Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Loudini Interviews Happy Abandon

Happy Abandon is an orchestral indie rock band based in Chapel Hill consisting of Peter Vance, Jake Waits, Alex Thompson, and Justin Ellis. Although the four members met as students at UNC in 2010, Happy Abandon didn’t form until early 2015. The band is currently hard at work writing/recording and booking tours of the Northeast and Canada for August 2016 and the West Coast in early 2017.

Peter - Guitar, vocals, lyricist
Jake - Percussion, back up vocals
Justin - Bass, back up vocals
Alex - Keys, Synth, back up vocals

Our debut EP "Heavy Lines" is now available on bandcamp, soundcloud, and fine record stores across the Triangle.

"As a dynamic first statement, 'Heavy Lines' makes a case that Happy Abandon could break through to the big stages its idols occupy"
- Spencer Griffith, Indy Week

"If I had to pick one North Carolina band that I think could have a breakout year in 2016, it would be Happy Abandon."
- James Willamor, Croquet Records

"With traces of Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale, the five tracks blend orchestral touches and shoegaze influences into an EP that builds sonic goodness with each note. The band unleash strong songs, ethereal vibes and well crafted musical lines that mark a super strong debut."
- Ric Gordon, Floorshime Zipper Boots + Russian Winter Records

" ["Love, Like Language"], off a new EP they're finishing up, stood out because I hadn't heard a band before with this specific sound. Plus, with lyrics like the ones in this song, which feels like an experience or moment we can all recall, it felt like this was a young band worth following." -Rafael Barker, West Virginia Gazette-Mail

"There is a strong spirit of dream pop embedded in a gutsy indie rock sound. They achieve a big sound as the production is strong as the guitars ring out steadily. It is the lead vocals that resonate profoundly, as the singer pulls and pushes his words with a dramatic flair with no shortage of grace. This is smart music, well produced, and with lots of heart."
- David Hintz, DC Rock Live
Current Location
Chapel Hill, NC

Yellow Ostrich, Death Cab for Cutie, Local Natives, Bon Iver, Sigur Ros, Alt-J, Queen, Jeff Buckley

Press Contact
Melissa Nastasi - City Bird Publicity
p. 914-318-0164

Booking Agent
Justin Ravary Ellis - Ravary Music
p. 919-272-8324

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