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Jason Mezilis write up

Jason Achilles Mezilis is a producer and actor, known for A Very BBK Xmas (2013), Jason's Sheets (2013) and My Caddy Won't Let Me (2011).

Maria Savva / 2016-02-28
[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 14/7/15]
Hi Jason! You have a new album coming out on July 28th. “Things You Can’t See” is made up of 6 very individual tracks. I think Owl’s music is unique/difficult to define. How would you describe it to someone who’s never heard any music by Owl?

Hi Maria…good to talk to you again, and yes I would agree it’s kind of hard to pin down. Owl is definitely a hard rock band, but yeah there’s obviously a lot more to it than that – progressive elements, atmospheric elements, a certain melodic approach and fuck-all rhythmic aggression. I find myself in the same position, honestly…I don’t really know how to answer that either!

Glad I’m not the only one!:)

The album is excellent. I like all the songs and because they’re all so different, it’s hard to pick a favourite as they all have something great in them. Do you have a favourite track, and if so, why?

Well, thank you for saying so. If I had to pick a favorite I’d go with the opening track, which is the title track “Things You Can’t See.” The second half of that tune in particular is really fun to play live. And overall, it captures all the elements of this band that I enjoy pretty well in one quick snapshot.

If you had to pick one Owl song from all 3 releases to define the band, which one would you choose, and why?

I’d say “Violent Center“ off our first record. It’s similar to the song I just mentioned in that it covers a lot of ground in one tune, and it’s a really damn good, well written song. We often times will end our live set with it.
A great song, and it looks like that video was fun to make!

I heard that “Things You Can’t See” wasn’t written before you got to the studio, but you all basically jammed together and came up with the songs. Is that right? How did that compare to going into the studio with the songs ready?

It is right, but more so by comparison to how the other records were realized. There is still a necessary structure that has to be imparted in the process, it just lent itself to a lot more freedom in the sense of arrangement and everyone’s individual stamp. All of us: Chris Dan and myself, are pretty much continuously thinking of the songs and ideas in terms of how they will ultimately translate on the recording so it’s not a “jam session” like you get with a bunch of guys just going at it, as a random throw-and-go.
Owl has a string of U.S. summer tour dates. How are fans reacting to the new music?

So far it’s been fantastic. I honestly haven’t heard a single negative comment yet about the new material. Everyone seems to really dig it. It’s cool.

Do you have a favourite Owl track to play live?

Our typical set opener, “The Right Thing” off the second album of the same name, is a real barn-stormer to come out with every night. I really love opening the eyes and ears of the crowd with that one. We really kill that tune. It’s a great, confident feeling to step on stage with.
Does Owl have plans to tour or play any gigs/festivals in Europe/UK?

We’ve been discussing that as a possibility for next year. It’s a ways off still, but it’s something on our minds as a realistic goal.
If Owl could tour with any other band, which would you choose?

There are so many great bands out there we have been lucky to play with. I couldn’t pick just one, or even just ten. But there are always new surprises – bands you haven’t thought of that turn out to be a great matchup. I know for me personally, King’s X would be a great one. Or Tool. Bands that are respected for the musicianship, as well as the songwriting and connection with their fans. That’s the best scenarios for us. I’m stoked for the upcoming shows we have with PHILM, for sure.

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