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Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours

Everything you wanted to know about Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours but were to afraid to ask.
Lou and Katie Talk about the Album Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and reveal some little know facts about the making of this iconic record.
Loudini Artists:  Bad Cop, Vexine, Froomador


2010: "Harvest The Beast" full length debut album, on ROIR! Records.

2011: "I Can't Slow Down" Free EP released through Prince Cook LLC.

2012: "Bad Cop/ Turbo Fruits split 7" through JefferyDragRecords /FrenchKissLabelGroup. *SOLD OUT*

2013: "The Light On Ep" through JefferyDragRecords/ FrenchKissLabelGroup

2014: "Wish You Well" (Converse Rubber Tracks Sessions) Free EP through JefferyDragRecords/FrenchKissLabelGroup


Band Members
Sarah Frances Gleason - Vocals
Paul Pearce - Guitar, Vocals
Jorge Santamaria (Manager) - Drums, Backing Vocals,
Michael Skiffington - Bass Guitar, Upright Bass

“Little Sin” is the third release by Richmond, Virginia based band VEXINE on ZAP Records. It is a sexy, super-charged collection of songs that will slap you in the face then kiss you to make it better.

10 of the 11 songs on this release were written by vocalist Sarah Gleason and lead guitarist/vocalist Paul Pearce, who have worked together as a song-writing team for several years. Bassist Michael Skiffington and drummer Jorge Santamaria contributed considerably to the arrangements. “It doesn’t matter what we write independently of one another,” says Gleason. “It doesn’t become a VEXINE song until we all get in a room together and hash it out.” The songs were recorded at The Shed (by Paul Pearce and Brian Farquhar) and Montrose Studios (with Bruce Olsen) in Richmond, Virginia. 
The title track, “Little Sin” is a sultry little number with gypsy rhythms pounding out the panic of a terrible secret. Santamaria notes that “it was fun to break away and do something a little different with the drums on this track, it is song about murder that is simultaneously dark and bouncy.”
“Tantilla Gardens” speaks of the fantasy of the Richmond dance hall landmark that once was the “South’s Most Beautiful Ballroom” before it was demolished in 1977. Gleason grew up hearing her grandmother tell her stories of the “rooftop that rolled away,” where couples danced beneath the stars. “I wish I could have experienced it first hand. Writing about Tantilla Gardens helped me feel closer to my grandmother. She was dizzy over the splendor and glamour of the place when she was a young woman in the 1930’s.”.
“Only One Left” is Pearce’s wild ride that puts you right in the driver’s seat of this zombie love-story. “Hey, zombies need love, too,” says Pearce. 
VEXINE also chose to include Elvis Costello’s “I Want You” in this release because “it was a long-time favorite” of Skiffington’s. “I knew we could do something special with it.”

“Little Sin” will be released April 30 at Center of the Universe Brewing in Ashland, Virginia, along with a special, limited release beer of the same name. VEXINE owes special thanks Mr. Tom Porter and Center of the Universe Brewing for making their wildest beer dreams come true.

Sexy, soulful, edgy rock. Vexine has been thrilling Richmond audiences with their unique sound since 2012. Vexine’s much-anticipated, self-titled debut was released January 25th, 2013 on ZAP Records. The CD features ten original songs and has been described as taking "sultry to bodacious levels, combining rock and roll attitude and country soul". The songs tell stories that the listener can relate to with rhythms you can groove to.

Combining an acoustic sound with the electrical pulse of Indie Rock, Froomador’s unique songwriting approach leaves room for the listener’s own interpretation. His latest album, “Can’t This Wait” includes the single “Solar Energy” for which there is a climatic music video that has been filmed in the Arizona desert, and is to be released in early 2016.
Orlando native Ryan Froom credits his passion for music to his father whom he watched simultaneously play the guitar and sing at church during his early childhood. By the age of 10 he had his first guitar and was 12 years old when he wrote his first song. His father introduced him to the “The Doobie Brothers”, “Beach Boys”, and “The Beatles” during his early teens in which Ryan also began to sensationalize the sport of surfing. Heavily influenced by the beachy tunes, Ryan acquired a palate for the soothing sounds of the ukulele, and began to incorporate them into his songs. During his early high school days, he recalls sneaking into his older brother’s melancholy record collection and discovering the sound of “The Cure”, “The Smiths”, and “Nirvana”. It was then that Ryan also began to incorporate the electric guitar into his songwriting sessions.
At the age of 23, Ryan moved to Argentina and would spend the next eight months learning Spanish and being surrounded by Latin Jazz, Flamenco, and Folklore. By the age of 24, he lived a few months in Brazil where he would also learn to speak Portuguese and develop an interest in Brazilian samba and the sassy Latin tunes, inspiring him to write and record his album “Pavement Ends” several years later. In 2009, he enrolled in the prestigious school of music “Berklee” in Boston where he would focus on Jazz Composition and classical arrangements for the next year and a half.
Froomador has performed live in several cities including Hollywood and Claremont, CA, Washington D.C., and countless venues in his hometown Orlando, FL, where he currently resides. Along with the release of his album “Can’t This Wait”, his performance schedule will also be announced.

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