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Make the most out of TIPS at your SHOW!

Make the most out of tips at your show!
This week Lou aka Loudini and Kevin show you this no brainer, easy tactic for making the most out of your tip jar. You DO have a tip jar? Don’t cha???

Featured Loudini artists include Jared James Nichols, Sheepdogs and The Stone Foxes. Birthday shout outs to Steve Marriot (Humble Pie), Phil Collins (Genesis), and Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane)

You can't teach the blues. It's not something that can be codified in music books or learned on YouTube. It goes much deeper than that and it comes from the inside. It's about the way the guitar strings are bent and the sound gets transmuted directly from a player's soul. It's simple at the end of the day. Either you've got it, or you don't. JARED JAMES NICHOLS has definitely got it. The Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer, writer and guitarist's new EP Old Glory & The Wild Revival channels blues grit and gusto through bombastic arena-size rock 'n' roll. It's raw, raucous and righteously real. As soon as he got his first guitar at 14-years-old, the stage immediately called to Jared. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he grew up minutes away from The Alpine Valley Resort—where Stevie Ray Vaughan performed his last show. However, no divine coincidence could truly foreshadow just how adept at the six-string he would eventually become. He personally traces the beginning of his story back to a blues jam that his mother brought him to. "Two weeks after I got an electric guitar, I was on stage with all of these old cats from Chicago playing the blues," he recalls with a smile. "The music immediately resonated with me. It was all about the feeling and the soul behind it. None of these guys were music nerds. They were true blues guys playing what they felt. That power and reality struck a chord in me." Soon, he found himself practicing for twelve hours every day. Hitting up the local jams, he ended up sharing the stage with legends including Buddy Guy, "Honeyboy" Edwards, and "Big Jim" Johnson as well as opening for Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Derek Trucks. By his 21st birthday, he had logged over 500 gigs. After a short stint at Berklee School of Music in Boston, he headed out to Los Angeles where he garnered numerous accolades at the world-renowned Musicians Institute, winning the 2010 Jerry Horton guitar contest, the 2011 Les Paul tribute contest, and the 2011 "Outstanding Guitarist" award. 2012 saw him release his debut EP, Live at the Viper Room, gaining the notice of both Guitar World and Guitar Player and inking a deal with Sony/MTV's Hype Music Publishing. However, everything simply laid the groundwork for Old Glory & The Wild Revival. Teaming up with Aerosmith engineer Warren Huart, Jared began working on the five-song set in early 2013. Honing his voice as a guitarist, songs like the first single "Let It Go" speak through a delta-style soul with the right amount of rock bravado. "That one is a blues rock song about love and give and take," he reveals. "It's got its own style and it opens the door to what I'm doing". Elsewhere on the EP, "Blackfoot" charges forward with a riff as sharp as a tomahawk and a whole lot of spirit punctuated by Jessica Childress of The Voice's backing harmonies. "In Wisconsin, I was surrounded by Indian reservations and culture," he continues. "I'd do casino and reservation tours as a kid. When I wrote the song, I was reading about all of these badass tribes. I love that spirit and vibe inherent in Native American culture. The Blackfoot were truly bad motherfuckers. That lick is what I feel their culture represented." On stage, it truly comes to life. Jared's presence becomes amplified with guitar in hand. Audiences have experienced that everywhere from his performances at NAMM and SXSW to the iconic Sturgis Buffalo Chip Festival where he will play alongside ZZ Top and Kid Rock and the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee this summer. Ultimately, he lives up to that idea of Revival in the EP's title. "I want people to get excited," he concludes. "I want them to feel like anything is possible in this music. I want them to know great blues rock exists. If I can give someone the same inspiration I was blessed with, I've done something right."

Members: Ewan Currie - Guitar and Vocals, Ryan Gullen - Bass and Backing Vocals, Sam Corbett-Drums and Backing Vocals Shamus Currie - Backing vocals and keys

Genre: Good Ol' Fashioned Rock and Roll

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

Members: Shannon Koehler Elliott Peltzman Vince Dewald Ben Andrews Brian Bakalian Spence Koehler
Genre: Rock, Blues
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Stone Foxes are San Francisco's rock band.  They bear the torch of their predecessors with the knowledge that rock 'n roll can move a new generation. They’ve played in front of thousands at festivals like Outside Lands and Voodoo Fest, they’ve headlined the legendary Fillmore Theater in their hometown and they have supported acts like The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant and ZZ Top.  Now, with the release of their fourth album, Twelve Spells, they have solidified a place in their City's rich rock 'n roll history.   

Founded by brothers Shannon(vocals/drums/harp) and Spence Koehler(guitar/vocals), who came from the Sierra Nevada foothills near Tollhouse CA, The Stone Foxes started back in the Koehler’s SF State days in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Two weeks before they went on tour in 2011, they decided they needed a keyboard player and they added Elliott Peltzman from Fairfax CA to play for a couple months...but he never left. They needed another drummer who could also play bass and guitar for tour in 2013, so Shannon called his high school friend Brian "The Buffalo" Bakalian...he never left either.  Their old friend Vince Dewald came in to jam one day later on that year, and after the Indiana kid started singing, playing his lefty guitar, and his brother's right handed bass upside down, it was a done deal.  Finally in 2014, after convincing(basically begging) Vince's old bandmate to move back from his home town of Boston, Ben Andrews came out to play guitar and violin.  After their first practice with Ben, the circle was finally complete and they had beers at the Lone Star tavern on Harrison Street to celebrate their new found brotherhood.  

 The Stone Foxes are an experience to dive into, to get wild with, to sweat with.  "The Stone Foxes have an energetic style that's rooted in swampy, foot-stomping rock...ambitious arrangements with diverse moods ranging from acoustic twang to thunderous electric-guitar riffs." 

-NPR/WXPN "WORLD CAFE" Invoking the audience with their commanding stage presence, even jumping down into the crowd if the mood strikes. Their fans know they are in for something action packed and they light a fire in the band, just as the band spreads fire back into them. Guitarists digging in, lead vocals changing between two unique voices with impassioned nuance, and keyboard and organ sounds that fill the space with smoke and burning embers. There are crunchy drum tones, wailing harmonica draws and violin cries that can silence even the most raucous of rooms. But this is not a sit-down-and-watch kind of event. Like Elvis once said about rock n roll, “If you feel it, you can’t help but move to it.” The Stone Foxes' live show brandishes this kind of dynamic passion on stage.  It's impossible not to feel it. 

With the release of Twelve Spells, the band has chronicled their new beginning.   

"Garage rock gold...the sound of a band hitting their stride.” - PANDORA 

“Perfect back-to-basics rock” - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

The sounds they are creating are new with tinges of western darkness, punk, surf, and americana, but are strongly tied together by their everlasting rock 'n roll core.  Lyrics about gentrification, income inequality, romance, and heart surgeries pour out of their stream of consciousness.  It's a fresh rock 'n roll album that chronicles the years of their unification, taking on the issues of their lives and our times.     

"Driving this Weekend?  Listen to Twelve Spells by The Stone Foxes...Time will fucking fly." - DENIS LEARY
Ben Andrews
Brian Bakalian
Vince Dewald
Shannon Koehler
Spence Koehler
Elliot Peltzman


Lou and Kev talk about David Bowie and he was so important.  In addition to being an iconic singer, songwriter and performer he also introduced the world to several guitarists who became icons in their own right.  

We also have feature songs by Loudini Artists The Family Business, Gene the Werewolf, and Monster Truck. Birthday shout outs to Pat Simmons (Doobie Bros Guitarist), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick Singer), and Danny Frederici (E Street Band Keyboardist)

Band Members
Alec White - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Ziegler - Guitar
Garrett Wartenweiler - Bass, Guitar
Derek Hendrickson - Drums

The band hails from Pittsburgh when in 2007 five musicians disillusioned from their previous experiences decided to join forces in something « insanely different » from what they have been doing until then and “give a nod to the music we listened to growing up in the 80's. One of the more important aspects of the new project was to not take ourselves too seriously and have fun with it”, tells the band’s guitar player Drew Donegan.

It didn't take long for people to gravitate towards the band, as local media outlets began referring to the band as Pittsburgh's local 'Supergroup'. Furthermore, the bands first show sold out within minutes of doors opening !

Donegan describes Gene the Werewolf’s sound as “classic rock with a modern vibe”, similar to what bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, AC/DC and Motley Crüe would sound like if they released their music today... a far cry from the pop-punk bands the band members had been in previously. “We also like the term diamond-core, because diamond is the hardest rock known to man”, Donegan adds.

When referring to “Rock n Roll Animal”, the band's newest album, Gene exclaims: "It's the perfect soundtrack to a beer-infused Saturday night!"

Plenty of bands aren’t shy about flaunting cocky bios and making no secret of their self-perceived talent, but few take it as far as Gene the Werewolf. “We used to say we were the best rock band, but by now I’d say we’re just the best band ever,” Donegan said. “We play absurdly loud, sweat our asses off, and then sleep on filthy apartment floors together because we love doing it ".

Ultimately, the band's intentions are as pure as they've ever been. "We formed this band to play loud, rowdy, and crude Rock N' Roll," says Gene. "I think with this record we've accomplished everything we've ever wanted out of being in a band together."

Since the release of the bands debut "Light Me Up" in 2009, Gene The Werewolf have been featured in various national and local publications including Spin Magazine, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Tribune Review, Pittsburgh City Paper, and more. Gene was on SPIN magazine's Top 15 "Songs You Must Hear Now" in November 2009, and #2 on The Daily News "Best of 2009" list. The band has also enjoyed local and regional airplay along with frequent in-studio performances on 102.5 WDVE and 105.9 WXDX in Pittsburgh.

Late in 2010 Gene had the idea to cover a version of the 1978 local classic "Steelers Fight Song". Gene's version, named "Steelers Polka", went viral during the football season and received over 340,000 views on YouTube along with airplay from local and national radio.

In January of 2012, Gene's new single "I Only Wanna Rock N Roll" was added to full rotation to Pittsburgh's Clear Channel radio station 102.5 WDVE FM! It reached the "#1 most played single" on the station for over 5 weeks in a row, beating out the Foo Fighters and Nickelback.

In November 2012, Gene The Werewolf signed with European label Frontiers Records, home of iconic bands like Journey, Def Leppard, Night Ranger, Rick Springfield and more! Their international debut entitled "Rock N Roll Animal" was release in all of Europe on November 23 and in Japan on November 21.

Check out Gene The Werewolf at:

The term Rock n' Roll gets thrown around pretty haphazardly. One can go as far as stating it’s been bastardized to the point of being unrecognizable, ironically shouted on stages worldwide, and classified dead or MIA by the very musicians that once upheld its standard.

Enter Monster Truck. There's something comforting about a band name that delivers exactly what you expect to hear. Born in 2009 from the ashes of various Canadian Indie bands, Monster Truck began as a sonic affront to the very industry its members were bred from. After feeling more like cogs in the music industry machine, Jon Harvey (bass & lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (guitar & vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ & vocals) and Steve Kiely (drums & vocals) broke free to forge their own path, answering only to themselves. “It was admittedly a bit selfish from the get-go as we only were looking to please ourselves,” laughs Widerman. Their unabashed approach to making and performing music became infectious. “We just wanted to mix all of our favorite hard rock, punk and classic rock favourites into something raw and basic,” states Widerman, almost as if to suggest that no one had done it to his liking yet. The band was doing something right. A ground swell of regional fans quickly began rushing to any local venue to see the band perform live. Rock n' Roll is clearly not dead.Offers began to pile up for Hamilton, Ontario’s prodigious sons, and the band soon realized they had to make a decision to jump in hip deep and take the record label and tour offers more seriously. “The decision was probably easier than I'd like to admit,” adds Widerman, suggesting they were probably all kidding themselves thinking they weren't willing to make sacrifices once again in an attempt to make music for a living. What started as a fun and albeit ‘selfish’ musical side-project, quickly gained momentum and took on a life of its own. Monster Truck self-released a self-titled EP produced by Gus Van Go & Werner F (The Stills, Preistess, Hollerado) in 2010 and followed up with The Brown EP (2011) produced by Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Cancer Bats, Three Days Grace) on Indie powerhouse Dine Alone Records. The Brown EP aggressively showcased the band’s ability to keep a firm grasp in the classic roots that enabled them, while staying contemporary and true to their vast influences. Singles “Seven Seas Blues” and “Righteous Smoke” became runaway hits reaching Top 10 on Canadian Rock radio and true to their notorious maxim “Don’t F*ck With The Truck”, the band hit the road with a vengeance. Tours included a 2011 cross-Canada sold-out run with The Sheepdogs. Additional tours followed in 2012 when Monster Truck was handpicked to open for Slash on his North American tour, as well as sold-out dates in support of legends Deep Purple.
After an unexpected, yet highly successful year of relentless touring, Monster Truck returned home hell bent to record a full-length album. Over the course of 2 months, the guys put together 12 original songs showcasing not only their determination to continue churning out heart-pounding rock tracks, but that also highlighted another dimension to the band’s songwriting and performance. The result is their debut full-length LP aptly titled Furiosity.

Produced once again by JUNO-nominated Eric Ratz at Vespa Studios in Toronto and Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC, Furiosity showcases Monster Truck’s ability to seamlessly integrate influences from grunge and punk era greats that they love so dearly with alt-sounding vintage rock. The resulting album remains anchored in grooves, yet propulsive and volcanic, fueled by frontman Jon Harvey’s colossal vocal delivery.

The album impressingly runs the gamut from crushing first single "Sweet Mountain River" which features a highly infectious chorus juxtaposed against a killer riff, to tracks like “The Lion” and its definitive old-school, boogie-rock vibe. “While the bulk of songs were written and executed in fairly quick fashion, tailoring the pace and fine tuning the transitions took longer than usual,” says Widerman of the writing process. “We really wanted the songs to take the listener on an exciting journey.” Gems like “Old Train” featuring epic gang vocals were in fact kept under wraps from the producer and the label until the band reworked them to their liking while “Power of the People” -- a Rage Against The Machine inspired track -- is a commentary on a society in turmoil and an anthem for those who wish to band together and make a difference.

The band intentionally challenged themselves with “For The Sun”, spending more than a year playing the song live in order to perfect it. Slower-paced and with thought to ensuring every moment was well-crafted and building in intensity, Widerman spent 2 days in the studio just recording the intro and solos leaving other members of the band to wonder whether he would ever be satisfied with the end result. Finally, last minute addition “My Love Is True” shows a more soulful side of Monster Truck, and is another shining example of how even a down tempo song can shake you to your core.

The constant show regiment and recording process is sharpening the band’s delivery and there's no doubt that anyone still interested in original and authentic rock music will be compelled to pay attention. Monster Truck will continue doing what they do best, steamrolling from town to town leaving legions of fans in their wake. 


Check this out from the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus
Hosted by Lou Lombardi aka Loudini & Kevin O'Connor
Where are your fans??? Learn the secret to finding the perfect fans!

This week Loudini and Kevin reveal some little talked about ways of finding your ideal fans. Plus music from Loudini artists  The Von, Circle of One, Lance Lopez and a sneak peak at the new ep from the artist Koralee. All this and a visit from fan boi Pittsburgh Kevin! Birthday Shout out to Sade
#loudini #loulombardi #kevinoconnor #fans

THE VON is an American Indie/Electro/Rock band from South Florida formed in 2012 by vocalist/bassist Luis Bonilla and guitarist Marek Schneider. For much of their career, THE VON has been a trio with drummer Elisa Seda, who replaced their former drummer after the recording of the band’s upcoming album (2015). All three members of THE VON came together and formed a bond by talking about their favorite rock n’ roll legends; bands that are now big influences in their music. These passions are at the forefront of what the band brings to the crowd with their energy which is nothing short of contagious; they are not just a band but an experience.

In 2015, THE VON will release a brand new album entitled, Ei8ht. The album digs deeper into musical influences and infusing of their diverse cultures, yoga ideology, and overarching themes of living life fearlessly. By the beginning of 2015, THE VON released their first single Nothing to Fear, soon to be followed by Cry Of War this year. Currently, THE VON is preparing a National and European Tours in 2016.

Music is at its best when it's born out of passion, meaning, and purpose.  Unfortunately, for today's listeners, many artists simply fall back on exhausted formulas, as they quickly sacrifice passion for sales.  However, rather than falling back with its peers, Circle of One aims to step up.  "Too many musicians are just making noise. Nobody's saying anything of value," says frontman Mark Cunzolo.  "You're attracted to someone. Great. You like to party. Great. But what's the point in telling people about that? Let's use music to unpack some deeper issues."  Circle of One tackles this challenge by lacing its hard-rock, metal, hip-hop, and electronically infused music with tales of internal fear, substance abuse struggles, self-control issues, and more. Most importantly, Circle of One passionately displays the power and the hope needed to find freedom from these issues.  Their music has a message. Their music has a purpose.  It's time to spread it like wildfire.

There’s no doubt about it, the state of Texas is well known world wide for its fiery blues guitar players.
Even just a cursory look will reveal the state’s rich tradition, which easily rivals Chicago and Mississippi for producing players who have been both originators and contributors to the legacy of the guitar’s significant role in the genre’s history. Dating back to the 1920’s with “Blind” Lemon Jefferson, continuing through the 1950’s with such legends as Freddie King, T-Bone Walker and “Lightning” Hopkins, with the advent of the rock era of the 1960’s the pressure cooker exploded.

Albino blues giant Johnny Winter, from Beaumont, in 1968 was signed to what was then the largest advance in the history of the recording industry—$600,000. Houston’s ZZ Top, with the Reverend Willie G, i.e. Billy F. Gibbons – armed with a ’59 Les Paul- during the 70’s went from being “That little ol’ band from Texas” to being world wide ambassadors with their unique brand of deep blues infused boogie rock.

Although disco and subsequently new wave lessened blues rock’s influence in the late 70’s, by 1983 it was another native Texan, Dallas born Stevie Ray Vaughan, whose combination of raw blues mixed with Hendrix styled pyrotechnics spearheaded yet another resurrection as the genre rose its evil head once again. A breath of much needed fresh air amongst the synth heavy offerings on MTV and radio airwaves of the time, the guitarist’s massive influence has extended long beyond his untimely, tragic death twenty years ago.

One such player whom Vaughan touched the soul of was young, gifted blues/rock axeslinger Lance Lopez. Although born in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the age of 12, his family moved to Dallas, where with the exception of a spell back in New Orleans and Southwest Florida, the guitarist has called his home ever since.
A professional musician since the age of 14 when he began playing local bars in and around the New Orleans, Louisiana area, at 17 he was hired by soul great Johnnie Taylor, with whom he toured for six months. By 18 he was hired as the band leader of blues legend Lucky Peterson’s band, spending three years touring throughout the world.
It was while with Peterson in Europe that he struck up a close friendship with the larger than life drummer Buddy Miles, subsequently becoming the guitarist for The Buddy Miles Express for a brief time. The former Band Of Gypsys legend would go on to mentor Lopez, leading to him co producing his debut album ‘First Things First’, along with Grammy winning producer Jay Newland (Norah Jones) which was released independently in 1998.
From 2003 to 2007 Lopez recorded, and released three studio and one live CD for a small independent label, Grooveyard Records – all of which were heavily influenced by another of the guitarist’s main influences – Jimi Hendrix. Despite the hindrance of being released on such a label, the albums are all prime examples of post Hendrix heavy blues, filled to the brim with awe inspiring fretwork, which led to him garnering a cult following amongst guitar fanatics world wide.
After a three year break, Lopez returned with a Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Santana) produced studio album ‘Salvation From Sundown’. Intentionally conceived as a more traditional Texas blues styled offering, it’s the guitarist’s most mature recording to date, showcasing strong songwriting while still retaining the red-hot fretwork which has elicited none other than guitar god Jeff Beck to call him “A very exciting and intense blues guitarist”. His first release on a major label MIG Music/String Commander. In Europe in November 2011 MIG Music released the follow up to ‘Salvation From Sundown’. A very strong Hard Rocking/Blues offering entitled ‘Handmade Music’. ‘Handmade Music’ is full of well crafted songs and Lopez’s signature searing guitar work. Again, Lopez working with Jim Gaines, recorded this entire album in the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Ardent was also where Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Thorogood and others made some of their greatest works. ‘Handmade Music’ shows him poised to take his rightful place as one of the finest blues players on the planet. Texas has its guitar heroes, not least of which is Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, and the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan. And here’s another to add to the list: Lance Lopez.

I love being an artist because it allows me to reimagine everything - including the way music gets into the hands of my fans. 
Since 2010, I've been financially responsible for all of my projects, from recording to video production. I have learned so much and worked with some incredible people. But I’m now at point in the professional path where it takes more than my single income earnings to support my creation.Being limited in cash has NEVER prevented me from creating, but it has prevented me from sharing that creation with you - and that doesn't fully serve anyone in the long run, because I don't just do this for me. Your generous assistance means I can move up a level in my professional career by securing better resources and thus, give you more music.


On this edition of the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus Lou aka Loudini and Kevin talk about the importance of a producer and what a difference it can make to an artist.  Also “Mr. Smoove” stops by the studio. 

Plus Music from Loudini Artists Mary Jennings, Shannon and the Merger, and Paul Nelson. Birthday shout outs to Paolo Nutini, Jimmy Page & Dave Matthews

It takes a lot of life experience to craft engaging, universal song lyrics—and singer, songwriter and musician Mary Jennings has had more than a lion’s share. How’s this for a start: career stops as a teacher, aerobics instructor, clothing retailer, bartender, luggage saleswoman and paranormal researcher. Add to that the early loss of her mom , and there are plenty stories to share. Jennings states that music has kept her sane.  Not surprisingly, her songs often possess a modicum of sadness and darkness, about which she says, “I share these emotions with others because I know so many have felt the same things. If I can create melodies and deliver words that express their feelings, I’ve done my job.”

With an enormous singing voice that transcends her small frame, an extraordinary rock sound full of robust piano hooks, and a one-of-a-kind storytelling ability drawn from a remarkable and emotional history, Mary has carved out her own unique niche in the industry by doing things her way.

Born into a family with strong musical roots, she began playing piano at five and has fond memories of her paternal grandparents teaching her vocal harmonies at a young age – a skill that is very evident in her work today. Mary’s adolescent and teenage years were marked by her development on piano and the cultivation of her vocal ability through many school plays and musicals, but it was the sudden death of her mother in 2001 that prompted a seismic surge in her musical expression.
“When people ask me why I’m a musician, I tell them that it’s largely because music is my therapy,” she says. “That entire notion really began with the death of my mom. My dad offered to help me record an album shortly after her death, and the experience of writing about what I was going through at the time went a long way towards helping me cope.” It was on that album that Mary established her creative foundation, writing music that immediately bonds her to the listener in a genuine way. That openness, and the raw emotion inherent in both her writing and voice, has been a cornerstone of her work ever since. “I share these emotions with others because I know so many have felt the same things. If I can create melodies and deliver words that express their feelings, I’ve done my job.”

While the music alone makes Mary Jennings an artist that fans can easily relate to, her somewhat quirky personality and a diverse range of interests have also gone a long way towards building a bond with her fan base.  An avid horror movie fan, she has more than 400 fright flicks in her own private collection and openly admits that being scared and thrilled is probably her biggest geek factor. Her love for thrifting and secondhand clothing, something she learned from her mother, is a major influence on her vintage style and the inspiration behind the enormously popular clothing swap shows that she has hosted in a number of U.S. cities. More recently, Mary has turned her unique style, love of thrifting, and drive to create into a new project, No Sass Creations, through which she makes and sells bolo ties.

“I don’t want my fans thinking of me as just another musician asking them to come to shows or buy music,” she remarks. “It’s more important, and fun, to engage with them and shine a little light on my hobbies and personal life because at the end of the day, I’m really not much different from any of them.”
Mary’s strong work ethic and commitment to her craft has paid off handsomely in recent years. A Casio-sponsored artist, she was featured in an online advertising campaign for the company’s new line of keyboards in 2011 and her song “The Darkness” was placed in the Lionsgate motion picture "Devil Seed" (ironically, a horror film).   In 2014, her song “Move” was featured during a final dance on Lifetime’s tv show “Dance Moms.”
Mary has organized a number of extensive tours as well, opening for artists such as Jeffrey Gaines, Mike Doughty, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera, and Rachel Yamagata, and she has appeared at several major festivals including CMJ and South by Southwest. She often treats fans to a unique stage set-up when performing on her own, prominently featuring a loop pedal that she uses to effortlessly layer rhythmic beats and beautiful background harmonies over her unmistakably unique piano playing and vocals.
Whether you experience Mary Jennings on stage or on one of the handful of albums she has released, you’re witnessing a very special artist who has confidently found her voice over the course of a long, and at time, heartbreaking journey.

11 song debut CD of original material, "Long Way Down" released December 2015.

Melodic vocals + virtuoso harmonica playing + a dynamic rhythm section = Shannon and the Merger:

Familiar tunes with a twist.

Live music you can dance to.

Playing the songs you know from the
1960s to the hits of today as well as
Shannon and the Merger originals.
Band Members

Shannon Watson, Ryan Luko, BobbyG, Stanley J, Murray Perry

Paul Nelson has toured with countless worldwide acts and performed live and or on recordings along side a list of today's top artists such as Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Leslie West, Robben Ford, Joe Perry, Mark Knofler, Brian Setzer, Dr. John, Slash, Vince Gill, Warren Haynes, Sonny Landreth, Los Lobos, Kim Wilson, Elvin Bishop, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Reb Beach, Steve Morse, John Popper, Debbie Davies, Joe Louis Walker, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, John Medeski, Joe Walsh, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Earl Slick, Hubert Sumlin, Rick Derringer, Harvey Brooks, Bill Evans, James Cotton, Magic Slim, Coco Montoya, Reese Wynans, Edgar Winter, Ray Davis, George Lynch, James Cotton, Anthony Jackson, Dickey Betts, Junior Brown, Pat Travers, Jimmy Vivino and La Bamba of Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Paul Schaefer's CBS Orchestra to name a few. 

Nelson has been featured in every major guitar magazine and news publication from Guitar World to Rolling Stone and is credited as being a composer/performer for music heard on international and national television broadcasts such as NBC, TNN, UPN, for the WWF. He has conducted his successful "Master Class" Clinics and written guitar columns all over the world.

Paul has had the distinction of appearing as both guitarist and songwriter on Rock/Blues legend Johnny Winter's Grammy-nominated Virgin/EMI release "I'm A Bluesman" as well as producer/performer on his releases "Roots" and the Grammy winning "Step Back" on Megaforce/Sony. He performed as a musical guest with Johnny Winter on the Late Night with David Letterman Show to promote the "Roots" Album and on Jimmy Kimmel on ABC TV to promote the Step Back CD and Johnny Winter's "Down and Dirty Movie", which he also appeared in and was the Executive Producer.

Nelson, who studied with Steve Vai in his Berklee days, jazz fusion great Steve Khan and Mike Stern has created a tour de force with his latest all-instrumental rock/fusion solo release, entitled LOOK. - "A very diverse package that takes the listener on a sophisticated journey through the musical mind of Paul Nelson. His latest CD exudes boundless energy, and displays ferocious solo sections at the same time showing us his control over an emotional side of playing all the while holding it together with a tasteful melodic sense which comes through on each cut".


Loudini Rock and Roll Circus Music Podcast
Hosted by LouLombardi aka Loudini & Kevin O'Connor
What are the most anticipated new releases of 2016 ?

Kevin and Lou “Loudini” discuss the most anticipated releases of 2016 in music and movies. Plus Loudini share’s his super secret social media ninja trick guaranteed to get people to engage with your social media posts. This is also the final recap of the top Loudini artists with music by Silk9, The Turbosonics, Sandi Thom, Maryleigh Roohan and Tarra Layne.

Silk9 is a Pittsburgh PA based hard rock band that was founded in April of 2013 by Anthony 
Leone and Jamie Rohr.
The" vision" of Silk9 was to "embrace" the essence of the 90’s and add an original spin
on today’s hard rock genre.
In May of 2014 the band released its first EP entitled “Exit the Pain.” Songs from the EP have
been featured on 97.7 fm located in Butler PA, Adrenaline 101 internet radio, 105.9 fm the X, in
Pittsburgh PA., 102.5 WDVE in Pittsburgh PA, ThePAROCKSHOW.COM, The EAgle 107.5 and recently featured on Lou Lombardi's, Rock n' Roll Circus.
We strive to keep our standards high by working with some of the top local bands in the area and national acts such as Lynch Mob,
Adelitas Way, The Art of Dying, Hillbilly Herald, Drowning Pool, Crobot,Skid Row and on most recently Jake E Lee's Red Dragon's Cartel

The Turbosonics is a three piece instrumental surf-rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. Turbosonics play original instrumentals, traditional surf music (Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Surfaris, The Ventures, etc.), and a few from bands like the Pixies, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and The Propellerheads.

Check out a show, you will not be disappointed!
Band Members

Keith Caldwell – Bass
Timmy Klatte – Drummer
Jason Truckenbrod – Guitar


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While these are not what you might expect in this section...they are all things that influence us

Sandi Thom was the first singer/songwriter ever to gain global stardom and a major label record deal through the use of webcasting.

There may have been a backlash – it happens when anyone does anything ground-breaking – but there’s no getting away from the fact that she was the first pioneer of what was a huge turning point in the music industry.

But it’s a long way from that global smash – ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)’ launched from webcasts in a London basement – to where proud Scot Sandi Thom finds herself today with an amazing, eclectic, highly credible body of work behind her… and an amazing new album ahead.

She has recorded in Nashville and LA, has worked with top producers and songwriters, has written for important media outlets like The Daily Beast, has graced the stage of the legendary Royal Albert Hall, has played at Glastonbury, has performed on stage with Brian May, Alice Cooper and George Michael and is now embarking on a brand new groundbreaking chapter in her career as she produces her new album.

‘Weapons of Past Destruction is the first album I’ve produced,’ says Sandi. In fact, there aren’t many female singer/songwriters who also produce their own work, but then Sandi has never been afraid to break new ground. ‘It’s about picking up the pieces and starting all over again in the aftermath of an emotional disaster,’ she goes on.

‘The songs are about war, death, destruction, anger, courage and hope as well as reconciling with the past and moving on. I don’t pretend to have a hard life. I’m not living through a war. I don’t know that kind of pain and suffering but in my own small way, like everyone in life, I have had to face that moment when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet and you’re left standing there with a broken heart, shattered dreams and the long road ahead to rebuild your life.’

The moment she’s referring to was the end of her long-term relationship with legendary musician Joe Bonamassa. It was a split that came out of the blue, leaving Sandi shell-shocked and at a loss for what to do next. ‘The first single from the album is called “Earthquake”,' she says. 'It’s a song where I try to come to terms with what happened that day. I wanted to write a song to share with people of all ages who could relate to how I felt when I had that bombshell dropped on me. It’s often hard to put into words.’ She also accepts that she's been on the other end of the equation, causing the heartbreak as well as being the victim of it.

These themes of love and war run through the album with songs like 'World War One', that deals with the real human experience of being caught in a war while 'Song of a Broken Heart' deals with the destruction, loss and pain you feel when a relationship disintegrates: '... closing doors in empty halls, silence now where laughter once was, the music fades away...'

They are songs that Sandi had to write and write again because of how personal they were to her. The chorus of 'Song of a Broken Heart' is, she explains, 'almost an anthem for all those who have experienced something like this... "this is the song of the last goodbye, this is the song of the great divide".'

But it's not all heartbreak. There is anger then the sense of rebuilding, digging deep and finding the courage to start that long road to recovery. Songs like 'Carry You Over the Finish Line' and 'The Courage' are, she explains, 'about the hope that one day you are going to look back on all this and be thankful for the pain that you endured because what was waiting for you was a whole lot more exciting.' 

In Sandi's case, what was waiting for her was Matt, a man she fell in love with almost at first sight and who proposed to her even before their first kiss, an experience that inspired her most recent songs, tracks like 'Timeless' and 'Soarsa', an unfinished song from years ago she was driven to complete by real events. 'These are songs of hope,' she explains. 'Songs that show that in the aftermath of an emotional disaster, what lies in front of you can be a million times better than what you left behind.'

As well as wanting to write and produce songs that people of all ages could relate to, Sandi also wanted to return to her pop roots. 'After many years of a musical adventure into many different genres, I wanted to go back to creating catchy, memorable melodies very much like my earlier work,' she explains. Having managed herself for years and having released her own albums, producing was the next logical step. 'It brings together everything I've learned throughout the years working with so many incredible musicians and producers,' she explains. 'Now was most certainly the time to come back with a bang.'

It all started in Scotland where Sandi grew up in a family filled with singers, musicians, poets and published authors. 'Expressing yourself was always encouraged,' she says. 'It's just what you did.' Steeped in the storytelling music of Joni Mitchell, that original punk rocker with flowers in her hair, and Buffy Sainte-Marie, who she would eventually come to record a duet with, Sandi was learning piano by the age of four and at 12 realised that she didn't have to play other people's songs but could write her own. By this time, she was playing and singing with a group much of much older men on the local circuit, just getting into the music of Fleetwood mac that they were exposing her to. She still has some of the early demos from when she was basically a child.

With this early immersion into the world of music, it should come as no surprise that Sandi was the youngest person ever to be accepted into the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where she honed her skills not only in music and performance but in the business side of the music industry as well. As she says about the now legendary webcasts from the basement in south London that went global, it wasn't an accidental arrival on the scene, it was a conscious act of promotion from someone who knew the business and was ahead of the curve when it came to what was then called 'new media'. The result of putting this knowledge into action was a global number one single - 'I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair' - and a global career.

But despite such massive commercial success, including an album that went straight to the top of the UK charts, Sandi has never seen chart-topping as her reason for being in music, preferring to explore the world and use her experience to illuminate her songwriting, like Joni Mitchell before her. She was writing and recording 'records that were off on a tangent', she explains, including one that was openly 'a big "screw you" to the industry'. She was choosing the path of the genuine musician, rather than the pop star. It was a bold path to take, turning your back on success to actually explore your craft, but it's a boldness that has always stood Sandi in good stead, bagging her a ground-breaking US record deal despite no sales history there.

She was also resisting her friends' pleas for her to start writing for films or for other artists, where they were convinced she could make her millions. 'But I knew it wouldn't make me happy,' explains the woman who has always run her own career. 'I never gave up and I just kept rallying through to have some amazing experiences. Some great musicians I worked with genuinely showed me real respect.'

It's the combination of that musicianship, her experiences - for good or bad - and her sheer boldness that makes Weapons of Past Destruction the album it is. 'There was a lot of emotion that I had to work through,' she concludes. 'But now I've met Matt and he's like the male version of me. We're like two peas in a pod. I realise now that I always longed for someone adventurous, exciting and not afraid to take a chance.'

And with all of that stacked in her corner, this album truly marks the reboot of what has already been an amazing career.

“The wisdom of an old soul in the body of a young, yearning individual.” Whether it’s her dynamic and passionate performances, or her poignant and honest songwriting, this sentiment has been expressed throughout Roohan’s career. With a style that shifts seamlessly from sunny indie pop to heartfelt Americana and a stage presence that’s full of dynamic soul, she’s an entrancing presence who is making waves.

MaryLeigh was nurtured as a writer and performer at the celebrated Caffe Lena before shipping off to play pubs in Scotland for a year. Since moving back to the states, she has played everywhere from intimate cafes to wild festivals and has had the pleasure to open for acts like Milo Greene, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, and Sean Rowe, and tour alongside Erin McKeown, Chris Pureka, and Melissa Ferrick.

In 2011, Roohan ventured to The Music Shed in New Orleans to record her debut album, The Docks. The album received wide acclaim in New York’s capital region. Beyond securing rotation on both college and public radio stations (WEXT, WEQX, WSPN),The Docks’ single “Foolish Girl” was named second to Sean Rowe’s “Downwind” in 97.7 WEXT’s Top 60 Songs of New York’s Capital Region (2012). This release and her many heartfelt performances reached wide audiences and, in 2012, the top alt-weekly in New York's capital region - Metroland -named Roohan "Best Female Singer-Songwriter".

Taking time to graduate from college, Roohan was laying low in 2013 except for her secret adventures to record a new album with Jason Brown at JBrown Noise. The time in the studio yielded a ten-song album that she released nationally in January 2014. Met with glowing reviews in her hometown, Roohan has widened her sights. With Skin & Bone in hand and her persistent wanderlust has brought her into the hearts of people all over the country. Skin & Bone has attracted new fans and opportunities including the chance to create original music for a soon-to-be-released documentary about women of 1969. Catch her in concert by checking her forever-changing tour schedule.

Tarra Layne’s third-coming EP ‘Once You Go Red…’ featuring her roof-blowing single ‘Cherry Moonshine’ is just the beginning of a new musical journey for all to experience. The lead song has earned her a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Female Vocal as well as a place on the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list in Music Connection’s 37th Anniversary Edition. She celebrated the EP’s release during PBR’s Cowboy Spring Break at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, performing alongside Lauren Alaina and Cassadee Pope.
Tarra resides in a place where Grace Potter, Amy Winehouse, and Gretchen Wilson collide – where gritty, care-free, home-grown soul meets sultry pop-rock ‘n roll. Combining her heavy 90s R&B upbringing with a love for rock and blues, Tarra is uprooting and constructing a style of her own. It has been referred to as Funktry due to her big soulful timbre, southern attitude, and contemporary twist. Thousands of followers and downloads later, Tarra is creating something quite extraordinary.
Last year, Tarra received a proposal to be a featured vocalist on a blues project based in Minneapolis, MN. Having lived in Nashville, and traveled coast to coast for various musical endeavors, she wasn’t expecting much from the seemingly random town in the midwest. Yet, she quickly realized she was not only recording a song written for Etta James, but also performing on a project with Grammy award-winning players who made their living working with the finest legacy artists of the 20th century. Steve Cropper, Sonny T, Larrie Londin, Jellybean Johnson, and Norbert Putnam, to name a few. The occasion evolved into a rare opportunity that any artist, young or seasoned, could only imagine. In October, she was offered the chance to record her own material with a handful of the heavyweights and soon found herself in a vocal booth at a hip studio tucked away in a corner of the San Fernando Valley. She peered through the glass at Leland Sklar, Waddy Wachtel, Russ Kunkel, and Dr. Matt Fink as they shredded away at songs that she had penned. Having only claimed residency in Los Angeles a few months prior, it was quite the kickoff to proceed her endeavors in the City of Angels.

It wasn’t the first time Tarra had reached an incredible milestone. Her first self-released single, ‘Beautiful Day’, earned her a spot gracing the stage with Gavin DeGraw and Vanessa Carlton at the Origins Rocks Earth Month Concert in 2012. ‘Beautiful Day’ had been up against over 4,000 submissions to win the opportunity and was featured in an Origins Skin Care campaign, which had widened eyes in the management world. After the event, she hit the road for a tour in New York and was recognized by Pittsburgh’s Iron City Beer as an artist on the rise. Returning home, she scored a spot hosting a small web-series called Hot Rock TV. Though short-lived, she interviewed celebrities such as the ‘Queen of Bluegrass’ herself, Rhonda Vincent, country star Phil Vassar, 80s icon Eddie Money, and the one and only Bret Michaels.

In 2013, Layne released her live sophomore EP, ‘The Yellow Couch Sessions,’ which jet-propelled her fanbase. She sells her ‘signed and smooched’ merchandise online to the masses and continues to grow her audience, a following now over 45,000. Currently in Los Angeles, she has landed demo sessions for Cirque du Soleil, television, and major artists. She is continuing to write and perform regularly. To put it lightly, Tarra’s tenacity in ‘keeping up with the big dogs’ is impressive. At this pace, it won’t be long until you see Tarra shining with the greats on big stages.