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Loudini Interviews Paulo Franco

Paulo Franco is a Richmond based singer/songwriter. In the summer of 2012 he was named a finalist in the Southeast region of the Mountain Stage NewSong songwriting contest. He was the only Virginia songwriter so selected in 2012. He also was a winner in the Ashland Coffee & Tea Songwriter's Showdown, and a showcase performer at Singer/Songwriter Cape May 2014. He has placed songs he has co-written with NBC. 

His backing band are the Rateros - Dan Sessler, on lead guitar and vocals; Dave Hess on drums and vocals; and Chad Bennett on bass. He has performed as a solo artist and with his band in venues throughout Virginia, Maryland DC and North Carolina, and he has also performed as a solo artist in Austin, TX Ohio and Johnson City, TN. In December of 2013, Paulo released an EP of tunes he has co-written with his friend and fellow Mountain Stage Songwriting Contest finalist Shane Cooley. The EP also features an original from both Shane and Paulo. It was recorded by Bob Rupe (The Silos, Cracker, Sparklehorse, Gutterball), who lends his musical talents on bass. Dan Sessler's guitar playing is also be featured. The EP follows the 2012 release By The Light Of A Paper Moon. Paulo is planning a release of new songs that have been featured at his shows planned for late 2014 or early 2015.

A native of Washington, D.C., music has always been a part of Paulo's life beginning from the time his maternal grandmother sang to him as an infant. Paulo has been playing guitar since he was boy. He began by playing classical guitar at the age of 9, and a life long love affair with stringed instruments began. After a few years playing in cover bands, he decided that a dream delayed was a dream denied. He began writing music in 2008 and in earnest in 2010. His passion for music led him to record his first CD of original music in 2012, which is titled By The Light Of A Paper Moon.

Although his father was born and raised in Colombia he fell in love with American country music. Paulo Sr. and Paulo Jr. were big fans of Johnny Cash's variety show in the 60s and 70s, and Paulo Sr. always loved the music of Glen Campbell. Artists that Paulo and the Rateros cover in addition to their extensive catalogue of original music include Bob Dylan, Doug Sahm, Wilile Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, Drive By Truckers, Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, The Dead, Little Feat, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, Slaid Cleeves, Steve Earle, The Rolling Stones, and more.

When it comes down to answering the Eternal Rock and Roll Question, Beatles or the Rolling Stones, Paulo checks the Stones box. But, he shares a birthday with George Harrison (February 25) and the first album he ever bought when he was six years old was Let It Be. Be sure to ask him the story about when he bought it. John Doe of X fame and Virginia music legend Dr. Ralph Stanley are also February 25th Native Sons.

Loudini Interviews Carolyn Sills

A roots music group with a vintage sound older than its years, The Carolyn Sills Combo is breathing fresh life and heartfelt twang into the timeless sounds of post-war American music.  Nominated for a 2016 Ameripolitan Award for Western Swing group and a 2016 Academy of Western Artist Award for western swing group, female, album and song (Even Villains Once Were Babies), fans of classic country and western swing are falling in love with the band's original songs, written and produced by Sills and her longtime guitarist and husband, Gerard Egan.  

The cowboy loving duo attracted top Monterey Bay area players for their combo, featuring Charlie Joe Wallace on steel guitar, Jim Norris on drums and Sunshine Jackson on harmony vocals and percussion. Sills and Egan are heavily influenced by spaghetti western films as well as their vinyl record collection, citing a wide range of influences from Bob Wills, Patsy Cline and Merle Travis and Les Paul & Mary Ford. Word of their authentic live show is spreading quickly throughout California, chock full of three part vocal harmonies, dueling guitar and steel instrumentals and tight arrangements of their own distinct brand of Americana.  "This is real, swinging, juke box music," says Sills.  "We're tipping our hats to the music that made us want to play, and hoping our original takes on these classic styles will keep the genres moving forward.'

Monday, November 21, 2016

Loudini Interviews Cody Webb

Singer, songwriter, musician, and touring artist Cody Webb has played hundreds of dates across the East Coast, Midwest and beyond, earning thousands of fans with his expressive tenor and deft guitar work. Recently relocated to Nashville from his native South Carolina, he’s finishing work on his debut EP and has assembled a team of top music business pros for his first push onto the national scene.

Cody’s childhood in South Carolina consisted of hunting, fishing, sports, and music in tiny Ridge Spring. His mother had been a music major and led the music ministry at their church. His father had a band and wrote songs, so it wasn’t surprising when Cody gravitated to guitar at eight and joined his father onstage as a teenager. “I wanted to be a guitar player back then,” he says. “I had no idea what that would look like, but I was making $100 on Sundays when I was 12 or 13 and thought I was killing it. Big money.”

As first gigs go, the South Carolina Poultry Festival was a big step for a 12-year-old. “I was terrible,” Cody admits. “The intro to ‘Ballad of Curtis Lowe’ was my spotlight moment. I was so nervous my hands were shaking and it wasn’t great. But there was a local artist named D.B. Bryant who played right after us. He was a heck of a guitar player and watching him, the whole world went away. I remember right then thinking, ‘I’m going to figure out how to do this.’ Ten years later, I got to headline that stage at that festival with my band. That was pretty cool.”

Why Can't Hollywood Come Up With Original Stories?

In addition to playing some killer hard rocking bands, this week Lou and Kevin go on a little off topic rant about Hollywood's compulsion to remake classic films. The boys talk about the good the bad and the ugly in the remake world and also give a sneak peak at what classic films are slated for the remake process.  Featured Artists Ash Grunwald,  Blameshift,  Dirty Streets

Ash Grunwald
Ash Grunwald, loved for his crowd frenzied shows and blistering guitar playing, has critics and fans raving about his unique blend of roots, beats and a whole lotta groove for over a decade. Nominated for a swag of awards and winning a few, Ash proves why he is one of Australia’s most loved bluesmen.

Graham Ashton - Footstomp Music
Harry Moore
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Jeremy Holgersen - The Agency Group

Darcy Gregoire 
The Agency Group 
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2 Berkeley St. Suite 202
Toronto, ON M5A 4J5
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Mel Bampton - Bampton Media

Laura Goldfarb - Red Boot PR

Heather Kitching

General Manager

Press Contact

Blood, Sweat, Tears…and more sweat! For the four members of Blameshift, those words are much more than a cliche, they are real life. The story of Blameshift is as much about overcoming obstacles, letting go of fears, heartbreak and redemption as it is about the music we make. No one ever said it would be easy…but no one could have ever known just how challenging it would be. 

We have toured this country relentlessly for the last 5 years on nothing but hopes, dreams, determination and veggie oil (for a short period). We listened on as we were called crazy and told to give it up. We worked for every piece of equipment, every show, every fan, every dollar we ever made as a band. Resourceful became our middle name. We booked 200 + shows a year by ourselves for 4 years straight. We sold everything we owned to buy our first bus and record our music. We turned that same shuttle bus into a mini RV and have done so 2 other times. We worked 20 hours a day making contacts and honing our craft. We stood our ground as many of our comrades fell from the pressure. We showed our resiliency after the loss of key members and subsequently the loss of hope. We've been on top of the world and at rock bottom all in the same day. We should have changed our name numerous times but miraculously never lost that faith in our one and only love, Blameshift. We grew…we made mistakes…we learned…we never took no for an answer…we turned nothing into something.

As an independent band we have accomplished more than we could have ever imagined. We landed endorsements with the biggest music companies in the world like PRS Guitars, Ampeg, Sennheiser, Schecter Guitars, GHS Strings & Bogner Amps as well as COLDCOCK Whiskey, Venue Magic and Sullen Clothing. We have toured alongside and shared the stage with bands like Pop Evil, Adelita's Way, Sick Puppies, Straight Line Stitch, 12 Stones and Black Stone Cherry to name just a few. We've lived in Los Angeles for months at a time, writing and recording songs with our producer and mentor, Erik Ron (Panic At The Disco, Good Charlotte, We Came As Romans). We have landed dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Our music has been played on TV shows on MTV, Oxygen, E! Network and more. Our songs have charted on Active Rock Radio Charts. Our music has been played on Sirius XM as well as hundreds of other radio stations nationally and internationally. Our dedication, hard work and tenacity continues to pay off.

The journey has only begun for us. With the addition of a new rhythm section there is a fire that seems to burn brighter than the four of us can see. They are the missing pieces that have finally secured and finished this puzzle. What the future holds is endless. Music has never been just about the aural sound that it makes but more about the feelings, emotions and unity that it brings. Our fans are not only friends but family too. We want to share our story with as many people as possible and continue to do what we set out to do. 

Join us for the ride…wherever it goes! 

Jenny Mann - Lead Vocals -
Tim Barbour - Guitar/Vocal -

Dirty Streets

Thomas Storz
Justin Toland
Andrew Denham

Memphis, TN

Record Label
Alive NaturalSound/Kozmik Artifactz

Our new album "White Horse" is available now on Alive Naturalsound Records.

The Dirty Streets are a young band from the Memphis area who are an obvious product of digging on the likes of MC5, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Cactus, Humble Pie & the Faces.

Current Location
Soulsville, USA

Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Pretty Things, James Gang, the Byrds, Sly & the Family Stone, CCR, Leafhound, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mountain, King Crimson, Blue Cheer, Free

Press Contact
Tony Bonyata (

Booking Agent
US - Angela Mapes 

EU - Carmen Lamparter

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back In Black: One of the Greatest Hard Rock Heavy Metal Albums of All Time

Lou and Katie take you all the way back to 1980 for the release AC/DC's tour de'force; Back In Black. With 6 of the 10 tracks in heavy radio rotation, AC/DC demonstrated to the world that heavy rock is alive and well and here to stay.  Featuring Stitched Up Heart , One-Eyed Doll  , Thundermother

Stitched Up Heart

We are very pleased to announce the newly confirmed dates for our upcoming tour with our friends Icon For Hire.

Speaking for the band Mixi comments:

“Icon For Hire is a band at the top of our bucket list to tour with. We’ve looked up to them for a while now and blast their music on plenty of long drives. We pretty much all freaked out when we found out that we got the tour. This is going to make us and a lot of mutual fans very happy.”

10/13 Jackson, MI The Foundry
10/14 Indianapolis, IN The Emerson Theater
10/15 Columbus, OH Double Happiness
10/16 Louisville, KY The New Vintage
10/20 Merriam, KS Aftershocklive Musicvenue
10/21 Memphis, TN Hi Tone
10/22 Nashville, TN Exit/In
10/27 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
10/28 Springfield, IL Boondocks
10/29 Burnsville, MN THE GARAGE
11/4 Atlanta, GA Center Stage – The Loft – Vinyl
11/5 Charlotte, NC The Rabbit Hole
11/7 New York, NY The Studio at Webster Hall
11/8 Cambridge, MA Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
11/9 Philadelphia, PA Voltage Lounge
11/10 Washington, DC Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe

Come rock with us on the road!

One-Eyed Doll

-Guitar Player Magazine

"Top 5 Most influential Women in Music" and "HOTTEST CHICK IN HARD ROCK"
-Revolver Magazine

"Raucous, in-your-face grunge rock that will kick your ass in a good way, just like the lead singer."
-Austin Soundcheck

"One-Eyed Doll pollinates the world with art."
-Otep Shamaya

 "The most important band of the 21st Century." 
-Kim Fowley, The Runaways

 "I've only seen two bands this year: Roger Waters and One-Eyed Doll; AND I SAW ONE-EYED DOLL TWICE.
- Dave Navarro, Jane's Addiction
Austin, Texas rock duo One-Eyed Doll have gained an exceptionally loyal and rapidly growing fan base since 2006 with consistent touring, a solid memorable live performance, and a DIY connection with the fans. The band's live set featuring just Kimberly Freeman on guitar and vocals and Jason Rufuss Sewell, AKA: "Junior" on drums, is an interactive fan-friendly experience that's both heavy/sinister and sweet/vulnerable. Their darkly humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk all-ages audiences night after night.

The band released their latest concept album, "Witches" with Standby Records and is planning a Summer tour of the USA. TOUR DATES


Thundermother started the summer 2010 in Växjö when the guitarist and southern swede Filippa Nässil wanted to play Rock'N'Roll. So with dreams and visions along with the song "Shoot to Kill" humming in her head she started Thundermother. She moved to Stockholm to pursue her dream.
She found her first partner in crime Giorgia Carteri in Stockholm who also followed her own dreams of playing music, coming all the way from Italy, though nowadays she's identified as one of the southern stockholm fellas.
After numerous ordeals with other musicians they have finally found the right group of people with right motives and Rock'N'Roll in their heart. Tilda Stenqvist on drums from Karlstad, Linda Ström from the Smålander woods and Clare Cunningham born and raised on Ireland, nowadays living in Stockholm.
They're having fun and it's noticeable on-stage. Pure enjoyment and Rock'N'Roll deep from their bones. Hardrock-girls from around the world now united to do one sole thing, to play together and travel on the roads.

Thundermother has been playing the Close-Up boat with Turbonegro and Candlemass, they were the opening act for Danko Jones on his Swedish Tour, they were the openers for Metaltown on the Blood Stage in the presence of thousands of people before Clutch and Graveyard, they had played with bands like Bonafide, The Scams & many many others. Thundermother did it themselves the hard way. Without a record they filled pubs and clubs to the brim and played at Sweden Rock Festival and will continue to tour! ROCK N ROLL IS ALIVE!

Loudini interviews Mega X Band

Tracked in an illegal Brooklyn apartment over a two year jaunt, the burnished urban organic art-rock of MXB, transmutes the listener's reality to madcap flights through a cosmic metropolis. Sounding like a glowing multi-colored back room of a dive bar, and you sitting there having imbibed some firey distillate, Diamond Hits mixes up a stylistic cocktail of back beat drum licks, distortion guitar groove, well turned lyrics and layered leather coat vocals. The wackjob behind MegaXBrand, solo recording artist Lester James, has humbly sought to create the great American art-rock masterpiece. Even if such a thing were possible one would first need to gain increased awareness of life, and so he began his endeavor with requisite beatnik trips to Europe, Japan and around the States.

 It was also necessary to delve into the worlds of poetry and literature with a reading list that includes among others, Jack Kerouac, Tolstoy, Kafka, Henry Miller, Anne Sexton, Shelley and T.S. Elliot. "You have to read before you write" quips Lester James. "I want to make the likes of van Gogh, Fellini, Beatles and Neil Young. To do that I needed to learn about the nature of beauty." No doubt a difficult task even for an entire band, LJ has drawn upon the excellence of groups such as, Pavement, Husker Du, The Pixies, The Feellies and of course The Velvet Underground to point him in the right direction. But where VU sings about transvestites and sado masochism, MXB channels the mystical reality of latenight Brooklyn streets, brownstone rooftop overlooks, subway station delerium and the thrumming energy of cosmopolis. Upon hearing MXB's concoction of sound one might think of early Beck crossed with Led Zeppelin; Or perhaps Mgmt's estranged older brother set out to combine the post punk genius of Xtc with futurist Aphex Twin. The careful listener will nevertheless discern something old, something new and the applied ethic of non-conformity. Directly, via sound and lyric, MegaXBrand seeks to communicate the enhanced state whereby human beings experience a more advanced and intense perception of the natural world (pause for effect). Track #7 "Love No Disconnection" tells of an early morning drive down NYC's racetrack like Jackie Robinson Parkway. The idea here is that the listener participates in the mystical journey that the song describes. Superimposed in the mind of the driver are images of the earth "slow revolving", "satellites low flying" and a morning blue twilight colored atmosphere. The juxtaposition of object size, car and planet and the relative speed of those objects along with a landscape washed in blue ether, in theory, conveys transcendental properties to the open mind. In keeping with the idea of a sonic pharmaceutical, track #2 "Thunder and Clover" attempts to energize the withered faculties of heart and mind through precise coloration of sound, suggestive lyric and what might be termed the "super lick". Contained in the opening chorus, the SL is composed of a lead guitar riff, a rhythm guitar progression and a punctuated bass line. Together the three layers form an evolved musical passage containing both melodic trickery and rhythmic counterpoint. The song also enhances listener state through it's lyrical content. The protagonist, on a leisurely stroll about the city park, is struck suddenly by a profound realization and asks, "What just happened?". Obscure yet poetic comparisons allude to a mysterious transaction between ground, sky, thunder and clover. The underlying meaning secretly points the way to open doorways of expanded perception. In this way MegaXBrand has sought to promote eco-beatnik sophistication and freedom from the stranglehold of the capitalist media dystopia. Hack musician L. James plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, writes and records all compositions. During his tenure in NYC he has endured muggings, break-ins, suicidal nervosa, a host of vampire frenz, the Kafka-esque city housing authority and worst of all, the mass infestation in NYC of artless yuppies. He claims, among other things, to routinely experience telepathy, precognition and to have had contact with extra-terrestrials.

Loudini Interviews Ryan Kairalla

Ryan Kairalla is a lawyer, writer, podcaster, and teacher. He advises clients in the music industry on a wide range of entertainment and business matters including recording agreements, publishing agreements, management agreements, music licensing, media appearances, live performances, entertainment litigation, copyright and trademark counseling, and corporate matters. He has represented chart-topping hitmakers and up-and-coming musicians alike.

Ryan focuses much of his practice on advising independent musicians on their legal and business issues. His work as an “indie music lawyer” also extends to his writing and podcasting. His new book Break the Business: Declaring Your Independence and Achieving True Success in the Music Industry shines a light on the pitfalls that arise from record label contracts, and provides artists with helpful guidance on achieving music industry success on their own terms. He also hosts the Break the Business Podcast, a weekly discussion of entertainment law, independent music, and popular culture.

Ryan is a graduate of New York University School of Law where he received the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award for Excellence in Entertainment Law. He is also a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Miami School of Business. He is licensed to practice in Florida, New York, and California.

Ryan lives in Miami, Florida.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Loudini Interviews Gene the Werewolf

Gene the Werewolf has never paid attention to trends. Nor has the Pittsburgh-
based quintet been part of a scene or the hipster's band of choice. They are iconoclasts by
virtue of their music, rock 'n' roll survivors in thrall to the genre's power and
energy. And they're damn good at it, even if they are a dying breed. "It's strange to
feel like you are one of the last of your own kind," says Gene, the band's dynamic
frontman and lead singer. Thus, "The Loner," Gene the Werewolf's third studio album. 

The band, formed in 2007, is comprised of 5 native Pittsburghers. With self-released albums "Light Me Up" and "Wicked Love" under their belts, as well as 2012's worldwide release of
"Rock 'n' Roll Animal" on Frontiers Records, the band is ready to deliver their
knockout blow with "The Loner". In a perfect world it's music that should be
blasting on car radios from Asbury Park to Hermosa Beach, on jukeboxes in
dives and biker bars. Posters of the hirsute Gene and his band mates--
guitarist Drew Donegan, bassist Tim Schultz, drummer Nick Revak and keyboard player Aaron Mediate--
should be on the walls of kids from Seattle to South Beach. Put
Gene the Werewolf on stage at the Whisky A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip or The
Troubadour in West Hollywood in 1989, and they'd kill. But times have changed.
These guys don't have access to a time machine. The next best thing is an album like
"The Loner" that takes you to those halcyon days when rock 'n' roll was hip
and cool and fearless. If you yearn for rock music that echoes Motley Crue, Alice Co
oper and Guns 'N Roses, with dashes of Whitesnake and Winger in the mix, "The Loner"
deserves your attention.

The album features 10 tracks of uniformly excellent quality. In a musical climate
dominated by drip-feeding content, single-by-single, the band still takes great pride in making a conventional album. "We wrote and demoed close to 25 songs for the
album, so there was a lot of variety and unique ideas being kicked around," Gene
says. Those ideas were fleshed out at Red Medicine Studios in Pittsburgh,
where producer Sean McDonald has become one of Western Pennsylvania's most
respected musical alchemists. Having worked with The Clarks, Jim Donovan
(formerly of Rusted Root) and many other of the best musicians in Pittsburgh,
McDonald helped the band reach its full potential. "It seems a cliche to say
this, but Sean really was a sixth member of the band." Donegan says. "He worked as
a songwriter, engineer and producer, elevating our craft to levels we didn't think were possible."

There are no duds on "The Loner." The first song, "The Walking Dead," is Gene's take
on a zombie apocalypse and features two dazzling guitar solos by Pittsburgh native Reb Beach, who currently performs with Whitesnake and Winger. The final track, "The Best I Can" showcases the honky-tonk piano of Randy Baumann of WDVE-FM and slide guitar by The Clarks' guitar maestro, Rob James. Sandwiched in between
are eight songs that will satisfy the most discriminating rock 'n' roll fan. And then
there's Gene himself, who is merely the best rock 'n' roll singer too many people
have never heard. He sings, he wails, he screams, he hits notes that haven't been
reached since Vince Neil was a pup. In a perfect world, he'd be a star, as would the
band. But we all know the musical world is a fragile, fragmented and dam
aged place where stars are manufactured, not earned. Not that Gene the Werewolf cares about stardom. Give them a stage, let them play. That's all they want to do.

Loudini Interviews Happy Abandon

Happy Abandon is an orchestral indie rock band based in Chapel Hill consisting of Peter Vance, Jake Waits, Alex Thompson, and Justin Ellis. Although the four members met as students at UNC in 2010, Happy Abandon didn’t form until early 2015. The band is currently hard at work writing/recording and booking tours of the Northeast and Canada for August 2016 and the West Coast in early 2017.

Peter - Guitar, vocals, lyricist
Jake - Percussion, back up vocals
Justin - Bass, back up vocals
Alex - Keys, Synth, back up vocals

Our debut EP "Heavy Lines" is now available on bandcamp, soundcloud, and fine record stores across the Triangle.

"As a dynamic first statement, 'Heavy Lines' makes a case that Happy Abandon could break through to the big stages its idols occupy"
- Spencer Griffith, Indy Week

"If I had to pick one North Carolina band that I think could have a breakout year in 2016, it would be Happy Abandon."
- James Willamor, Croquet Records

"With traces of Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale, the five tracks blend orchestral touches and shoegaze influences into an EP that builds sonic goodness with each note. The band unleash strong songs, ethereal vibes and well crafted musical lines that mark a super strong debut."
- Ric Gordon, Floorshime Zipper Boots + Russian Winter Records

" ["Love, Like Language"], off a new EP they're finishing up, stood out because I hadn't heard a band before with this specific sound. Plus, with lyrics like the ones in this song, which feels like an experience or moment we can all recall, it felt like this was a young band worth following." -Rafael Barker, West Virginia Gazette-Mail

"There is a strong spirit of dream pop embedded in a gutsy indie rock sound. They achieve a big sound as the production is strong as the guitars ring out steadily. It is the lead vocals that resonate profoundly, as the singer pulls and pushes his words with a dramatic flair with no shortage of grace. This is smart music, well produced, and with lots of heart."
- David Hintz, DC Rock Live
Current Location
Chapel Hill, NC

Yellow Ostrich, Death Cab for Cutie, Local Natives, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Alt-J, Queen, Jeff Buckley

Press Contact
Melissa Nastasi - City Bird Publicity
p. 914-318-0164

Booking Agent
Justin Ravary Ellis - Ravary Music
p. 919-272-8324