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Celebrating Female Rock Musicians Who AREN'T Singers

We all know the  singing goddesses of rock... Pat Benetar, Lita Ford, Anne Wilson, Amy Lee, Lizzy Hale, but who are the instrumental ladies of rock? This week Lou and Keith will attempt to answer this question  Featured Loudini Artists:    Semblant  Motorgun  Kamchatka

Formed in the year of 2006 in Curitiba/PR, the Brazilian band Semblant has structured itself after a few line-up changes and is considered nowadays as one of the most important band of Dark/Gothic Metal in the country, classified by the specialized media as one of the first Vampiric Metal's band in Brazil. Despite the characterizations, it is impossible to label the sound of the band, presenting an extremely heavy sound (lead by two seven-strings guitars and fast and precise drumming), besides the versatility on the vocals. With basis on their own identify and compositions, Semblant has already in five different Brazilian states promoting their songs and, continually, disseminating with extreme success their albums.
The discography consist in the first EP Behold the Real Semblant (2006, independent), the websingle Sleepless (2009, Freemind Records), the album Last Night of Mortality (2010, Freemind Records) and the brand new EP Behind The Mask (2011, Neural Machine Records), Lunarr Manifesto (2014, Shinigami Records - Brazil), Lunar Manifesto (2016, EMP Label Group - worldwide)

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By Joe Romagnola (Grooveyard Records)

Outstanding debut studio disc by this mega-awesome heavy guitar power trio from Brazil featuring 10 tracks (57 mins.) of brain-damaging, killer, powerful, dynamic, blues-based, hard/heavy rock riffage that lands monumental. The "Self-Titled" disc by Motorgun kicks serious ass, landing supreme & authentic with Classic, timeless, heavy rock excellence. 

Motorgun are an amazing heavy rock riff:machine who give the term "Power Trio" new meaning. Combining strong songs, awesome vocals and killer riffage with impressive musicianship, Motorgun have landed with strength & power on their excellent debut disc and have given us hope & faith that real heavy rock is still alive. Fronted by the insanely talented Bebeto Daroz on guitar & vocals, "The Man" is a true bad-ass riff:master of world-class magnitude who also nails down killer, serious legit lead guitar solos that speak the six string language of the guitar hero greats. Our #1 good, heavy, riff-rockin', ass kickin', guitar slingin' Motorgun Brother Bebeto Daroz also handles the vocals and delivers excellent, stand-out, vox with power and melody. Motorgun also features Edinho on low end bottom kool bass and Leo Mello on thunderous drums. Both Edhino and Leo Mello are killer musicians in their own right who both combine their excellent musical talents to nail down the kick-ass, powerful Motorgun sound. For Those About to Rock with Motorgun, We Salute You. 

The Motorgun: "Self-Titled" disc is an essential, impressive heavy rock slab of monstrous proportions that is Highly recommended to fans of Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Soundgarden and all other Classic hard/heavy guitar rock bands from the 70s to current times. An Epic, modern day heavy rocker that stands tall, shines brightly and sets new standards for bad-ass power trio greatness. 

Growing up in Varberg,
a small town on the west coast of Sweden,
Roger, Thomas and Tobias were all rehearsing at the same place,
though in different bands,
exept for the occasional weekend jamsession.
In their mid teens, Roger and Thomas moved
to pursue their musical carreer elsewhere,
Roger to the east and Thomas to the north,
while Tobias continued his back home.
Some learnful years of touring and recording albums
with all kinds of different acts later,
they met up again in Varberg for a
Jimi Hendrix tribute concert in 2001,
and after a successful performance the guys simply
came to the conclusion that they should start a band.
Roger came up with the name Kamchatka,
and the band was formed.

A few years later, after saving up enough money,
they decided to record an album in their own studio
(which has been developing ever since),
with the help of an old friend of Roger's,
Nicholas Elgstrand, who recorded,
mixed and produced it together with the band.
Bullen & Sillen, friends of the band, mastered it
at Studio Mega in Valinge, just outside of Varberg.
An old friend of Thomas', Per Wiberg,
who also designed the album cover,
hooked them up with a New York based indie label
called Grooveyard Records,
where the first Kamchatka album was released January 1st 2005.

After about a year of an occasional gig here and there,
which were all well recieved, the guys started to get restless,
so they decided to record another album,
subsequently known as "Volume II",
this time recording it themselves on an eight-track,
Tobias bringing the technichal expertise.
Once again they called in Nicholas to help mix and produce,
but this time mastered it themselves,
lending the gear from Jonas Eckerström,
another old friend of the band,
mainly with Tobias behind the controls.
Per, again, standing for the artwork.
It was released on Grooveyard Records in January 2007.

After yet another year of an occasional gig here and there
(there is a serious lack of venues to play at in sweden),
they had started recording their third album
when the American rockband Clutch,
whom they had opened a few gigs for in Sweden in 2007,
invited Kamchatka to open for them on their US-tour,
which gave the guys their first opportunity to proove themselves
to the American audience. After 21 successful performances
they returned back home to complete "Volume III",
Tobias standing for the technical expertise,
and Per Wiberg adding his magic,
this time both with beautiful keyboards,and magnificent artwork.
It was mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios and
released on Swedish label Superpuma Records
at the beginning of March, 2009.

In November 2009 Kamchatka were once again invited by Clutch to open for them,
this time on a month long tour of 23 gigs throughout western Europe.

2010 Kamchatka first and foremost focused on the writing of their fourth album.
It was recorded and mixed in their very own Shrimpmonkey Studios,
once again mainly with Tobias behind the controls,
during the winter and spring of 2010/2111,
and mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios.
Like on the previous albums, the cover art is the work of Per Wiberg,
who also appears on keyboards on one of the songs.
The album was released September 5th on GMR.

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