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The Top 10 Genre Defying Bands of All Time

There are certain bands and artists that seem to float seamlessly between genres, or are able to cover multiple styles without compromising their integrity and some whose sound is so unique that while widely successful don't seem to comfortably fit into any one genre. These genre defying bands and artists are the topic of this week's Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus  Featured Loudini Artists:    Serpent Lord  Scott Sorry  Kobra and The Lotus

Serpent Lord
Serpent Lord guitarist Bill Criss describes his bands sound in one word, "rowdy". Massive guitars, a thundering rhythm section, and growling vocals characterize this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band.

Formed in 2011 by guitarist Criss and drummer Jeff Kalp, Serpent Lord combines old school classic metal with post-grunge stoner rock riffs, to forge a sound that is utterly explosive.

"I think we wear our influences on our sleeve a bit", Says vocalist Chris Booth, adding, "We dig Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice in chains... stuff like that. It's the stuff the rock 'n roll is made of."

Whatever Serpent Lord's future holds... It's sure to get rowdy.

Serpent Lord is:

Chris Booth - vocals
Bill Criss - guitar
Jeff Kalp - drums
Kevin Kupecz - bass
Jason Sichi - guitar

Wesley Snipes, Jeff Spicoli, Hog Legs.

Scott Sorry
After a 5 year break from a turbulent 15 year career of music and mayhem, Scott Sorry has released his very first solo album “When We Were Kings” which pulls influences from punk and melodic hardcore, Americana and Rock and Roll.

"I decided to write and release a record about redemption and recovery" said Scott "about looking yourself in the mirror and making right with all your wrongs. It's about knowing in your core that you’re a maniac, but that you’ve got a family who depends on you to keep your head together. It’s about coming to terms with the fact that you owe a few apologies.."

Although being too personal to release under a band name, Scott was still able to assemble an incredible collection of musicians for the album to help pull off the sound he was looking for. Scott enlisted the help of long time friend and “Sorry and The Sinatras” bass player Roger Segal, Drummer L.T.K., and Guitar player Andy Watts to help bring the record to life.

Though all with varying backgrounds, each player complimented each other perfectly. The album was recorded at Halo Studios in Windham, Maine with Jonathan Wyman at the desk.

"When We Were Kings is the best sounding record I feel I've ever played" Scott concludes "Every song is a letter, every song has a purpose and every song has it's own character. It’s honest, it’s barky, and I couldn’t be more proud of it."

Kobra and The Lotus
Launched in 2009, Kobra And The Lotus is the lifeblood and passion of Canadian vocalist Kobra Paige. Eight years into their journey, the band has gone through significant changes in sound and personnel to the point that they were able evolve and create what is easily the strongest album in the Kobra And The Lotus catalogue. In fact, the aptly titled Prevail is such a show of strength that Kobra and her bandmates chose to make a double album to be released in two parts over the next year; a venture very few artists have the backbone to attempt.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Kobra And The Lotus garnered immediate attention in Canada and the US with their debut album, Out Of The Pit, in 2010. The release of their self-titled second album in 2012 and High Priestess in 2014 enabled the band to tour worldwide both as a headliner and support act, which included a North American tour with KISS and Def Leppard. Sadly, Kobra was forced to take an eight month break from music due to a battle with Lyme disease, but Kobra And The Lotus regained much needed momentum with their Words Of The Prophets covers EP in 2015. In fact, the EP played was an integral part in the birth of Prevail in that it cemented the working relationship between Kobra and guitarist Jasio Kulakowski, who joined the band in 2012.

The idea of making a double album was introduced by Kobra's father, who suggested they do it because the vast majority of younger generation metal artists don't have the drive. Kobra admits she thought he was insane and that it was a surefire way to commit career suicide.

"A week later, I couldn't get the idea out of my head because I didn't see any reason why we couldn't push ourselves to do it," says Kobra. "We could at least try, and in that way make a bold statement that Kobra And The Lotus is still hanging in there."

When the band signed with Napalm Records, who were 100% supportive of the double album concept, the label opted to split Prevail into two parts because they felt it was too much material all at once that would go over people's heads. Twenty-one songs in all (including a cover), Prevail I and II share outstanding and diverse material due to the fact the songs were all written at the same time. Not only that, they wrote and recorded together in the studio with producer Jacob Hansen. According to Kobra, the band went to Denmark almost completely empty-handed and had very little material prepared. She calls it an "amazing experience" in that all the writing happened in one place, where the band members could bounce ideas off each other and encourage one other. They also benefitted from Hansen's considerable knowledge and experience.

"I'd say about 85% of Prevail happened in the studio on the spot," says Kobra. "Once we saw how much more colour was added to the songs by working that way we started to feel comfortable with the process. There were some unique things that happened because we were all there together. There was a whole new, whole different vision for this album. I didn't know how this was going to turn out; a lot of it came from my intuition. Jasio is my writing partner and he's a creative force. We lock in with one another when we write, it's amazing. I'm really proud and overjoyed with how the album turned out."

Prevail marks Kobra And The Lotus' debut as members of the Napalm Records roster, but for Kobra the collaboration is a first on many levels for the band.

"It's one of those amazing things that happens and I feel so blessed that Napalm were still interested in us. Every time we were getting ready to release something they were always there looking at us. We always went somewhere else and it was never a good choice (laughs). Okay, it was a good choice in how we needed to grow, but Napalm is the best label we could have hoped for because they're dedicated and they work really hard. There's a lot of young energy at the label and that's a blessing compared to other deals we've had. I don't think we ever knew what it meant to be supported by a label until we signed with Napalm." 

In the months prior to the release of Prevail, fans were treated to three singles: "Trigger Pulse", "Gotham" and "You Don't Know". It comes as no surprise they are reminiscent of some of the material on High Priestess thanks to Kobra and Jasio's partnership, but they also attest to Kobra And The Lotus' massive growth as songwriters and musicians since the last record. On paper it sounds like lip service to say the band has become heavier, more dynamic and adventurous, but your ears don't lie. 

Bottom line... Kobra And The Lotus are fearless as they move forward with Prevail, and with good reason. 

Kobra Paige - vocals
Jasio Kulakowski - guitars
Brad Kennedy - bass
Marcus Lee - drums

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Dark Moon Apache...Rock and Roll Isn't Dead, You're Just Not Paying Attention

Rather than writing another bio to reflect the growth of the band, the members of Dark Moon Apache are currently living it. We'll tell you our origins, but we're more excited about the present, the future, the upcoming shows, upcoming recordings, and debut full length album.
Stay tuned as Hector, Christine, and Patric hit a venue near you whether they're on stage or just enjoying their favorite local bands perform.


And Don't forget to listen to their debut EP, "Civilized By The Genocide" which is available on Amazon . com, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play ;)/

Band Members
Hector - Guitars & Lead Vocals.
Christine - Bass Guitar. Vocals
Patric - Drums & Vocals.
Born on the ashes of Post Punk, Alt, Grunge Metal & Death Pop. Bathed in rhythmic rituals of melodic strings, vocals, and things you hit with sticks.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What is the Greatest Power Ballad of All Time

You know them. You love them. You've made out to them. The Power Ballad has been a staple of rock music for several decades. Over the years there have been many that have touched our ears and our hearts but what is The Greatest Power Ballad of all time? Lou and Keith attempt to answer this massive question with your help on this week's Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus!  Featured Loudini Artists:   Dark Hound  Defy The Tide  Albany Down

Dark Hound
With the unlikely home base of Nashville, Tennessee, one might wonder just how Dark Hound managed to achieve a heavy metal sound that seems so distinct and distant from the country music heroes spun off of Music Row. "Though we live in the capital of Country music, Nashville really is Music City, USA. There is such a rich and diverse musical community in this town, you don't have to go too far off Broadway to escape the honky-tonks filled with tourists in boots and cowboy hats and find amazingly talented musicians from all walks of life playing all sorts of great music. I think where we're from is an important factor as to why we don't sound like your typical modern-day metal group", says ET Brown, vocalist and bassist of the decidedly different Nashville act.

Formed in 2009, Dark Hound is comprised of ET Brown, Josh Brown (Enfold Darkness, Nashvillbilly) and Evan Hensley (Nightfall). Both the band and their sound were forged out of mutual friendship and respect for the musicianship and song-craft that define top-tier heavy metal music.

“We’ve all been friends for years”, says guitarists Evan Hensley. “Something special happens when you create music with people you have a real history with – it’s just very natural. I think it’s also safe to say that we’d all love to help put Nashville on the map for metal!”

With a finely-tuned focus and a rock-solid debut record, Dark Hound is poised to become the bright star to watch as it peaks from Nashville's horizon.


Current Location
Nashville, TN

General Manager
ET Brown

Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera, Arch Enemy, Testament, Dream Theater

Press contact

Booking agent

Defy The Tide
Defy the Tide is a melodic heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding Ohio Valley area. 

Defy the Tide was founded in May of 2014 when vocalist Carly Simon-Warneke and bassist Greg Fristick were assisted by Resistance 13 vocalist Jeremy Wright in recruiting guitarists Jesse Scott and Matt Friede along with drummer Luke Tenley. After a few jam sessions, the group knew that they had something special, and Defy the Tide became a reality. 

Defy the Tide recorded their debut EP in August 2014 at Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH. The EP was released in October 2014 and was limited to 100 copies. 

Each member of the band brings different influences into the songwriting process which creates a very unique style that helps Defy the Tide stand on their own. 

Defy the Tide has recently finished recording their follow-up EP at Sacred Sound Recording Studios with Producer Andrew D'Cagna (Brimstone Coven/Metal Blade Records). 

In the Shadows I Shine is set for release on March 25, 2016

Awards 2015 Top Women in Hard Rock and Metal Unsigned Spotlight- Carly Simon-Warneke

Current Location
The Ohio Valley

Booking agent

Albany Down
London-based Albany Down are a contemporary rock band with influences ranging from classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Thunder to modern bands such as The Black Keys and Clutch. They combine a vintage rock-blues sensitivity with a contemporary aggressive energy.

Albany Down are Paul Muir on vocals, guitarist Paul Turley, drummer Donna Peters and bassist Billy Dedman and they have already recorded two albums with award-winning producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, INME, Super Furry Animals).

“These guys are really going somewhere; make sure they take you with them!" – Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

The band is a hard-working, road-tested outfit, which has been well received at various UK festivals including the Maryport International Rock and Blues Festival; The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival (Colne); and The Great British Rock and Blues Festival (Skegness); as well as at venues like Barfly Camden and the legendary 100 Club.

In 2014, they toured the UK supporting New Jersey’s Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes, which included the highlight of their year when they played at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. This was followed by appearances at festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands before a very successful tour of Germany with The Brew.

Blues Rock Review offered a fair assessment of both the band and their 2011 debut album: “South of the City” is a solid debut album from Albany Down and they will be an interesting band to watch develop in the coming years”. The album clearly showcased what the band are capable of – ranging from the superbly arranged “Mercy” to the low-down dirty, slide-led blues epic of the title track.

Their formidable second album, “Not Over Yet”, released in 2013, is full of their strongest songs, lingering melodies and great musicianship. And where vocalist Paul Muir could previously have been compared to the likes of Paul Rodgers, he stamps his own personality on this album, while guitarist Paul Turley produces a virtuoso impassioned performance. Traditionally a band’s second album is regarded as being problematical but Albany Down turned that notion on its head.

Their live show never disappoints. The band run on pure adrenalin, unrelenting energy and raw emotion and soon have any crowd entranced. The music is based on thunderous guitar riffs and pounding drums juxtaposed with soulful, soaring, emotionally-charged ballads.

Rock blogger Neil Mach probably got it right, when he recently described the band; “As hot as volcanic ash and yet as cool as snow slippers.”

“Not Over Yet” is an aptly titled album and an accurate barometer of a band on the up-escalator currently tearing up venues around the UK and Europe. Having already generated over 7,500 Facebook fans, the band are due to start work on their third studio album in 2015.

Both Albany Down albums, “South of The City” (2011) and “Not Over Yet” (2013) are available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

“Albany Down is the new voice of British rock music. A blend of contemporary rock and blues – with added brilliance on top. See for yourself.”

Make sure you try to catch a live show in 2015. You won't be disappointed!

Guitarist Paul Turley wins award for ‘Best Guitar Solo’.

Current Location

General Manager
David Turley

Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Thunder, Aerosmith

The Black Keys, Muse, Clutch, Foo Fighters, Joe Bonamassa.

Press contact

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Marc Daniels On Redheads and Country Music

American singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marc Daniels builds a deep connection with his audience by offering heartfelt and down-to-earth lyrics that are poured over lively rock influenced country music. 

Breaking into the country-rock music scene in 2016, Marc Daniels debuted his full-length album, The Starting Line. Produced by Tom Chandler, the album pays homage to Marc’s past experiences while growing up in rural America and is comprised of soulful vocals, blazing guitar melodies and heavy basslines. The nine-song collection includes roof-raising anthems such as “Redheads” and “Summer Song,” along with chilling romantic tunes like, “Bring Me Back To You.” The entirety of the album reveals Marc Daniels’ well-rounded artistry as well as, his musical and emotional depth that he infuses into his songs. The Starting Line has already received media praise from Country Music Life, Country Music Junkies and continues to gain a considerable buzz. 

“This is just a rocking country song that I’m sure many will relate to.”- Country Music Life 
Marc gears up for his lead single and music video entitled, “Redheads” debuting this summer. “Redheads” is Daniels’ playful ode to the type of girl he can’t resist. With grinding riffs and an infectious hook, Marc keeps the song fun and light-hearted as he confesses that his friends have called him crazy and even suggested therapy to treat his irresistible love for redheads. 

Marc Daniels started his music career in the rural surroundings of Spokane, WA where he grew up in a family of very talented singers and musicians. Understanding the importance and value of music, Marc was enrolled in piano lessons in elementary school which he proceeded to take through high school. Marc drew much of his inspiration from bands ranging in various rock and country genres such as Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. On the road, Marc toured through many premier venues nationwide such as The Viper Room (Los Angeles), El Corazon, Studio 7 (Seattle) and Maggie McGarries (San Francisco), to name a few. Daniels also performed in a slew of notable venues in his hometown Spokane such as, Knitting Factory, Riverfront Park, Washington State University, Spokane Convention Center and more! Through many years of performance, Marc refined his songwriting, showmanship and picked up the guitar through various original bands and solo projects, most notably the song “See Your Face” from his first solo EP The Side of Me, which was featured in the comedy film, “Road Hard.” 

In the fall of 2015, Marc decided to change the direction of his music style and originate back to his roots to create a heavily influenced country-rock album. Marc entered the studio to write a driving, high energy nine-song collection that reminisced of his summers growing up back home on the lakes of Northern Idaho and weekends playing gigs on flatbed trucks at bonfire college parties at WSU. 

Now Marc Daniels continues the next chapter of his music career in Northern California with the release of The Starting Line - a montage to all the great memories of those carefree years back home.

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The Best Metal Debut Albums of All Time

What are the best debut metal albums of all time? Grab your leather and chains because this will be a fight to the death. You'll want to know who the metal survivors are so check out this week's Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus. The boys also discuss the sad passing of Walter Becker and Dave Hlubeck. 

Nothing More
Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Band Members
Jonny Hawkins - Daniel Oliver -Mark Vollelunga - Ben Anderson

San Antonio

Record Label
Eleven Seven Music Group

Exclusive merch and one-of-a-kind items up for grabs when you pre-order our new album on PledgeMusic:


Current Location
San Antonio, TX

General Manager
Will Hoffman | Vector Management

Alan Watts, Eckharte Tolle, Carl Jung, Stanley Kubrick, C.S. Lewis, Alex Grey, Sam Harris, Carl Sagan, Malcolm Gladwell, Terrance Malick, Dan Dennett, Terrance McKenna, Geoffrey Moore, Radio Lab, Dustin Kensrue

Press contact

Booking agent
North America - Nick Storch at Artist Group International. International - Steve Zapp at ITB

The world’s leading scientists recently declared in unison: time travel can no longer be considered fiction but reality! Neither did their certainty originate from hypothetical thought experiments, nor from years of testing in isolated laboratories. It was the record of a rock trio from Berlin, Germany, that had dropped into the professors’ laps out of the blue and led them to proclaim joyfully: “Warm, intense, authentic – doubtlessly a gift from bygone times!” 

It was already with 2012’s eponymous debut album that KADAVAR casted a spell on all fans of solid riff-driven yet doom-like 70’s hard rock √† la BLACK SABBATH or PENTAGRAM. Marrying this with the spacy psychedelic approach of early HAWKWIND and mixing in a distinct own touch while preserving their icon’s warm vintage charm can doubtlessly be considered the trio’s key to success – astoundingly high vinyl sales and support shows for bands such as SLEEP, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and ELECTRIC WIZARD as well as stunning festival gigs at “Stoned From The Underground”, “Yellowstock” and “Fusion Festival”, among others, underline KADAVAR’s status as one of the scene’s most exciting acts. 

Carrying the experiences of dozens of played live shows as a source of inspiration inside them, KADAVAR entered the timeless space of their studio end of last year to procure supplies for their ever growing fan base that was starving for more – in the form of their second full-length album and debut on Nuclear Blast. “After last year’s final show had been played in mid-December, we started writing new songs”, drummer and studio owner Tiger recalls. “We’ve already had a couple of finished tracks in May 2012, but those were eventually released on a split-LP with AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR in November 2012, which is why we started at square one again. As we knew that there was no procrastination and no going back for us, we sat down for two weeks straight to finish composing with total commitment. We’re perfectly happy with the outcome – I’d even say that “Abra Kadavar” comprises the best compositions we’ve created to date. The songs are more diversified, the ideas feel more spontaneous. Moreover, we’ve tried to capture much more of our live energy, which is why we’ve recorded almost everything all together in one room, with the amps turned up to the max – solely the vocals and a handful of guitar solos were added afterwards.”

There’s time until April 12, 2013 to grow a full beard, resole your platform shoes and iron your bell-bottoms. From then on, KADAVAR invite us to escape the 21st century’s soulless musical mishmash once again by entering the realms of “Abra Kadavar“ – down-to-earth handmade classic rock from a time when music still used to be true art!

Personal Information

Current Location

Press contact

Booking agent (Europe) (North America)

Crucified Barbara

Band Members
Mia Coldheart - Vocals, guitar
Klara Force - Guitar, backing vocals
Ida Evileye - Bass
Nicki Wicked - Drums, backing vocals

Stockholm, Sweden

Record Label
Despotz Records

The official CB fb - run by the band, record label &management - for our fans and friends!

Follow Crucified Barbara on Spotify! 
Press contact
crucifiedbarbara @

Booking agent
crucifiedbarbara @

Loudini Interviews Lenny

Lenny is the brain-child of Rad Burt and Paul Pearce. The new EP, Bug, consists of songs written separately by Rad and Paul prior to forming the band and represent the ‘core’ of the band’s early development. Drummer Aaron Graham joined after recording at Paul’s project studio, The Shed, in 2013. Bassist Tod Ellsworth completed the initial lineup and recorded 3 of the songs on Bug prior to his departure in 2016. Dave Munn picked up bass duties thereafter and helped the band complete the EP for its 2017 release. The band is currently recording new material for a future release.

Radcliffe Burt has been writing and performing music since the early 1990’s in Atlanta, Boulder CO and Richmond VA. Influenced by the acoustic music scene built by the Indigo Girls and Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, he formed jangly rock band Millan & Kenzie. After 3 records and 7 years of touring, he relocated to Richmond, VA in 2000 where he formed an acoustic band, The Orderlies, and released one record, ‘Beautiful You’. While recording demos for a solo rock record, he met guitarist Paul Pearce. Lenny came into being to develop, record and perform these songs in late 2013. Outside of music, Rad grows vege-terribles to torture his daughters and maintain their immune systems as well as healthy teeth and gums.

Paul Pearce is also guitarist for RVA band Vexine, and has a long history of playing and recording in both Richmond and Nashville since the mid-1980’s. In addition to Lenny and Vexine, Paul played and wrote songs for The Velvet Marias, The Deaves, and The Boilers. He also served as a hired gun for live and session work with the Lark Watts Band, The Claimstakers, Will Rambeaux & the Delta Hurricanes, and pop songwriter Jamie Kyle. He met Radcliffe one night at a church event. Sloshing wine all over himself, he suggested Rad send over some MP3s and perhaps collaborate. Two weeks later, he called Rad over and suggested they put a band together. Rad was impressed with both Paul’s apparent sobriety and ability to play his songs. The die was cast. When not playing guitar, Paul is an avid curator of old tube amplifiers and guitars and is losing his hearing but hasn’t noticed yet.

Dave Munn began his music career as a stage manager, soundman and roadie in the early 1990’s starting with Mid-Atlantic College band Mudcat Jones (aka Recovery) and later with touring indie band Earth-To-Andy. Off the road he built a small studio in Charlottesville, recording several local bands. Picking up the drums, he began performing with emo/punkers All of Fifteen, diva pop rocker Clare Quilty and several other singer/songwriters in the Charlottesville scene. After relocating to Richmond, he played with RVA icon Jimmy Catlett for many years. During a brief hiatus in 2016, his long-time friend Radcliffe talked him into picking up the bass and learning his songs. He joined Lenny shortly thereafter. Dave has an affection for scooters, just like the Mods in Quadrophrenia.
Aaron Graham has been a fixture of the RVA music scene since the late 1990’s. Over the years he has played with many bands, including Haymaker. He also fronted The Brotherhood of Boilermakers, while continuing to do session work as a drummer where he met Paul. He is the proud owner of a floor-to-ceiling wall of vinyl and at least one Moog synth – with which he creates silly instrumentals among which is Paul’s favorite, “March of the Arpeggios”.

All the members of Lenny have extraordinarily patient wives, who hope both for the band’s success, as well as help with the laundry, the children and a night out now and then. The children are both awed and disdainful of the ‘dad rock band’, depending on their age and behavioral status at their respective dwellings on any given week.

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Loudini Interviews Lauren Bateman

As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren Bateman knows the importance of living in the moment. That is why at the age of 27, Lauren quit her 'cushy' job as a research scientist to pursue a career in music. Boy has that decision changed her life forever.

In 2010, Lauren decided to give a shot at entrepreneurship and started teaching voice and guitar lessons out of a spare bedroom in her small apartment near Boston, MA. She did this with no degree in music and no experience as a music teacher or business owner.

After a year of teaching, Lauren's business was flourishing and required her to hire another teacher. Then, she hired another. In 2012, Lauren opened her first commercial music school offering voice, piano, guitar, drums and violin lessons. In 2015 the Lauren Bateman Music Corporation was founded followed by a second music school in early 2016. 

Needless to say, despite all the naysayers and lectures on job security, Lauren was able to build a very lucrative business for herself and her employees in a very short period of time. This happened during one of the worst economic periods of recent history. 

With the help of business acquaintances, friends and mentors, Lauren was able to help many students learn how to incorporate music into their lives. Lauren's goal in life is to help as many students as possible have fun with music while also helping her employees reach and achieve financial success through work they find fulfilling.

She is currently working on writing her first self-published book detailing the most critical moments and decision points in her life that helped her build the success she has today. 

Life is full of possibilities. Are you ready to reach your dreams?

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Loudini Interviews Josh Taerk

Josh Taerk (pronounced Turk) was born in Toronto, Canada and raised on a healthy diet of Rock ‘N’ Roll music; Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Tom Petty & Bob Dylan just to name a few.
In 2016 Josh toured the U.S. where his latest single “Anywhere Love Took Us” was play-listed on Hot AC Commercial Radio in The U.S. and his Christmas single was play-listed on Retail Radio debuting at #10 on the Indie Top 50 charts. On tour, Josh and his band have opened for famed blues guitarist Robin Trower (Procol Harum), Kevin Costner & Modern West, Jon McLaughlin, Austin Jones amongst others; and have played shows in Nashville TN, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, Akron and Cleveland OH, Jackson MS, Birmingham AL, El Dorado AR, Paducah and Louisville KY, Atlanta and Macon GA, Huntsville AL, Franklin TN, Midland TX, Salt Lake City UT, and Denver CO. They even headlined a show in Taerk’s hometown of Toronto this past March.

With the high energy of his live show, Josh was named one of the “Top 5 Live Acts” of 2015 by Classic Rock Magazine; and his latest album “Here’s To Change” was chosen as one of the top 25 albums of the year by Rock music writer Jason Ritchie (Classic Rock Magazine, GRTR!). In May of 2015, the title track off HTC was play-listed on over 40 radio stations throughout The UK.
Recent History: 
In October of 2010, Josh met one of his idols, Max Weinberg (Rock & Roll Hall of Famer & Drummer for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band), in Toronto and Max gave Josh the opportunity to open for him in South Orange, New Jersey. Max calls Josh, "the most exciting new talent I have come across in years."
In April of 2011, Josh was chosen to play the Aspen Songwriters Festival hosted by John Oates (Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Hall & Oates). Josh met John and the two have been good friends ever since. Oates recorded background vocals on 2 songs off Josh’s ‘Here’s To Change’ album and also introduced Josh to producer Teddy Morgan (Guitar player & songwriter for Kevin Costner & Modern West).
Oates says of Josh, “I've enjoyed getting to know Josh & his music over the last few years…I think ‘Here’s To Change’ is his best work to date.”
Josh has had some incredible experiences touring over the past 5 years including 3 tours as key support throughout The UK (2012-2013), & 2 UK university tours as headliner (2013 & 2015). Josh was also chosen to be a part of Indie Week Canada’s 2014 Band Competition making it to the semi-final round and securing his spot at Indie Week Europe 2015 where he played 5 shows at the festival with his band. Josh was also asked to play Canada's Walk of Fame Festival at Nathan Phillips Square in 2011, Summerfest in 2011 joining Max Weinberg onstage to pay tribute to the late Clarence Clemons of The E Street Band; & much more.
Josh Taerk is a dedicated singer / songwriter / performer who loves his craft & his fans.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Celebrating Female Rock Musicians Who AREN'T Singers

We all know the  singing goddesses of rock... Pat Benetar, Lita Ford, Anne Wilson, Amy Lee, Lizzy Hale, but who are the instrumental ladies of rock? This week Lou and Keith will attempt to answer this question  Featured Loudini Artists:    Semblant  Motorgun  Kamchatka

Formed in the year of 2006 in Curitiba/PR, the Brazilian band Semblant has structured itself after a few line-up changes and is considered nowadays as one of the most important band of Dark/Gothic Metal in the country, classified by the specialized media as one of the first Vampiric Metal's band in Brazil. Despite the characterizations, it is impossible to label the sound of the band, presenting an extremely heavy sound (lead by two seven-strings guitars and fast and precise drumming), besides the versatility on the vocals. With basis on their own identify and compositions, Semblant has already in five different Brazilian states promoting their songs and, continually, disseminating with extreme success their albums.
The discography consist in the first EP Behold the Real Semblant (2006, independent), the websingle Sleepless (2009, Freemind Records), the album Last Night of Mortality (2010, Freemind Records) and the brand new EP Behind The Mask (2011, Neural Machine Records), Lunarr Manifesto (2014, Shinigami Records - Brazil), Lunar Manifesto (2016, EMP Label Group - worldwide)

Current Location

Press contact
Shauna O'Donnell (Publicity Contact) -

Thom Haezart (Label Contact) -

By Joe Romagnola (Grooveyard Records)

Outstanding debut studio disc by this mega-awesome heavy guitar power trio from Brazil featuring 10 tracks (57 mins.) of brain-damaging, killer, powerful, dynamic, blues-based, hard/heavy rock riffage that lands monumental. The "Self-Titled" disc by Motorgun kicks serious ass, landing supreme & authentic with Classic, timeless, heavy rock excellence. 

Motorgun are an amazing heavy rock riff:machine who give the term "Power Trio" new meaning. Combining strong songs, awesome vocals and killer riffage with impressive musicianship, Motorgun have landed with strength & power on their excellent debut disc and have given us hope & faith that real heavy rock is still alive. Fronted by the insanely talented Bebeto Daroz on guitar & vocals, "The Man" is a true bad-ass riff:master of world-class magnitude who also nails down killer, serious legit lead guitar solos that speak the six string language of the guitar hero greats. Our #1 good, heavy, riff-rockin', ass kickin', guitar slingin' Motorgun Brother Bebeto Daroz also handles the vocals and delivers excellent, stand-out, vox with power and melody. Motorgun also features Edinho on low end bottom kool bass and Leo Mello on thunderous drums. Both Edhino and Leo Mello are killer musicians in their own right who both combine their excellent musical talents to nail down the kick-ass, powerful Motorgun sound. For Those About to Rock with Motorgun, We Salute You. 

The Motorgun: "Self-Titled" disc is an essential, impressive heavy rock slab of monstrous proportions that is Highly recommended to fans of Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Soundgarden and all other Classic hard/heavy guitar rock bands from the 70s to current times. An Epic, modern day heavy rocker that stands tall, shines brightly and sets new standards for bad-ass power trio greatness. 

Growing up in Varberg,
a small town on the west coast of Sweden,
Roger, Thomas and Tobias were all rehearsing at the same place,
though in different bands,
exept for the occasional weekend jamsession.
In their mid teens, Roger and Thomas moved
to pursue their musical carreer elsewhere,
Roger to the east and Thomas to the north,
while Tobias continued his back home.
Some learnful years of touring and recording albums
with all kinds of different acts later,
they met up again in Varberg for a
Jimi Hendrix tribute concert in 2001,
and after a successful performance the guys simply
came to the conclusion that they should start a band.
Roger came up with the name Kamchatka,
and the band was formed.

A few years later, after saving up enough money,
they decided to record an album in their own studio
(which has been developing ever since),
with the help of an old friend of Roger's,
Nicholas Elgstrand, who recorded,
mixed and produced it together with the band.
Bullen & Sillen, friends of the band, mastered it
at Studio Mega in Valinge, just outside of Varberg.
An old friend of Thomas', Per Wiberg,
who also designed the album cover,
hooked them up with a New York based indie label
called Grooveyard Records,
where the first Kamchatka album was released January 1st 2005.

After about a year of an occasional gig here and there,
which were all well recieved, the guys started to get restless,
so they decided to record another album,
subsequently known as "Volume II",
this time recording it themselves on an eight-track,
Tobias bringing the technichal expertise.
Once again they called in Nicholas to help mix and produce,
but this time mastered it themselves,
lending the gear from Jonas Eckerström,
another old friend of the band,
mainly with Tobias behind the controls.
Per, again, standing for the artwork.
It was released on Grooveyard Records in January 2007.

After yet another year of an occasional gig here and there
(there is a serious lack of venues to play at in sweden),
they had started recording their third album
when the American rockband Clutch,
whom they had opened a few gigs for in Sweden in 2007,
invited Kamchatka to open for them on their US-tour,
which gave the guys their first opportunity to proove themselves
to the American audience. After 21 successful performances
they returned back home to complete "Volume III",
Tobias standing for the technical expertise,
and Per Wiberg adding his magic,
this time both with beautiful keyboards,and magnificent artwork.
It was mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios and
released on Swedish label Superpuma Records
at the beginning of March, 2009.

In November 2009 Kamchatka were once again invited by Clutch to open for them,
this time on a month long tour of 23 gigs throughout western Europe.

2010 Kamchatka first and foremost focused on the writing of their fourth album.
It was recorded and mixed in their very own Shrimpmonkey Studios,
once again mainly with Tobias behind the controls,
during the winter and spring of 2010/2111,
and mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios.
Like on the previous albums, the cover art is the work of Per Wiberg,
who also appears on keyboards on one of the songs.
The album was released September 5th on GMR.

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Benelux SOZ Concerts

For booking inquiries regarding other territories, please use the general info contact:


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Loudini Interviews Mike Cykoski of A is For Atom 2

Mike Cykoski, the man behind the arty, literate indie-pop project A Is for Atom, has had a distinguished career in the music business so far, but a few transformative events drastically altered his path. Now, he welcomes a new era of creativity with a bold new electronic recorded and live performance aesthetic.

“It feels like this is the beginning for me,” affirms the New York City-based artist. “I have so much freedom creatively. I can write different types of songs, and release them on my own terms.”
Mike Cykoski has always been a fearless composer, drawing inspiration from time honored pop-rock song craft, literature, classical and avant-garde music to create a signature aesthetic that’s moving, adventurous and accessible. He studied formally at NYU, earning a master’s degree in Music Technology, as well as Juilliard, and the experimental music center Harvest Works and DJ music school Dubspot. His most recent EP, Song for You, garnered him prime visibility in the press and onstage. Mike has performed nationally and internationally, live highlights include shows in Ireland, Mexico City, Toronto, for NXNE and Canadian Music Week, and shows in New York City and Austin.

As a composer, Mike has always been intrepid about his creativity. His new material embraces technology into his repertoire like never before. Here he uses drum machines to conjure the rugged grooves in EDM and hip-hop’s beloved 808 beats. He crafts his compositions with bold synthetic soundscapes using a DJ’s artistic arsenal bring to life his compositions.
The moniker Mike chose for his music, A Is for Atom, is pliable aesthetically and conceptually to this fresh creative chapter. The name was pinched from a 1953 animated promotional short for General Electric. “There are a few layers to the name. For one, it references the 1950s documentary and its message of technology improving our lives. Secondly, it conjures the symbolism of atomic culture as doomsday. Three, it conveys a feeling of profound progression—change at the atomic level—that’s perfect for how I’ve moved onto a different creative model and release paradigm,” Mike explains.
Mike’s epiphany came when his friend, a live soundman, invited him to check out some electronic acts. “These artists had guitars, computers, and their voice, and, witnessing that opened so many creative doors. It made me feel like I could finally produce what I heard in my head,” he says. “Sitting down with the recording program Ableton, it felt like being a sculptor looking at a marble chunk and seeing all the possibilities.”
Mike is currently writing a collection of new music and releasing a new EP in collaboration with up-and-coming producer Carey Clayton (Emily Thomas, Ian Abel, Mary Akpa, Stephanie Rivers--Guitar Player-Great Good Fine Ok and David Wax Museum). Mike is experimenting with poppy dance ideas, electronic compositions inspired by classic rock, and he’s even trying out an electronic crooner track. Mike’s first singles will be available through the standard digital service outlets in June and July and released as a new EP in September. “It’s a better way to release music, for me. I can create freely without having to come up with a similar sounding body of work,” he says.
Mike’s first single will be “No Signal” a song with a driving and hypnotic beat and ferocious vocal duet featuring (Mike and) New York City singer Clara Lofaro about the disconnect between intention and emotion in our modern world. The next single “Rainbows” has an expressive electronic beat with an alluring baritone vocal performance featuring a multi-textured bridge and chorus. The song weaves in and out of fast and slow beats and delves into a call for freedom of emotional expression that waits at the end of a figurative rainbow.

Thinking ahead, Mike says: “Initially, I was a little scared to take a chance and follow this fresh direction. As I began moving forward and learned a new model, so much became possible and I’m so excited.” He pauses pensively before saying conclusively.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Are There Any TRUE Guitar Heroes Today

From the late 1960's through most of 1990's guitarists ruled rock music. They were usually as well known as the lead vocalists and pop artists of their day. They also inspired the next generation to pick up an "axe" and throw their hat in the rock and roll ring. We all know the greats, Hendrix, Clapton, Van Halen, Zakk and Slash, but who are the current guitar gods? Who are the guitarist from today who are inspiring the next generation of axe slingers? Are there any? Today Lou and Keith attempt to answer this question.  Featured Loudini Artists:   Diamante  Islander  Sky Valley Mistress

Enter Diamante. With iridescent sapphire hair, a show-stopping voice, runway-ready fashion swagger, and an empowering message, the Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American sonic heroine brings a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music. Serendipitously, her name might as well have pre-destined a future in the spotlight…
“In Spanish, Diamante means ‘Diamond,’ and my middle name Azzura means ‘Blue’ in Italian,” she explains. “If I was a color, I would be blue. I love it, because it’s bold, ethereal, and everything I am.”
Born to an Italian dad and Mexican mom in a Boston suburb, she always stood out. Interchangeably speaking three languages—Italian, Spanish, and English—she found inspiration in words, penning poetry and short stories at a young age inspired by J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. Drawn to musical theater, the budding performer starred in school productions of The Little Mermaid, Grease, and more before relocating to L.A. with her family at 13. Already a fan of Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, her discovery of rock music via a School of Rock summer program ignited a dormant passion.
“Being on stage and singing rock was the way I broke out of my shell and was able to realize who I am and the full potential I have,” she admits. “From there, I really connected to the women of the eighties like Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and Debbie Harry. I thought they were so cool, iconic, and badass. That’s how I wanted to be.”
Diamante spent the next few years quietly cutting her teeth at local gigs on the Sunset Strip as a singular musical vision came into focus. A disciple of both P!nk and Guns N’ Roses who doesn’t fall into rockstar excess or even sport tattoos, she devoted every waking minute to honing a signature “classic rock sound with a modern alternative edge.” This unique and undeniable approach caught the attention of Eleven Seven Music Group and Better Noise Records who signed her in 2015. Amassing a bevy of ideas, she hit the studio with super producer Howard Benson `{`My Chemical Romance, Chris Cornell, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson`}` to record what would become her full-length debut, Coming In Hot. “Diamante is the only true heir to the female rock throne that has been vacant since Joan Jett’s heyday,” says Howard Benson.
“Howard really pushed me to be vulnerable and talk about things I was afraid to talk about,” she goes on. “I finally got the courage to be honest with my lyrics and myself. I want to be someone girls and guys growing up can relate to.”
Her single “Coming In Hot”—out June 16, 2017—seesaws between an arena-filling chant and a robust and raucous riff. At the center, she confidently serves up the knockout refrain, “Whether you’re ready or not, I’m coming in hot!”
“It’s essentially a super fun weekend summer anthem,” she smiles. “I picture people leaving their day jobs in the car on a Friday, cranking this, and getting ready to go nuts on the weekend. It’s also a metaphor for me coming in hot into the industry. I want to bring this style back and take over rock.”
In the end, rock ‘n’ roll has never sounded, looked, or felt like Diamante on Coming In Hot.
She leaves off, “When people hear this, I’d like for them to think, ‘Oh my God, rock is not dead. This girl is bringing it back’—whether they’re ready or not…”

It has been quite a journey for ISLANDER, who, in just over a year, have gone from obscurity to a band in constant radio rotation. Fueled with a combination of emotionally capturing songs and audience grabbing live shows, ISLANDER continue to lead at the forefront of their peers. 

ISLANDER have stayed busy, constantly touring with bands such as Korn, Papa Roach, P.O.D., Suicide Silence, Seether, Nothing More and many others. Catch their energetic live show in a city near you!

"These guys just might be the new force in heavy rock"
- Alternative Press

“New school band with old school soul and passion. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys!” – Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D

“Creativity gets an A+.” – H.R. of BAD BRAINS

General Manager
Jerry Clubb: Ricochet Management -

Press contact
Tom Wojcik:

Booking agent
Booking: Andrew Goodfriend at TKO Booking – Europe: Marco Walzel at Avocado Booking –
Band Members
Mikey Carvajal - Vocals 
Chris Carvajal - Keyboard
Eric Pedersen- Guitar 
David Sharpe - Bass 
Andrew Fleming- Drums

Greenville, SC

Sky Valley Mistress
We're the best thing you've never heard.

Popped Music - "A brash and bold outfit sounding like PJ Harvey fronting Lenny Kravitz’s backing band."

The Blues Magazine - “SKY VALLEY MISTRESS mean business as they come swaggering out of 
Blackburn to set hips shaking and pulses racing with a blend of dirty blues and 
raw rock and roll”. 

TeamRock - "Fronted by the formidable Kayley 'Hell Kitten' Davies, the quartet take their musical cues from Zeppelin, Sabbath and the meanest, low-down urban blues, to deliver bruising rock 'n' roll thrills."

Rhythm Magazine - "...Their sound remains defiantly stripped down, fuzzy and dirtier than a ghetto dumpster."

Filtered Magazine - "They show their generation the way that rock and roll should be done."

Manchester Rocks - "Sky Valley Mistress are a cacophony of rock n’ roll excellence."

Louder Than War - "Sky Valley Mistress are a force to be reckoned with."

God Is In The TV Zine - "Their passion for loud old school rock’n’roll is oozing from every pore. A must for any Led Zeppelin enthusiast or a QOTSA fan."

Quenched Music - "Bands like Sky Valley Mistress are a rare breed and should be celebrated."”

Press contact
Matt Reynolds -

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Top 5 Most Quotable Movies of All Time

"Don't call me Shirley." You can't handle the truth!" "Go ahead; my day..." There are literally hundreds of quotable lines from movies, but which movies are the most quotable and most quoted of all time? That's the topic for this week's Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus. As always, Lou and Keith will also play some KILLER hard rock and metal by the best indie artists out there.  Featured Loudini Artists:   Firewind  Lionize  Butcher Babies

Time to wake the sleeping giant...
It’s been four years since Firewind released their critically acclaimed seventh album ‘Few Against Many’ but in that time the band and it’s various members have all been extremely busy. Main man Gus G. has released not one, but two solo albums, toured in support of both of them and hit the road once again with the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Ozzy Osbourne. His fellow Firewind band mates have also been far from idle too; but despite the prolonged break in activities Firewind was always going to return and 2016 will see the band back and blasting on all cylinders!
The band will return with live activities and a new singer. Henning Basse, a long time friend and collaborator of Gus’ is the man trusted to bring Firewind back to the masses. His rich, classic rock referencing vocals are the perfect foil for the wealth of material the band have been working on and he brings a reinvigorated power to the band.
Firewind return with a string of dates throughout 2016 as they prepare their brand new studio album.

Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Dream Theater, Gary Moore, Metallica and many more!

Press contact
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Booking agent
(Europe, Asia): LuckyBob Music Management:

(Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria inquiries only): Elias Aravidis See More

Washington D.C. is chiefly considered for its political climate. It’s easy to forget that this city has spawned some of the most diverse, fiery sounds in modern music. It’s a cornerstone in a region that’s integrated rock, hardcore punk, reggae and more through the likes of Bad Brains, Fugazi and Clutch, and where Latin and funk fused to form the vibrant sound of go-go music. And in its suburbs, four guys – aka Lionize – have been stirring up this heavy, colorful cocktail with a profoundly creative approach, an arsenal of tasty, bluesy hooks and a tone of sci-fi-infused lyrics. 

Over the years, Lionize have cultivated a unique blend of funky riffs, cyborg tales and soulful rock sensibilities. From the beginning, with 2005’s Danger My Dear, they were pushing boundaries. In 2008 they recorded second album, Space Pope And The Glass Machine, at Harry J Studios in Jamaica – where Bob Marley made several records. By the time the propulsive Jetpack Soundtrack was released (in 2014) they’d streamlined all this experience into an original, more-ish rock whole. Now, with their new LP, Nuclear Soul they’re raising the bar again with their most fearless, expansive-sounding songs yet. 

As singer/guitarist Nate Bergman tells us: “It [the music] has elements of bands like Clutch and Deep Purple, but its not quite that – it’s something all it’s own. I think the beauty of the band right now is that all these elements touch on something familiar, but also sound new.”

The Lionize story begins in Silver Spring, Maryland, where Bergman, keyboardist Chris Brooks and bassist Henry ‘Hank’ Upton met as teenagers in middle school. By high school they’d become firm friends, bonding over a shared appreciation of their local music scene, as well as a healthy dose of classic staples from Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, to Parliament and Motown. In 2004 they formed Lionize, completed by drummer Chase Lapp in 2013. 

Along the way, they’ve enthralled audiences at festivals including Red Rocks and Desert Fest, and on tour with The Wailers, Clutch and others. Support slots with Bad Brains and Steel Pulse also earned them kudos as a ‘reggae rock' group – as did their stint with dub/reggae icon Lee Scratch Pretty. In truth, however, Lionize were always about much more than that. Now, signed to New York’s The End Records, the band are taking a fresh look at their sound. Cut at the Magpie Cage studio and The Lion’s Den, MD, the new album was co-produced with the band by J.Robbins and (Clutch drummer) Jean Paul Gaster. No tricks – just a liberated, highly driven set of tunes.

In writing and road testing the album the band aimed to redefine what it means to be a classic sounding rock’n’roll band. Thematically, they also harnessed the present political climate to powerful effect. Opener Darkest Timeline is at once fiercely groovy and evocative of social disenchantment, while Blindness To Danger closes the album with a propulsive bang. Tracks like Power Grid Blues evoke a turbocharged Deep Purple, if they’d spent time in soul bands. Fire In Athena starts softly before growing into an emotive call to arms. And Ain’t It A Shame stirs blues, reggae hints and Santana-esque guitar into one passionate declaration. Familiar but new, as Bergman says.

“We had no rules or ideals,” he continues. “We just wanted to take people on a musical journey that excited them, and showed how emotionally moving the band could be.”

Ultimately this is Lionize at their most arena-ready – without compromising on soul, sass or substance. It’s that wonderful space where vintage style and contemporary fire collide.

(Written by: Polly Glass)

Current Location
Montgomery County, MD

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Butcher Babies
Hailing from the City Of Angels, BUTCHER BABIES offer redemption from the overplayed underground, exorcising demons with a visceral sound matched only in scope by their explosive stage show. Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chase Brickenden juxtapose brutal, aggressive riffs with beautiful melodies that wail with anguish and hope for redemption. 

The band signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records in December 2012, and a month later hit the road with Marilyn Manson on what proved to be one of the new year's most talked about tours. Less than a year later, July 2013, they released their debut album GOLIATH, produced by Josh Wilbur (Gojira, Lamb of God, Hatebreed). Since then, Butcher Babies have toured relentlessly among the likes of Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, In This Moment, Cradle of Filth, Black Label Society, etc; played music fests including Mayhem, Knotfest, Louder Than Life, Aftershock, and Welcome to Rockville, etc. and appeared in the film Alleluia! : The Devil’s Carnival. 

On August 21, 2015 Butcher Babies released their highly anticipated follow up, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN and released a music video for each song on the album. Carla Harvey said: "The majority of the album is very aggressive thrash metal. On this album, we wanted to go back to our roots, which were aggressive thrash, and ninety percent of the album is that.” Added co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd: "But the thing is we're not ever gonna sacrifice who we are for that. What we're attempting with this is to bring back the metal and the aggression into radio. So we kind of… We merged the two worlds. And radio stations who have heard it so far are impressed and we're very excited for that.”

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UK/Europe Dan DeVita for TKO