording numerous albums for various labels during the 1980s and 1990s, Eddy's star continued to rise. He received piles of positive press and was nominated for seven Blues Music Awards. His 2003 CD Rock 'N' Roll City paired him up with the surf-rocking Mexican wrestling-masked group, Los Straitjackets. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award and earned Eddy a multitude of new fans.

Now, with WEST SIDE STRUT, Eddy has made the very best album of his life. Between the untamed guitar work, the tough and gruff vocals and the strength of the songs, the old-school yet contemporary WEST SIDE STRUT will lead Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater to the very top of the blues world and beyond. Clearwater loves to perform and can usually be found tearing it up somewhere around the world on any given night. He's played everywhere from Russia, Turkey, and Romania to Brazil and Alaska. He'll hit the road hard in support of the CD, strutting his slicing guitar licks, his rock-fueled blues, rockabilly, country and gospel gumbo and his uninhibited live show to fans ready for a taste of the real West Side Chicago blues, played by a master at the very peak of his abilities.

The Slovaks: Reinventing Punk Rock for the Next Generation

Jeffery Drag Records is going international; They’re stepping across the pond and bringing back a like-minded band with them: The Slovaks.  The Manchester band may have emerged in 2013, but their roots run deep. It all began in 2006, when frontman Adam Saylaby met Luke Barton while at university. They became friends when Saylaby spotted Barton’s Mars Volta shirt. With this, they bonded in the way that most music fans bond: over heavy drinks and heavier records. Soon after, they began living together, juggling day jobs and writing tunes for side bands that were never fully realized. 

Luke Allen entered the picture in 2008 after he made a cheeky comment to Saylaby in the toilets of some club. Saylaby retorted, and impressed with his comeback, Allen soon joined the gang.
They initially bonded over their love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but their tastes rapidly expanded. They absorbed American culture, idolizing the weirdoes, the degenerate geniuses, and all the other unsavory characters that make up this great country. From William S Borroughs to Bret Easton Ellis, Martin Scorsese to Vincent Gallo, Iggy Pop to Lou Reed, their influences ran deep. Hell, they answer the “Beatles or Stones” question with “the Velvet Underground.” How cool is that?

Not content on becoming a careerist, Saylaby started writing songs that channeled his honest attitude. He drew inspiration from his Mancunian roots, but also mentions that the emerging rock n roll scene in Nashville caught his ear as well. He penned a couple of tunes and soon grew confident in his songwriting. However, he knew that his path would be limited if he didn’t bring his brothers into the noise with him. He convinced the two Lukes to teach themselves their instruments, with Allen on bass and Barton on drums. With that, the Slovaks were born.

Their sound is dynamic. They can either sound like an impending riot (“Nashville Baby”) or someone trying to find some inner truth by simply getting down (“Meditate”). It’s honest, organized chaos that explores the depths of friendship, sex, and disgust. Simply put, it’s the sound of a band that simply wants to be themselves and do cool shit. And with the help of Jeffery Drag Records, their truth will be heard.

Violet Bell: Living Life On Vacation

“Making the best possible use of the atmospheric, captivating vocals of Lizzy Ross, Durham folk duo Violet Bell puts an eerie, vaguely avant-garde twist on traditional roots music, suggesting the lovely but slightly askew early John Cale releases. Garnished with beauty but fraught with an underlying menace, tunes like “Dream the Wheel” under score the interplay between Ross and multi-instrumentalist Omar Ruiz-Lopez.” (Indy Weekly)

Violet Bell cites a wide range of influences. From Debussy to Neil Young, D’Angelo to Lou Reed, their unique sound blends folk, soul, bluegrass, blues, and classical. Their songs are otherworldly yet made from the stuff of everyday life, exploring questions of intergenerational change, our relationship to Earth, and the human emotional experience.

Since their inception in March 2016, Violet Bell has played over 200 shows, earning fans from FL to VT with long stretches on the road. On stage, the energy between Ross and Ruiz-Lopez is fiery, intimate and intuitive. Their sound is true to the mutating nature of music, as life on the road continually brings fresh inspiration into the mix.

Violet Bell keeps live performance at the core of their debut release Dream the Wheel. Ross sings and plays guitar, as Ruiz-Lopez adds violin, viola, cello, keys, guitar and vocal harmonies. The result is alchemical; emotionally evocative music that “sounds like a beautiful dream turned sudden nightmare.”(IW)

The album’s title track, “Dream the Wheel,” speaks to a fearlessly inclusive view of life’s cyclical polarities. “Sing, sing, everything/ Comes and goes and comes again/ Let it out and let it in/ Let it be your medicine,” “No such thing/ as too far/ or too deep/ or too dark.” In the modern era of rising seas and informational flooding, these lyrics could be chilling or comforting – it’s yours to interpret.

The album cover, a medicine wheel that Ruiz-Lopez and Ross crafted from local NC flora, speaks to the origins of the music. Violet Bell is rooted firmly in the natural world and the community from which they’ve grown. The September 15release show for Dream the Wheel featured three members of the Durham Kidznotes All-Star string ensemble, whom Ruiz-Lopez has helped to teach since 2011. For Violet Bell, community connection is a big-picture goal. Says Ruiz-Lopez, “We’ve seen how music can transform lives and communities for the better. We want to know, how can this music plant seeds of change for our children’s generation?”

Prior to Violet Bell, Ruiz-Lopez honed his chops on the road with Jonathan Byrd and Crystal Bright, and composed several original pieces for the Durham Symphony Orchestra. Ross has been a two-time Kerrville New Folk finalist and won Floydfest’s On the Rise contest, a Carolina Music Award, and an Emerging Artist Grant from the Durham Arts Council.

As Violet Bell, Ross and Ruiz-Lopez become a dynamic musical force that’s greater than either one of them alone. There is a quiet power building in their music, a brave and playful spirit, willing to dance with shadow and light.-- 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Winter Sounds: Preaching Post-Punk-Indie-New-Wave from Nashville to Estonia

Hailing from Nashville, The Winter Sounds are a new wave, indie, post-punk band that formed in 2006. Started by front man Patrick Keenan, The Winter Sounds quickly gained a reputation as one of the ‘must see’ bands of the crowded music scene in Athens, Georgia. Known for their frenetic live performances, the band blended the danceable post-punk of pioneers like Gang of Four with more contemporary electro-pop to forge their own unique sound. In 2007, The Winter Sounds signed with Atlanta-based Livewire Recordings and recorded Porcelain Empire, their first full-length album. 

Hailed as, “thought provoking, atmospheric, uplifting, and just plain enjoyable,” Porcelain Empire established The Winter Sounds as a band poised for a breakthrough with a #20 alternative radio chart position, rotation on MTVU, national press attention, and fans across the US. After relentless US/North American touring in 2008, the Winter Sounds followed Porcelain Empire with the thematic album Church of the Haunted South, released on Nashville label Theory 8 Records in 2009. Declared one of the “Top 10 Albums of 2009” by Atlanta A-List magazine, the LP hit with great reception.

Insomnia Radio proclaimed Church “an intricate masterpiece, piecing together individually beautiful and unique tracks to create a warming, powerful album full of contrast and intrigue.” The band followed up with their next LP, “Runner” in December of 2012 on New Granada Records. The album also received rave reviews by such publications as CMJ, Magnet, The Big Takeover, and Creative Loafing. The band took 3 years to work on their latest LP project, which has been an evolution musically. The project took them between Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA and Tartu, Estonia. The album, Maximum Reality, was recorded and mixed by Derek Garten (Taylor Swift, Lovedrug, Jewel) and is scheduled for release December 1st, 2017. Keenan states: “I think it is an album that speaks of change - different cities, studios, and members. I think we branched out in our writing more than ever, exploring different song structures and styles, as well.” The first single and video, “Heartbeats”, will be released on 8/25/17 via Logica Sonica Music and distributed by The Orchard/Sony Music. 

The band is kicking off with the “Heartbeats Tour”, a nationwide tour joined by special guests Pinky Doodle Poodle from Japan (Good Charamel Records). With a theme song placement on the Jack White-produced Netflix comedy special for Rory Scovel, a new label signing, and a new album, 2017 is shaping into a year of possibilities for The Winter Sounds.