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Best Musical Performances from a Drama Film

Over the years there have been some excellent if not downright icon musical performances in non-concert and non-documentary films. Lou and Keith discuss some of the greatest of all time on today's podcast.  Featured Loudini Artists:   Dead Sara  Cloud Catcher   Semblant
Featured Loudini Artists:   

Dead Sara
Music History is rich with rock bands fronted by Dynamic duos. Looking to carry on this yin and yang tradition are two talented young women, singer Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley, who front Los Angeles’ Dead Sara – an electrifying four-piece rock band whose supercharged music is propelled by Medley’s exhilarating, monster guitar riffs and Armstrong’s powerful, wailing vocals.

The two musicians are a study in contrast onstage: Medley remains rooted in place – a solid, steady anchor for Armstrong’s almost unhinged performance style. A skilled vocal stylist who can handle blues, soul, and folk-rock with equal aplomb, Armstrong can unleash a guttural howl one minute and trill as pretty as a songbird the next. 

When asked by the Wall Street Journal in 2012 which female rock singers she admired, legendary Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick said Emily Armstrong, citing her “strong, urgent sound.” Dead Sara, which also includes bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday, has continued to earn the respect of some of the biggest artists in rock and roll over the last two years. In an interview with Fuse in 2013, Dave Grohl simply stated, “Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world.”

The band has always generated major buzz around their shows, being known for their ferocious spectacle of high-octane live performances. Of one of their local shows at The Troubadour, L.A.’s indie-rock tastemaker website raved: “You almost forgot you were watching a rock show in the 450-capacity Troubadour and not in a venue like Staples Center that holds thousands when Dead Sara launched into their hit “Weatherman.” OC Weekly has praised the band for its “blazing, impassioned classic rock, punk/indie jams, catchy guitar melodies and songs about not backing down,” while noted that Dead Sara’s strain of primal rock is loud enough to awaken the ghosts in both the indie and metal underworlds, and maybe even get them to dance a bit. During their 2013 U.S. tour with Muse, Chicago Music Monthly stated that “Dead Sara is an example of everything that is right with rock and roll. Their live show is one that will NOT be forgotten for hundreds of Muse fans seeing them for the first time.”

Their new album, PLEASURE TO MEET YOU, was released in March 2015 on the band's own label, Pocket Kid Records.

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Cloud Catcher
"Their upstart blend of Sabbath boogie and progressive composition is delivered with righteous vigor both live and in the studio" - The Obelisk 

"Cloud Catcher is a three-piece centered around the frenzied guitar fireworks of Rory and his vocals. Kam Wentworth and Jared Soloman Handman are deft at creating space and holding the framework for Rory's explorations. Think the Jimi Hendrix Experience in structure, or a more freaked out Mahogany Rush and you'll get the feeling." - The Ripple Effect

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Formed in the year of 2006 in Curitiba/PR, the Brazilian band Semblant has structured itself after a few line-up changes and is considered nowadays as one of the most important band of Dark/Gothic Metal in the country, classified by the specialized media as one of the first Vampiric Metal's band in Brazil. Despite the characterizations, it is impossible to label the sound of the band, presenting an extremely heavy sound (lead by two seven-strings guitars and fast and precise drumming), besides the versatility on the vocals. With basis on their own identify and compositions, Semblant has already in five different Brazilian states promoting their songs and, continually, disseminating with extreme success their albums.
The discography consist in the first EP Behold the Real Semblant (2006, independent), the websingle Sleepless (2009, Freemind Records), the album Last Night of Mortality (2010, Freemind Records) and the brand new EP Behind The Mask (2011, Neural Machine Records), Lunarr Manifesto (2014, Shinigami Records - Brazil), Lunar Manifesto (2016, EMP Label Group - worldwide)

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