Sunday, July 3, 2016

Loudini Interviews Holy Sheboygan

Band Members
// Liam O'Brien - guitar, alto saxophone, tin whistle // Julia Blair - viola, accordion // Ben DeCorsey - guitar, banjo // Jeff Edenberg - horn, recorders, saw, trash // Rachel Graber - trash kit // Alex Heaton - bass, drums // Cameron Carrus - bass
Holy Sheboygan! emerge from the dark woods naked, a wild tangle of hair and dirt. They open mouths filled with jagged teeth. A rough yowl echoes through the dusk.

Holy Sheboygan! is a band of scavengers. Creeping through the alleys of musical sound, they borrow melodies from a wide array of genres, tape-recorded noise from their everyday lives, and percussion from the abundant dumpsters of the Fox Valley. By their very nature, they can be described as nothing other than 'garbage folk.'
Flesh and mud, skin and moans.
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