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Loudini Interviews Sam Rochford

Sam Rochford is a 25 year old Connecticut native now living in Nashville where she was formerly an on-air correspondent for 650 AM WSM's "Nashville Today" show hosted by Devon O'Day. Prior to moving to Nashville, she was the host of "Markov Music" on Boston's popular internet radio station, WEMF. Sam has been publishing videos to YouTube and Facebook for the last 5 years, garnering a dedicated following for her musicianship, and quirky personality.
Sam draws on influences from modern Americana artists like Amanda Shires and the Mountain Goats, as well as paying tribute to classic greats like Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline. She writes songs prolifically and performs all over Nashville in writer's rounds and part of the monthly "Hippie Chick Twang" concert series.

Her latest single release, “So Easy” is charting nationally on the IndieWorld Country Record Report, the world’s first independent country chart. 



Former WSM Radio Nashville Personality Sam Rochford Signs With MTS Management, Charts With "So Easy"

Former WSM Radio Nashville on-air personality, Sam Rochford aka "Social Media Sam" has signed with MTS Management Group for publicity and promotions. Her single, "So Easy" has reached the IndieWorld Country Record Report Top 40 airplay chart.


June 5, 2017 - NASHVILLE, TN - Listeners to WSM Radio in Nashville, TN may have heard "Social Media Sam" during Devon O'Day's afternoon broadcast "Nashville Today" on the legendary 50,000 watt mega-station. Sam Rochford's quirky and off-beat personality endeared her to radio fans across Music City USA.  These days, Sam Rochford isn't spinning the latest country hits...she's singing them!
MTS Management Group is happy to announce their signing of Sam Rochford to their roster, for publicity and promotions of her latest single, "So Easy." The track recently hit the Top 40 on the world's first independent country airplay chart, IndieWorld.
Watch the video for "So Easy" at
"We're very excited to be working with Sam on this campaign," said Michael Stover of MTS. "Sam's got a really distinctive sound and unique, fun personality to with it.  This is not your cookie-cutter country music, that is so prevalent on the airwaves today.  This is pure and fresh - a real homage to classics like Dylan and Patsy, that is still accessible to fans of contemporaries like Kasey Chambers and Miranda Lambert. Sam Rochford makes it look 'So Easy!"

ABOUT MTS MANAGEMENT GROUP: Founded in 2010 by Award-winning songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Stover.  In just 7 years, MTS Records has released 27 Top 40 New Music Weekly country chart singles, including TEN #1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row chart singles.  Michael has managed and/or promoted artists and events from the United States, Canada, Denmark, Australia and Sweden, making MTS a truly international company.  Past and current clients include Country For a Cause, featuring Lulu Roman, John Berry, T Graham Brown, Buddy Jewell, Billy Yates, Ronnie McDowell, and Bobby Lewis; Platinum-selling country artist, Billy Gilman; and "Turbo Twang" country artist, Wayne Warner, among others.
ABOUT SAM ROCHFORD: Sam Rochford is a 25 year old Connecticut native now living in Nashville where she was formerly an on-air correspondent for 650 AM WSM's "Nashville Today" show hosted by Devon O'Day. Prior to moving to Nashville, she was the host of "Markov Music" on Boston's popular internet radio station, WEMF. Sam has been publishing videos to YouTube and Facebook for the last 5 years, garnering a dedicated following for her musicianship, and quirky personality. Sam draws on influences from modern Americana artists like Amanda Shires and the Mountain Goats, as well as paying tribute to classic greats like Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline. She writes songs prolifically and performs all over Nashville in writer's rounds and part of the monthly "Hippie Chick Twang" concert series.

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Top Ten Rock Movie Themes of All Time
Top Ten Rock Movie Themes of Alll Time
featuring: Snake Head Ritual, Hard Riot, and The Union

Snake Head Ritual
Snake Head Ritual made it's start in 2012. The early Original line-up was Kevin Chez - Vocals, Bill McCullough - Guitars, Chris Graham - Bass, Matt Vogel - Guitars, and Bill Morelli -Drums. But at the end of 2012, Matt Vogel & Bill Morelli left for musical differences. The band stayed focused, however, and quickly acquired the services of Josh Laforge - Drums & John "Special K" Keller - Guitars. The band wrote songs and rehearsed with a fury, and by early 2013 was ready to record and play live. The band was offered to play on a local radio program called The Mancave with host Jeff Lamb on 104.7 FM on Saturday evenings. Jeff, who video taped the performances of every show, put up a copy of the two songs performed that evening on Youtube. The rest, as they say, is History. A friend of our record label, who hails from Canada, saw our video's, (from that evening), and was impressed with the songs enough to mention to our current Label President, Joe Romagnola, that he needed to check us out. Joe agreed with our Canadian connection, (Teeder), that he liked the tunes as well, and e-mailed us an offer to sign a recording contract with his label; (Grooveyard Records). We accepted, and went into Loft Studios, in Saline, Michigan, in late June of 2013, to record our self-titled debut record, (Snake Head Ritual). The album was released in September of that same year, with much anticipation by Joes worldwide fanbase. The album has taken off in Spain and Germany, as well as, The UK and Russia. Although we have been ripped blind, the album has seen over 800,000 downloads and counting, and has been doing well on UK radio. Just this past Spring, we received 10,000 votes in a radio contest that we didn't even know we were in. Radio host, (Jamie McDonald) e-mailed us the good news as soon as a tally of the numbers were official. But before I get to far ahead, let's get back to the bands history. (Josh Laforge - Drums), would leave the group in late October of 2013 for personal reasons. And in November, our Bassist, (Chris Graham), was diagnosed with Cancer, and began the fight of his life. It was around this time that we ran into an old friend of ours, who played Drums, and was interested in getting back into a band situation again. That Drummer was a man named Brian Fedor. With Brian, and the aid of a good friend and fellow Musician/Bassist, (Mahlon Orrin), we were able to move forward and play some key shows, as well as,write new material for our next record. By late 2014 Chris had beat his Cancer and returned back to the band, rested, and ready to work. However, around this same time frame, the band would suffer another departure. For personal, and health reasons, John "Special K" Keller had to, unfortunately, leave the group. The very end of the year would see, original Guitarist - (Matt Vogel), returning back to the band. The months in between December 2014 and February 2015 would find the band rehearsing hard, and getting back in shape to play live shows again . Since the release of the debut, in September of 2013, the band has seen many successes with the record, as far as sales worldwide, and general interest in the group. Not bad for a band that has suffered many rough patches since its conception. In February of 2015 the band was reviewed by Classic Rock Magazine, (UK), to what would be considered as a very desirable rating, collecting 8 out of a possible 10 points, or stars, or whatever you want to call it, and has been written up as a Rock n Roll force to be reckoned with. One would like to think that we are finally past unfortunate events, but in March of 2015, one more change was to take place. Drummer, Brian Fedor, and the rest of the Snake Head Ritual camp, decided to part ways due to musical differences. The band would like you all to welcome new Drummer - (and hopefully the last member change for a long, long, time) LOL!, - Tim Swartz. Tim is a very skilled musician, with an exceptional drumming ability, and brings a power to our band that we have not had in a long time. Because of his abilities and skills, only being in the band now for a short time, we are already able to play full shows, and are feverishly working on material for the new record. Plans to return to studio in August are being discussed currently, and our Summer schedule is brief, but steady. July of 2015 finds us playing with, quick rising National acts, (Crobot, Mothership, and Wilson), and in August we've been asked to jam at, Rowland,Pennsylvania's 17th Annual Wheeliefest. This festval has had it's stage graced by many National acts over the years and has combined those acts with many, exceptional, indie label talents too. We also look forward to packing in the clubs in our surrounding areas of Ohio and Michigan. The support of small towns has been overwhelming for us lately and it's full steam ahead now. Snake Head Ritual has over 30 years of Musical experience, and as a collective, have opened up the Big Stage for numerous National and Regional acts. We are looking forward to the rest of 2015, and beyond, to be a great time period for our band. SHR prides itself on the live experience. So with nothing more to say for now, We'll see ya at the clubs! Keep The Rock Alive! SHR - 2015/2016

The Union
The Union was formed by guitarist Luke Morley and vocalist/guitarist Peter Shoulder after Luke’s twenty-year career with Thunder came to an end in 2009. Peter Shoulder was the vocalist, songwriter and musical rudder of Winterville. In 2006 he won The W.C Handy Blues Foundation award, presented to him in Memphis for co-writing the American Blues Song of the Year, ‘Think of Me’. The song was performed by blues legend Little Milton. At the time of winning there were only two other British artists to have received that particular award, the others being Eric Clapton and Peter Green. 

The Union’s eponymous debut album was released in August 2010 to acclaim from  both fans and the critics, and saw the band end the year on a high  when they were voted ‘Best New Band’ at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, where they celebrated in style by performing live to a hall packed with rock royalty.

2011 saw the band tour with Whitesnake and the recently reformed Thin Lizzy on their respective UK tours, as well as a successful first foray into Europe as the special guests of Belgian rockers Triggerfinger, 

Second album ‘Siren’s Song’ was released in October 2011 to coincide with the band’s second headlining UK tour of the year. 

Such was The Union’s burgeoning pulling power that the band were invited to go straight back out on the road in March 2012 on a co-headline UK & Ireland tour with The Answer. Shortly afterwards ‘Siren’s Song’ was nominated for ‘Album Of The Year’ at Classic Rock Magazine’s 2012 ‘Roll of Honour’.

Summer 2012 saw the band playing various festival dates across Europe, most notably Download in the UK, Azkena in Northern Spain and Bospop in Holland and in July 2012 Luke and Pete also found time to join Childline Rocks’ fundraising Harley Davidson ride through the spectacular scenery of British Columbia and the north-western States of the USA. This was the second such trip the boys had undertaken in just under a year and both enjoyed the process so much that it inspired new material that would come to be recorded later in the year.

The songwriting process had continued at a considerable pace throughout the year and recording sessions for what would become The Union’s third album began on October 1st at the band’s second home, Walton Castle in North Somerset.

The new album entitled ‘The World Is Yours’ was completed at the end of November and is set for release on February 11th 2013 through Payola Music. A ten date UK tour begins two days later on February 13th and 2013 promises to be yet another busy year……

Hard Riot
"Turn On The Lights... Ready To Rock!" - That is the heart and soul of HARD RIOT.
They elate their audience with heavy riffs, a powerful stage performance, a stunning, electrifying voice and songs that will strike you like thunder.

In the year 2006, a new rising hard rock band was formed in the city of Heilbronn, Germany. Four young men with one common passion. Hard rockin' music...

After countless hard rocking shows, including several appearances at Germany's legendary LKA-Longhorn live club, and overwhelming audience reactions, HARD RIOT decided to make their first record.

In 2009, they released their first 5-Track-EP - "The Hidden Truth" - on their own and drew the attention of producer (and former voice of Sanvoisen) Vagelis Maranis. In February 2011, they recorded their first album - "Living On A Fast Lane" - in Maranis Studios, Backnang, which was mixed and mastered by Vagelis Maranis.

After a lineup change on drums in April 2011 they're now heading towards to unleash their first creation to inspire us all...

Keep On Rocking…

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Loudini Interviews Chris Hawley

Warming hearts in even the coldest of places, Hawley has a gift of making people feel good with his music. The Los Angeles-based artist and avid skier, surfer, and yogi has mastered this with a perfect combination of genuinely positive vibes, inspiring lyrics, transcendent guitar work, and danceable grooves within well crafted songs. Elements of Little Feat, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Duane Allman, and Andres Segovia abound.

The fifth album, Rise and Shine, showcases unique songwriting, groovy finger picking, and a delicious blend of percussion. The Christopher Hawley Rollers have played everywhere from LA’s Greek Theatre to the local dive bar in your hometown, having toured internationally for the last ten years.


Current Location
Los Angeles, CA

JJ Cale, Bob Marley, Little Feat, Willie Nelson, Allman Brothers Band, Meters, Johnny Cash, Rebirth Brass Band

Press contact

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Loudini interviews Chris Dodson

At WolfsCustoms, we are a small refinishing and customizing business. I myself Chris (Wolf) have been doing this for many years when I have had the opportunity. The other half of WolfsCustoms is my wife Raven, a very talented local artist, and has been so for many years. Our combined love for music of all kinds, and me a guitar player/lover and her also soon. Has brought us both to bring this new business to life. WolfsCustoms is not a luthier, nor hand made custom shop, as of yet. I pride my work in the love of the guitar and the vision of what the customers wants and desires. WolfsCustoms has outsources for things we cannot do (yet) ourselves. We have a website made but not finished as of yet. When finished it will show all the things we offer, prices, specials, ect.

As of now you may go to the photos on WolfsCustoms and see what we have done recently, and up n coming projects. As far as finishes go, we can do simple repaint, dip/swirls, airbrushing and water drop effect coming soon. The Holo-flashing we do is amazingly popular and very affordable. Another finish now available is marbilizing or what some may call bowling ball effect. We offer vinyl applications as well. We welcome anyone who would like to have something done. Also any ideas for a finish not shown or mentioned are also welcome. You may also contact us here for a quote until website is fully operational.

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Loudini Interviews 23rd Hour

23rd Hour was created after a chance meeting at a coffee house transformed unlikely bedfellows Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini into sympathetic artistic souls. They come from different backgrounds, genres and eras, but when their individual aesthetics intertwine, they hit that sweet spot of subtle adventurousness epitomized by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, and The Civl Wars. Their album Perfect Strangers wraps visceral stories with clever wordplay and elements of jazz, classical, rock, folk and pop. Their sound is notably organic, employing acoustic instruments and, when electric, a very clean, unprocessed tone. The album debuted at #22 on the iTunes new jazz release best-sellers list. 
A simple hello can change everything. 

For singer-songwriters and multi- instrumentalists Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini, a chance meeting at an open mic transformed unlikely bedfellows into sympathetic artistic souls.  

The duo, who perform under the moniker 23rd Hour, announces its debut album -- Perfect Strangers -- a body of work that melds eclectic and urbane musicality with pop accessibility and poetic sentiments.  

Sherry and George’s artistry encompasses jazz, classical, rock, folk, and pop. They come from different backgrounds, genres and eras, but when their individual aesthetics intertwine, they hit that sweet spot of subtle adventurousness epitomized by artists such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, and Norah Jones.  

Perfect Strangers wraps visceral stories with clever word play. Their sound is notably organic, employing acoustic instruments and, when electric, a very clean, unprocessed sound.  

Songs on Perfect Strangers fluidly shift from Sherry at the center, with George on background vocals, to tunes led by George with Sherry providing support. Often their vocals blend in tight, flowing harmonies. Both are gifted instrumentalists, proficient on guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonica.  

It has been a transformative two-year journey for Sherry and George. “The fact that we got together seems almost magical to me. It’s changed me for the better,” George says.  

Sherry, who first approached George about collaborating, adds: “The lesson I’ve learned is it never hurts to ask.” 

Why Loosing Your Front Man Might Be the Best Thing To Happen To Your Band!

This week on the Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus, Lou and Keith discuss the classic bands who had as good or greater success after changing lead singers. The guys also discuss YOUR opinions too.  Featured Loudini Artists: Monster Truck Crobot Defy the Tide

Featured Loudini Artists:

Monster Truck
The term Rock n' Roll gets thrown around pretty haphazardly. One can go as far as stating it’s been bastardized to the point of being unrecognizable, ironically shouted on stages worldwide, and classified dead or MIA by the very musicians that once upheld its standard. 

Enter Monster Truck. There's something comforting about a band name that delivers exactly what you expect to hear. Born in 2009 from the ashes of various Canadian Indie bands, Monster Truck began as a sonic affront to the very industry its members were bred from. After feeling more like cogs in the music industry machine, Jon Harvey (bass & lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (guitar & vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ & vocals) and Steve Kiely (drums & vocals) broke free to forge their own path, answering only to themselves. “It was admittedly a bit selfish from the get-go as we only were looking to please ourselves,” laughs Widerman. Their unabashed approach to making and performing music became infectious. “We just wanted to mix all of our favorite hard rock, punk and classic rock favourites into something raw and basic,” states Widerman, almost as if to suggest that no one had done it to his liking yet. The band was doing something right. A ground swell of regional fans quickly began rushing to any local venue to see the band perform live. Rock n' Roll is clearly not dead.Offers began to pile up for Hamilton, Ontario’s prodigious sons, and the band soon realized they had to make a decision to jump in hip deep and take the record label and tour offers more seriously. “The decision was probably easier than I'd like to admit,” adds Widerman, suggesting they were probably all kidding themselves thinking they weren't willing to make sacrifices once again in an attempt to make music for a living. What started as a fun and albeit ‘selfish’ musical side-project, quickly gained momentum and took on a life of its own. Monster Truck self-released a self-titled EP produced by Gus Van Go & Werner F (The Stills, Preistess, Hollerado) in 2010 and followed up with The Brown EP (2011) produced by Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Cancer Bats, Three Days Grace) on Indie powerhouse Dine Alone Records. The Brown EP aggressively showcased the band’s ability to keep a firm grasp in the classic roots that enabled them, while staying contemporary and true to their vast influences. Singles “Seven Seas Blues” and “Righteous Smoke” became runaway hits reaching Top 10 on Canadian Rock radio and true to their notorious maxim “Don’t F*ck With The Truck”, the band hit the road with a vengeance. Tours included a 2011 cross-Canada sold-out run with The Sheepdogs. Additional tours followed in 2012 when Monster Truck was handpicked to open for Slash on his North American tour, as well as sold-out dates in support of legends Deep Purple.
After an unexpected, yet highly successful year of relentless touring, Monster Truck returned home hell bent to record a full-length album. Over the course of 2 months, the guys put together 12 original songs showcasing not only their determination to continue churning out heart-pounding rock tracks, but that also highlighted another dimension to the band’s songwriting and performance. The result is their debut full-length LP aptly titled Furiosity.

Produced once again by JUNO-nominated Eric Ratz at Vespa Studios in Toronto and Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC, Furiosity showcases Monster Truck’s ability to seamlessly integrate influences from grunge and punk era greats that they love so dearly with alt-sounding vintage rock. The resulting album remains anchored in grooves, yet propulsive and volcanic, fueled by frontman Jon Harvey’s colossal vocal delivery. 

The album impressingly runs the gamut from crushing first single "Sweet Mountain River" which features a highly infectious chorus juxtaposed against a killer riff, to tracks like “The Lion” and its definitive old-school, boogie-rock vibe. “While the bulk of songs were written and executed in fairly quick fashion, tailoring the pace and fine tuning the transitions took longer than usual,” says Widerman of the writing process. “We really wanted the songs to take the listener on an exciting journey.” Gems like “Old Train” featuring epic gang vocals were in fact kept under wraps from the producer and the label until the band reworked them to their liking while “Power of the People” -- a Rage Against The Machine inspired track -- is a commentary on a society in turmoil and an anthem for those who wish to band together and make a difference. 

The band intentionally challenged themselves with “For The Sun”, spending more than a year playing the song live in order to perfect it. Slower-paced and with thought to ensuring every moment was well-crafted and building in intensity, Widerman spent 2 days in the studio just recording the intro and solos leaving other members of the band to wonder whether he would ever be satisfied with the end result. Finally, last minute addition “My Love Is True” shows a more soulful side of Monster Truck, and is another shining example of how even a down tempo song can shake you to your core. 

The constant show regiment and recording process is sharpening the band’s delivery and there's no doubt that anyone still interested in original and authentic rock music will be compelled to pay attention. Monster Truck will continue doing what they do best, steamrolling from town to town leaving legions of fans in their wake.

Plural (male)

Current Location
Hamilton, ON

General Manager
Bedlam Music Mgmt.

Beards, Hockey, Beer, Grizzly Bears, Sonic Booms, Nebulas, Flying Elbow Drops, Hourglasses, Fine Art, Grumpy Cat, Controlled Fire, Uncontrolled Fire, Mountains, Mike Brown, and Spiders

Crobot is:
Brandon Yeagley - Vocals, Harmonica
Bishop - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Figueroa - Bass
Paul Figueroa - Percussion

Dirty. Groove. Rock.

There was a time when rock radio was dominated by great riffs. From Deep Purple’s “Smoke On the Water” and Derek And The Dominoes’ “Layla” to Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” it was all about that unmistakable guitar sound that instantly identified a band or song.

The four members of Crobot — Brandon Yeagley (lead vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Jake Figueroa (bass) and Paul Figueroa (drums) — have united to bring that back.

Blending funk, blues, metal and good old-fashioned rock and roll into a howling vortex of Yeagley’s vocals, Bishop’s guitar and the Figueroa’s backbone, Crobot have crafted an album of endless good time rock hooks that sound as inspired today as they would have on AOR radio in 1974.

“We grew up with the same riff rock and it’s seemingly lacking in today’s music. We really seem to like the rock of old and felt that was missing,” Yeagley says.

“It seems like once we started jamming we didn’t try to find a certain sound or didn’t try to write a certain style, that’s just the stuff that came out cause that’s the shit that we like, the stuff that we listen to. It was much more of a subconscious effort. Crobot defined itself,” Jake adds.

That seamless chemistry between the quartet is evident throughout their eponymous four-song EP, which serves as an introduction to the band’s upcoming Something Supernatural album, due out this October. Before getting to the, well, mystical bond, first a little back story: Yeagley and Bishop were playing together in Crobot with two other members, while Jake and Paul were in other bands. “We played shows together and we realized we wanted Jake and Paul in the band for it to work and we got them,” Bishop says. “Just jamming together it was natural and clicked right off the bat. With Jake and Paul we were on the same train going the same direction, from the beginning.”

With the Figueroa brothers in the fold, Crobot found its voice. “Once Jake and Paul came into the band a little over a year ago everything started coming a lot easier just because they were already in a band that was similar to Crobot,” Bishop says. “We all played on shows together so it was nice to have an idea and then someone to expand off of that idea. So once that started happening we realized, ‘This is what Crobot is.’”

Crobot is a band that can rock at all tempos. Whether it’s the slow-building groove of “Skull Of Geronimo,” a methodical sludge-rocker that calls to mind Soundgarden in the chorus or the more up-tempo funkified “Nowhere To Hide,” a track that sounds like the Black Crowes driving a Camaro, Crobot display stellar musicianship and lyrical depth.

For example, on “Queen Of The Light,” the powerful closing track of Something Supernatural, Yeagley sings the story of a girl yearning for a new life. “She lives the darkest life/but all she wants to be is the queen of the light,” he sings against the plaintive wailing of the slow-moving melody. It’s one of the songs destined to strike a deep chord with fans in the same way the single “Nowhere To Hide” has become a good-time anthem.

“’Nowhere To Hide,’ was another one of the first songs we had written. We were jamming ideas and pulling ideas from other songs that we had jammed on and it came together,” Paul says. “It was organic.”

“Nowhere To Hide” is one of the songs Yeagley cites as getting his feet wiggling. And he promises that on Something Supernatural there will be plenty more grooves to get fans moving, as those who’ve experienced Crobot live have already seen.

“’Night Of The Sacrifice’ is one that’s coming out off the full length and that always gets me excited to play,” he says. “It’s usually the introduction to the funkier side of what we do in our set, it’s usually the first funky track that we play. So it’s really exciting to switch that mode from more riff based stuff towards to the classic metal sounding stuff with the heavier side of things and to flip flop and see people’s reactions when we totally hit the other end of the spectrum with the funky stuff.”

Musically, “Skull Of Geronimo” is one Yeagley sees as being undeniably representative of Crobot. “That’s a little on the heavier end of the spectrum, but it’s still got that funkiness to it,” he says. And lyrically, “Wizards” might be the Crobot statement song.

“It’s an epic tale of two wizards. One is on the side of wizardry and technology while the other is the side of natural spiritual wizardry and it’s a clash of funkiness and classic metal too in the same sense. So it’s a battle of epic proportions on all sides,” he says. “It’s just a song that fulfills all the ends of the spectrum of what Crobot is.”

Then there is the storytelling ability they show on a song like “La Mano De Lucifer,” a Biblical tale that starts off, “A failed rebellion/against the one creator/exiled to the fire.”

To show all sides of Crobot takes a lot. This is a band that displays their pot-smoking proudly, like on the humorous Twitter post, “Warning, Crobot’s music has been known to turn you to stoned.”

As another side of the band, Yeagley is a devout sci-fi buff. Asked what one film Crobot does the score for, he replies without hesitation, “2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie has its own special place amongst the sci-fi world.” And for contemporary sci-fi he picks Ender’s Game. “I’m such a huge fan of that series and to see that come to life on film was really cool. It’s got battles of epic proportions and everything you love about sci-fi, just nails it,” he says.

In a recent interview with a popular Chicago website the band was asked about the four-song CROBOT EP first, then waiting on the album. Their response: “We are gentlemen so we wanted to ease the tip in first.”

And asked if they were born in the wrong era musically Jake nailed it. “I thought about it but then I realized the weed is WAYYYY better now.”

A modern rock band with a sense of humor, as well as their own hot sauce, CROBOT has already been making their mark among peers with their wild live performances. But for Crobot, at the end of the day, it is all about the sound.

“All I care about is that people walk away after hearing the album thinking, ‘Man, Crobot is the funkiest, heaviest band I’ve ever heard,’” Bishop says.

Defy The Tide
A melodic twist of metalcore and power metal

Band Members
Vocals: Carly Simon-Warneke
Bass: Greg Fristick 
Drums: Luke Tenley 
Guitars: Jesse Scott 
Guitars: Matt Friede

Pittsburgh, PA

Record Label


A melodic twist of metalcore and power metal.

Defy the Tide is a melodic heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding Ohio Valley area. 

Defy the Tide was founded in May of 2014 when vocalist Carl... See More

Awards 2015 Top Women in Hard Rock and Metal Unsigned Spotlight- Carly Simon-Warneke

Current Location
The Ohio Valley

Booking agent

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Time to Create a Supergroup

Featured Artists: Royal Blood, The Standstills, FreeRockSaints

Royal Blood
Alternative Rock

Band Members
Michael Kerr - Bass/Vocals
Ben Thatcher - Drums

United Kingdom

Record Label
Black Mammoth Records

Pre-order "How Did We Get So Dark?" here:

Royal Blood are a two piece band formed in Brighton, UK.


Current Location
Brighton UK

Press contact
Print: / Online: / International Press:

Booking agent
UK/EU - / - North America - /

The Standstills
Rock and Roll

Band Members
Jonny Fox- (Vocals/ Guitar)

Renee Couture- (Drums/ Percussion)

Oshawa, ON

Record Label

Official Facebook Page

The Standstills compose a story being brought down to its core, stripped of all inessentials, and rendered art. Like rugged, spare, soulful prose, their craft is Hemingway meets John Lee Hooker, overdriven.

Best new group- Mainstream Rock (Canadian Radio Music Awards 2016)

Current Location
Oshawa, ON

General Manager
Amir Epstein
1 (647) 377-1332

Press contact

Booking agent

Free Rocksaints


Record Label

Established in the summer of 2016.
Retro Ηard Rockin' Blues Funk.