Tuesday, October 10, 2017

John Juan: Surfing, Songwriting, and Never Sleeping

John Juan was born John Lawrence Mattson in Hong Kong, lived in Japan and 
Baltimore as a child, finally settling in San Diego, CA. He is a multi-
instrumentalist with a BA in English Literature from UCLA. Having modest 
success as an HVAC contractor, he still feels as if pushing against the world. He 
decides to redirect and become a more active instrument of whats around him. 
Some how he finds John Juan in the tide and begins to drift with him. Or does 
John Juan find John him? 
Online description of the album, draft ( & other possible stuff for bio):
Pounding acoustics support narrative driven songs. Dobro, ukulele, trumpet, piano 
and banjolele, help blend a genre mixing sound. 
Triggered by lack of sleep, the narrator finds John Juan. Old instruments found 
along the way channel a brief recollection of a vast eternity.

John Juan and Jean Claude are brothers. Jean Claude sings songs live too, and will 
have some excellent numbers on our next records. John Juan’s real name is John 
Mattson and Jean Claude’s real name is Jesse Mardian. They are actually brothers 
in-law. Being the core of the band, they will often play shows just as a 2-piece. 
Angel Roche-drums/ percussion (Grammy winner with Ziggy Marley on a live 
record) and Erik Klerk-bass (Magic Band, featuring OG members of Captain 
Beefheart) are our principle rhythm section. Angel also produced the record, along 
with his wife Zoe Poledouris. 
Keyboardist are in and out the picture live.

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