Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Interview with MaryLeigh Roohan

“The wisdom of an old soul in the body of a young, yearning individual.” Whether it’s her dynamic and passionate performances, or her poignant and honest songwriting, this sentiment has been expressed throughout Roohan’s career. With a style that shifts seamlessly from sunny indie pop to heartfelt Americana and a stage presence that’s full of dynamic soul, she’s an entrancing presence who is making waves.

MaryLeigh was nurtured as a writer and performer at the celebrated Caffe Lena before shipping off to play pubs in Scotland for a year. Since moving back to the states, she has played everywhere from intimate cafes to wild festivals and has had the pleasure to open for acts like Milo Greene, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, and Sean Rowe, and tour alongside Erin McKeown, Chris Pureka, and Melissa Ferrick.

In 2011, Roohan ventured to The Music Shed in New Orleans to record her debut album, The Docks. The album received wide acclaim in New York’s capital region. Beyond securing rotation on both college and public radio stations (WEXT, WEQX, WSPN), The Docks’ single “Foolish Girl” was named second to Sean Rowe’s “Downwind” in 97.7 WEXT’s Top 60 Songs of New York’s Capital Region (2012). This release and her many heartfelt performances reached wide audiences and, in 2012, the top alt-weekly in New York's capital region - Metroland -named Roohan "Best Female Singer-Songwriter".

Taking time to graduate from college, Roohan was laying low in 2013 except for her secret adventures to record a new album with Jason Brown at JBrown Noise. The time in the studio yielded a ten-song album that she released nationally in January 2014. Met with glowing reviews in her hometown, Roohan has widened her sights. With Skin & Bone in hand and her persistent wanderlust has brought her into the hearts of people all over the country. Skin & Bone has attracted new fans and opportunities including the chance to create original music for a soon-to-be-released documentary about women of 1969. Catch her in concert by checking her forever-changing tour schedule.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Your Band Name Can Make or Break Your Career. Choose Wisely!

Here's the LATEST EPISODE of the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus
Hosted by LouLombardi and Kevin O'Connor
Title: Your Band Name Can Make or Break Your Career. Choose Wisely!

What’s in a name? Kevin and Lou answer the question: How important is the name of your band to your success? Also find out how some of your favorite bands got their names. It’s getting time to wrap up 2015 so the boys want to look back and listen and share some of their favorite Loudini artists from the past year including Highway 4, We Came From Space, The Hawkeyes, Steve Cal’ Band and Mike Roth
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Highway 4 is a 4 piece progressive riff-rock band that combine AC/DC's hard hitting classic rock style, melodic Pearl Jam-like hooks, and vocal undertones of Myles/Nicks into and intense and engaging live show.The "Classic Rock" sound has finally come full circle, this time, with the power and grit to back it up.  Highway 4 is an award-winning rock band from the North East quickly rising to popularity and resurfacing today's rock music.  Eclectic influences of the 1970's era forged with the muscle of the 21st Century have been the backbone to developing the unique & reminiscent new genre known as "Progressive Riff-Rock." 
We Came From Space is a small collective of super hero types. We Came From Space is flesh and blood guys that do what they can to bring a little light, heat, and volume to a sometimes dark, chilly, and silent world.

Now, we here at WCFS are aware that the concept of a ‘regular’ super hero is novel and does not fit into most people’s conveniently standard way of thinking. Relax; there is no wearing of capes or leaping of tall buildings with us (but one of those underground lairs would really kick ass). We will leave that to the ‘Super’ super heroes (maybe that’s you!) that wear capes and leap tall buildings (and have totally cool underground lairs).

We Came From Space uses loud rock and roll to generate righteous vibes and good time grooves! We are free thinkers in life and stand shoulder to shoulder in the certainty that MUSIC STILL MATTERS. It’s true! Someone’s just written it.

We Came From Space doesn’t fly the flag of any particular musical genre (although the set list is REALLY light on country-opera) and are proud of the poppy, proggy, punky, rocky, songs we’ve written. Life has taught us that limitations are nothing if not ummm…. limiting. So, to that end, WCFS defies easy musical classification. If it rocks, it’s right. Nobody puts We Came From Space in a corner!! Each member contributes to the writing, arranging, and overall rocket sauce that keeps the heat on here at WCFS.
The Hawkeyes play a raw and driving brand of rock ’n roll that is as much about honesty as it is attitude.
Members: Jay Wiley; Colin Bronnenkant; Brian Chalmers; Michael Grego
Genre: Rock and Roll
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA

Steve Cal' is a blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. He first picked up the guitar at age eight after hearing Santana's instrumental Samba Pa Ti and started performing professionally with a band at fourteen years old covering songs by groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and The Doors. Cal' was first introduced to the blues after hearing B.B. King's The 'Thrill Is Gone.' He has also stated that the album 'Muddy Mississippi Waters Live' was another inspiring introduction to blues music.

In 2013 he released his debut album with his band, The Steve Cal' Band. The album primarily consists of original songs written by Cal'.

The Steve Cal' Band was a top winner of the 2013 Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Music Festival at World Café Live, which highlighted the finest emerging songwriters in the region.

Blues Rock Review has included one of the band's songs on their Volume 4 Sampler CD which features the best up and coming blues rock artist in the country.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Hosted by: LouLombardi aka Loudini and Kevin O'Connor
Lou and Kevin discuss “Guilty Pleasures” and play some of YOUR favorites.  The boys also play some selections from The Eagles of Death Metal’s album “Zipper Down” Plus music from Loudini artists Alchimy, Wendy DeWitt, and Franki Dennull Purpose for Life.

Thanks to Michael Goltz, Bob Giacometti, Stuart Metzler, Katie Simone, B.C. Cliver, Vinni Belfiore and Diana de Cabarrus, for your contributions to our guilty pleasure list. :)

Topic: Guilty Pleasures
Taken from our social media post… what are your guilty pleasure songs, artists, and films? What is the value of guilty pleasures? If you feel pleasure…. why feel guilty? :)

AlchiMy is a music band Authors, Composers, Singers, Songwriters..,
Greatings to you Dear AlchiMysters
We have big movements in our schedule of the year 2015-2016 concerning our group such as a shooting photo, several clips videos, several concerts located in London, a Single which will be recorded in Los Angeles! An European Tour, sones new compositions will be also recorded in Minneapolis-USA and this is just the beginning!
In order to send you informed about all our activities, if you wish, please click on this link below and complete thethe registration form! Then you will become the first ones has to be informed about all what concerns the group AlchiMy and the first ones to have news and stories) about us! AlchiMy
We hope to see you numerous joining in this lists who is for our Fans as well as our Friends!
Remain happy and protected!
Coil / AlchiMy
Here is the link:

armonies were perfect compliments, and they’ve been making music together ever since!
Dennull’s music has been compared to that of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, and while those are accurate reflections of the musical influences that can be readily discovered in “Butterfly”, Dennull does Franki_Dennullretain his own unique sound that’s not quite like any of those artists.
There are subtle differences in overall song composition, lyrical message, instrumentation, and vocal tone that make “Butterfly” stand out from the past, and with its rolling melodies, expanded harmonies, and uplifting lyrics, “Butterfly” seems as apt a title as the lyrical content. There’s a great sense of lightness and softness of the heart in this song that gently reassure the subconscious that there is good in the world, so when you’re in need of a great song to warm your soul, a cool tune to hit the road with, or a friendly jam to ease into your evening or weekend, make “Butterfly” your choice!
PURPOSE is a Band, it's a ministry , and it's a life long dream . Our hope is to reach the world with our music for the sake of the Gospel ( the Truth) The music is a tool to show off our Father. He is the reason we live and breathe and have our being...
Franki Dennull has been using the name PURPOSE as a band and cause since 1978. Though the players have changed, PURPOSE remains. Now PURPOSE FOR LIFE ."We are all called to a purpose, and ours is to make music that not only pleases the ear, but blesses the soul," says Franki. It has been said that Franki's songs paint pictures in your mind and leave an impression on your heart. That is exactly what music is suppose to do. It takes you from where you are to a place you want to be.

There is a strong Christian message if you listen for it .Classic Rock and blues is the style of music that PURPOSE FOR LIFE is mostly described as. Franki's writing and vocal style has been compared to John Lennon / Beatlesque, and Bob Dylan and Tom Petty as well , while still retaining his own unique style.

When Franki and Wendy Dennull started making music together in 1991, it was a forgone conclusion that their harmonies were a winning combination. After Franki struggled with his own failures, their marriage ended and the music stopped. But that was not the end of the story. Through many tears and prayers, God brought this dynamic couple back together and they were re-married on New Year's Eve 2011.Ordained Evangelists and "Musicians". . Now they endeavor to shine their light and bring the music back.

Getting The Hell Out and Making Music For Christ's Sake.......

PURPOSE FOR LIFE has  preformed in several prisons on the Eastern Sea board as well as churches and festivals . All Church denominations Weddings, Funerals , as well as coffee houses and clubs across the country.

They have enjoined global radio air play for their music and interviews alike.

 Blues piano/vocals, Queen of Boogie Woogie
wendydewitt.com 510/847-5847

She’s well steeped in the stylings of Otis Spann, Memphis Slim, Sunnyland Slim and Albert Ammons - the greats of boogie and blues, and honed her skills working with contemporary artists Steve Freund, Otis Rush and the late Hank Ballard who’s love of the blues showed in all of his rock classics.

Wendy has appeared with Charlie Musselwhite, Otis Rush, and Etta James and has been featured at Berkeley’s historic venue, Freight and Salvage. She performed at the Cincinnati Blues Fest at the internationally acclaimed Arches Piano stage, headed to Boston with Hank Ballard and the Midnighters for a performance at the Boston Symphony Hall and played before a sold out audience at the San Diego Museum of Art with Hadda Brooks in what proved to be one of Hadda’s last shows. Wendy has performed at many major festivals including Peer in Belgium, San Francisco Blues Fest, and Monterey Blues, and Jazz Fests.

Solo or with her band Wendy puts on a high energy show. Material is either written by Wendy or reinvented in her style and delivered with passion. Wendy is afraid of no guitar player and can turn up to 11. But never has to.

Along with her busy performing schedule Wendy is the producer of the Queens of Boogie Woogie shows around California and the Blues Piano Orgy productions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Songs from Wendy’s six albums are heard on radio around the world and she has been a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated West Coast Live.

Recordings include :

Industrial Strength

Take a Little Walk With Me
“ Heavyweight guitarists such as Steve Freund and Dave Workman will attest to Wendy’s extraordinary ability at the 88’s, as did the late Rock & Roll architect, Hank Ballard...Wendy’s vocals are natural and unaffected, ...her piano work is of the first order...” Sean Carney, Columbus Blues Review

You’re Not There
“ ..DeWitt is a sweet-voiced chanteuse with a strong reliance on jazz phrasing and inflection. Her piano style is based on those of Otis Spann, Albert Ammons and other blues masters, and she tears it up on the closer, “Chupacabra Boggie Woogie”…”
Bob Cianci - Blues Revue
Soul Shake

Steve Freund’s C is for Chicago

Boogie Teaser Too (solo recording)

All the cool kids already know DeWitt is one smoking boogie woogie piano/organ gal and it's time for the word to spread beyond her regional awards. Not museum piece boogie, DeWitt and her posse turn up the heat, let smoke and sizzle fly freely and serve up a soul awakening good time. Hot times for the old town tonight are delivered here, hot and fresh.
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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