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This week Lou and Kevin discuss the importance of the rhythm guitar and talk about some of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all time. They talk about the new AC/DC record and give out the first "Loudini Weenie" SupermonkeyUnparalleled HeightMark Court,NeverWakeDon Strange and the Doosh BearsShadow of the FlagMy Cardboard Spaceship Adventure and Lou Lombardi's Strangelove.

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SuperMonkey Band Members
Jared Evans - Lead Vocals
CJ Young - Drums, Vocals
Lou Lombardi - Guitar
Margeaux "Queen of New Orleans" - Backing Vocals
Band Members
Dave Kelly - Lead Vocals @Dave_UPH
CJ Masciantonio - Lead Guitar @CJ_UPH
Tyler James Larkin - Guitar/Vocals @TylerUPH
James Davis - Bass @jamesUPHbassist
Justin Welling - Drums @justinUPH

Hailing from Pennsylvania’s Greater Pittsburgh area, Unparalleled Height is a unique hard rock/metal band. Built around powerful rhythms, intriguing drums, melodic vocals and soaring guitar leads, the band is able to combine the in-your-face attributes of metal with the melodic and progressive side of rock. Unparalleled Height’s unique writing style takes influence from many artists and styles of music, therefore, giving a unique, unmatched sound. They have been said to be a mix of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine, Dream Theater, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Black Veil Brides, and even Queen, to name just a few. This demonstrates their ability to touch on all types of music, never wanting to limit themselves to the confines of one genre or style. Beyond the sound, the band puts emphasis on writing songs with meaning and purpose, providing messages that seem to put a story together with each song.
NeverWake Band Members
Johnny DiCarlo // Lead Vocals - Guitar
Justin Sanford // Guitar - Vocals
Marcus Giannamore // Drums
George Scott // Bass

"NeverWake" concentrates on songs that reside between Rock and Metal to bridge both genres. They combine memorable, melodic vocals and gothic guitar harmonies over heavy distortion to achieve their style. They are currently looking to be signed to a record label and hit the road. NeverWake continues to develop their style by incorporating more complex riffs, heavier background vocal style, and dark orchestration while keeping their melodic lyricism. NeverWake released their debut full-length album "VITALITY" in August 2011, produced/engineered/mixed by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios! "Vitality" is available on iTunes and other main online retailers. You can also order the hard copy by emailing for inquires.

NeverWake has released their debut music video on YouTube for the song "Pulse," produced by Jeff Moore of Axtravaganza Films.

They are currently working in the studio to complete their second album "Sleepwalker" set to release October 2013.
Don Strange and the Doosh Bears Band Members
Don Strange, Jon Feinberg, Scott Kostley, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Miyagi, Ralph Nader, Darth Vader, and the Get Along Gang
Formed in early 2013, Shadow Of The Flag set out to do one thing. To make lasting music...and that they have.
Drummer Jeff Lees and guitarist Angelo Morreale, who dwell in the Pittsburgh, PA area, wrote and recorded some songs with a natural adulation. Yet, vocals would soon need to be provided, but by who? A global search began and ended quickly and close by. After wading through several submissions the choice was clear, Gordon McCready from Toronto Canada became the front man for Shadow Of The Flag!

With a slew of music both written and recorded, look out for an official release in the near future. With the addition of guitarist Don Sigmund, SOTF has begun to support
their sound live as well. Booking shows from Pittsburgh to Toronto, and everywhere in between, taking it to the stage is where they really connect.
Make sure not to miss the train when SOTF drives a stake in your town!
My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure
Dan Becker-Vocals/Bass

Andrew Hapeman-Drums/Vocals

Mikey Meiers-Vocals/Guitar

Stephen Michal - Guitar

Alex Robertson-Piano/Synth/Vocals

My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure is a pop punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That was really all I knew before I first joined the band back in 2008. That, and they had some goofy songs about food courts and cupcakes on their Myspace page. Back then, it was Mikey Meiers’ personal songwriting and recording project, but it had reached the point where it had to move forward and become a full fledged group that could play shows, release albums, and eventually tour the country. The first time we all met was at our very first practice, we talked in depth about what we wanted to do as a band, even before we picked up our instruments. Seeing everyone’s drive and ambition, especially Mike’s, completely floored me. I knew this was gonna be something special. Within a month, we played our first show to a sold out crowd, released the Let’s Play it Safe EP, and off we went.
Press Contact
Lou Lombardi 412-485-9238
Booking Agent
Guitar Lounge Productions

Led Zeppelin, Counting Crows, Rage Against the Machine, Elbow, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Gov't Mule, Black Keys, Clutch, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Sardinas,

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