Monday, November 21, 2016

Why Can't Hollywood Come Up With Original Stories?

In addition to playing some killer hard rocking bands, this week Lou and Kevin go on a little off topic rant about Hollywood's compulsion to remake classic films. The boys talk about the good the bad and the ugly in the remake world and also give a sneak peak at what classic films are slated for the remake process.  Featured Artists Ash Grunwald,  Blameshift,  Dirty Streets

Ash Grunwald
Ash Grunwald, loved for his crowd frenzied shows and blistering guitar playing, has critics and fans raving about his unique blend of roots, beats and a whole lotta groove for over a decade. Nominated for a swag of awards and winning a few, Ash proves why he is one of Australia’s most loved bluesmen.

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Blood, Sweat, Tears…and more sweat! For the four members of Blameshift, those words are much more than a cliche, they are real life. The story of Blameshift is as much about overcoming obstacles, letting go of fears, heartbreak and redemption as it is about the music we make. No one ever said it would be easy…but no one could have ever known just how challenging it would be. 

We have toured this country relentlessly for the last 5 years on nothing but hopes, dreams, determination and veggie oil (for a short period). We listened on as we were called crazy and told to give it up. We worked for every piece of equipment, every show, every fan, every dollar we ever made as a band. Resourceful became our middle name. We booked 200 + shows a year by ourselves for 4 years straight. We sold everything we owned to buy our first bus and record our music. We turned that same shuttle bus into a mini RV and have done so 2 other times. We worked 20 hours a day making contacts and honing our craft. We stood our ground as many of our comrades fell from the pressure. We showed our resiliency after the loss of key members and subsequently the loss of hope. We've been on top of the world and at rock bottom all in the same day. We should have changed our name numerous times but miraculously never lost that faith in our one and only love, Blameshift. We grew…we made mistakes…we learned…we never took no for an answer…we turned nothing into something.

As an independent band we have accomplished more than we could have ever imagined. We landed endorsements with the biggest music companies in the world like PRS Guitars, Ampeg, Sennheiser, Schecter Guitars, GHS Strings & Bogner Amps as well as COLDCOCK Whiskey, Venue Magic and Sullen Clothing. We have toured alongside and shared the stage with bands like Pop Evil, Adelita's Way, Sick Puppies, Straight Line Stitch, 12 Stones and Black Stone Cherry to name just a few. We've lived in Los Angeles for months at a time, writing and recording songs with our producer and mentor, Erik Ron (Panic At The Disco, Good Charlotte, We Came As Romans). We have landed dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Our music has been played on TV shows on MTV, Oxygen, E! Network and more. Our songs have charted on Active Rock Radio Charts. Our music has been played on Sirius XM as well as hundreds of other radio stations nationally and internationally. Our dedication, hard work and tenacity continues to pay off.

The journey has only begun for us. With the addition of a new rhythm section there is a fire that seems to burn brighter than the four of us can see. They are the missing pieces that have finally secured and finished this puzzle. What the future holds is endless. Music has never been just about the aural sound that it makes but more about the feelings, emotions and unity that it brings. Our fans are not only friends but family too. We want to share our story with as many people as possible and continue to do what we set out to do. 

Join us for the ride…wherever it goes! 

Jenny Mann - Lead Vocals -
Tim Barbour - Guitar/Vocal -

Dirty Streets

Thomas Storz
Justin Toland
Andrew Denham

Memphis, TN

Record Label
Alive NaturalSound/Kozmik Artifactz

Our new album "White Horse" is available now on Alive Naturalsound Records.

The Dirty Streets are a young band from the Memphis area who are an obvious product of digging on the likes of MC5, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Cactus, Humble Pie & the Faces.

Current Location
Soulsville, USA

Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Pretty Things, James Gang, the Byrds, Sly & the Family Stone, CCR, Leafhound, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mountain, King Crimson, Blue Cheer, Free

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EU - Carmen Lamparter

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