Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Loudini Interviews Cale Bonderman of Cale and The Gravity Well

Cale and the Gravity Well formed in late 2015, mostly as the result of a joke. Cale's sister Zoe had earlier opined that she was thinking of starting a record label, and Cale, with all the certainty of the skeptical, declared that he would join it. His first album, the Age of Envy, was released not even a year later, in May 2015.

DC based rock band Lionize acted as producer for the album, and as such has heavy rock influences, but the Age of Envy also contains elements of folk and indie. Cale points to such influences as the Fleet Foxes, Doc Watson, the Black Keys, and Shakey Graves, all of which combine into a sound that is all his own. Since then he has had tour dates across America, including a performance at the first annual Bonanza Campout in Heber City, Utah. 

Cale resides in New York city, where he is simultaneously trying to learn the fiddle and the banjo, and playing open mics regularly. Musical ideas will grip him like a vice and, for a week or so, turn him into a man possessed, haunting his bedroom, huddled around his condenser mic, whispering strange and manic incantations into a passive metal ear. Usually, this turns out ok, but if you should ever see a wild-eyed, curly haired lunatic dressed in a superman shirt and harem pants belting sea chanties at the top of his lungs, please return him to Made in the Shade Records in Colorado. They will know what to do.

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