Saturday, January 30, 2016

Star Wars Special Edition

The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus
Star Wars Special Edition
Hosted by Lou Lombardi aka Loudini & Kevin O'Connor

In honor of the release of Star Wars Lou and Kevin talk about all things star wars. Plus the year end review of favorite Loudini artists continues with music from Jeff Fetterman, Sate, Angry Johnny Stangry, Convoy, and Garrison Bailey

Jeff Fetterman's current release,
Bottle Full of Blues is full of new energy, new grooves, and new promises. Written in the blues/rock genre, the album is Fetterman's most personal project to date. Fetterman's original writings take you into his deepest emotions and feelings and lets you have an honest look into his musical soul. Blues/rock grooves with a dash of funk, this album will be sure to give you a kick start into feeling good!

SATE is out to satisfy and empower a nation. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars & a dirty low end, pulsating organs and greasy grooves to satisfy earholes.
The SATE experience is fueled by one lyric – “Don’t let them demons pull the trigger, don’t let them kick you down”…because, onstage SATE fights until everyone is empowered, connected in sweat and everyone is sated.

 Singer, guitarist Angry Johnny Stangry has been a  part of the Pittsburgh music scene for the past 17 years.  Growing up in a little town of Yukon, PA.  Johnny was always fascinated by the guitar from a young age.  Often getting caught by his parents playing a mean air guitar, and finally at the age of 16 his dad bought him his first electric guitar (it was $10.00) he  remembers his dad saying. His first official band was a little country band called "Timbreline".  That's where Johnny started to develop his country guitar skills.  At the age of 21, he was a Blue's Rock guitarist,  no country in him then.  Johnny says he was eager to learn and always been a finger picker (doesn't use a pick).  So it was easy for him to adapt.  After five years the band disbanded in 2003.

 A year hiatus, led him to his next band known as "Charlie Good Time".  Which was a rock band playing classic rock and new hits of the time.  This then led Johnny to play guitar for Nashville Phenom Brynn Marie.  An amazing country singer originally from Carmichaels, PA.  Johnny had the opportunity to open for the like of Loretta Lynn, Joe Nichols, Mark Wills, to name a few.  It was a really cool experience and a learning experience.  With all those accolades behind him, Johnny looks to put his mark on the music world.

 Influenced by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Roy Buchannan, Vince Gill, Eric Johnson, Brent Mason, and Danny Gatton.  These players have really helped Johnny hone his craft.  Johnny audiences love his progressive blues which is a stew of blues, rock, and country music flavored with jazz, simmered over hot coals.  Johnny's explosive guitar playing and stellar vocals are without a doubt crowd pleasers.

So if you love to hear intense blues guitar  playing???  Or like to hear chicken pickin' country??? Or if you are a guitar music lover in general??? Angry Johnny Stangry is a must see guitarist!!!
Convoy is a Chicago based band that plays straight up rock and roll with a distinct melodic influence of blues and southern rock. They are a 20th century swamp rock band. The mixture of their musical style has brought Convoy the recognition of being called “The Kings of Swamp Rock”.

The band was formed in the fall of 2009 and has been writing, recording and performing live ever since. Convoy consists of versatile seasoned musicians, all which are held with high regard in the local music industry.

Brian Corbin is the singer, rhythm guitarist, and lyric composer of Convoy’s original music. He has exceptional writing abilities which are evident in the lyrics. His passion for original heartfelt rock is clear right when he steps foot on stage. He sings with soulful genuine emotion which the crowd feeds off of.

Mike Getz is the drummer. Mike is the heartbeat of the band. He has extraordinary energy and skills. Once you see him play, you will understand why he has the nickname of “Animal” because he wildly cheers and yells “YYYEEEAAAAAHHHH” at the crowd. It is rare to see someone interact so well with the crowd while rocking the drums.

Martin Bo Jarkski is the bassist and backup vocalist. Martin brings incredible rhythmic unity to Convoy. Even while Martin is grooving on stage or walking through the crowd with his bass during a jam, he keeps a constant link between the harmony and rhythm. Once you hear the pulse of Martin’s bass, you’ll be glad you saw him play live.

Johnny Daniel is the lead guitarist, backup vocalist, plays harmonica and keyboard. Johnny is a multi-talented musician who is a walking jukebox because he can play all and every genre. His has amazing talent and memorizes the crowd with his catchy, funky, or shredding complex guitar riffs. Johnny also is the mixer and producer of all Convoy albums.

In July of 2010, Convoy released their first album, "River of Sorrow". During live performances, you will hear the crowd singing word by word of many of the tunes. The album brought them recognition throughout venues in the Midwest, Florida and southern US states. They also gained global popularity from being played on online radio stations.

Convoy began recording their second album, “Blue Collar America” in 2011. Convoy took a year recording the album in the unique Rock Lounge studio. The album was released in September 2012 and gained instant popularity.

In early 2015, Convoy began recording album number three which is called, “Back to the Beginning”. The album is not yet released but will soon be available for distribution.

Convoy is not the typical local band. They are top notch, professional musicians who have passion to play good music and a desire to bring the crowd the most enjoyable musical experience possible. Not only do they rock but they support all other local bands in the industry and treat their fans as family. They have played with all levels of bands such as national acts as well as local bands. Convoy has something special and you will feel it once you see them play live.

*All songs on the albums River of Sorrow, Blue Collar America and Back to the Beginning were written and produced by Convoy.

© Convoy 2010, 2012 and 2015
Garrison Bailey has a bold pop voice and a wonderful pop writing ability. Her hooks will stick in your head all day. She is also a drummer/lead singer and sings and plays at the same time. Not only is she very talented with her vocal chops, she is extremely entertaining to watch. Her shows are filled with comedy and music. A powerful combination for those who buy tickets to her shows. She is one to watch in the who's who of the music scene.

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