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Top Ten Rock Movie Themes of All Time
Top Ten Rock Movie Themes of Alll Time
featuring: Snake Head Ritual, Hard Riot, and The Union

Snake Head Ritual
Snake Head Ritual made it's start in 2012. The early Original line-up was Kevin Chez - Vocals, Bill McCullough - Guitars, Chris Graham - Bass, Matt Vogel - Guitars, and Bill Morelli -Drums. But at the end of 2012, Matt Vogel & Bill Morelli left for musical differences. The band stayed focused, however, and quickly acquired the services of Josh Laforge - Drums & John "Special K" Keller - Guitars. The band wrote songs and rehearsed with a fury, and by early 2013 was ready to record and play live. The band was offered to play on a local radio program called The Mancave with host Jeff Lamb on 104.7 FM on Saturday evenings. Jeff, who video taped the performances of every show, put up a copy of the two songs performed that evening on Youtube. The rest, as they say, is History. A friend of our record label, who hails from Canada, saw our video's, (from that evening), and was impressed with the songs enough to mention to our current Label President, Joe Romagnola, that he needed to check us out. Joe agreed with our Canadian connection, (Teeder), that he liked the tunes as well, and e-mailed us an offer to sign a recording contract with his label; (Grooveyard Records). We accepted, and went into Loft Studios, in Saline, Michigan, in late June of 2013, to record our self-titled debut record, (Snake Head Ritual). The album was released in September of that same year, with much anticipation by Joes worldwide fanbase. The album has taken off in Spain and Germany, as well as, The UK and Russia. Although we have been ripped blind, the album has seen over 800,000 downloads and counting, and has been doing well on UK radio. Just this past Spring, we received 10,000 votes in a radio contest that we didn't even know we were in. Radio host, (Jamie McDonald) e-mailed us the good news as soon as a tally of the numbers were official. But before I get to far ahead, let's get back to the bands history. (Josh Laforge - Drums), would leave the group in late October of 2013 for personal reasons. And in November, our Bassist, (Chris Graham), was diagnosed with Cancer, and began the fight of his life. It was around this time that we ran into an old friend of ours, who played Drums, and was interested in getting back into a band situation again. That Drummer was a man named Brian Fedor. With Brian, and the aid of a good friend and fellow Musician/Bassist, (Mahlon Orrin), we were able to move forward and play some key shows, as well as,write new material for our next record. By late 2014 Chris had beat his Cancer and returned back to the band, rested, and ready to work. However, around this same time frame, the band would suffer another departure. For personal, and health reasons, John "Special K" Keller had to, unfortunately, leave the group. The very end of the year would see, original Guitarist - (Matt Vogel), returning back to the band. The months in between December 2014 and February 2015 would find the band rehearsing hard, and getting back in shape to play live shows again . Since the release of the debut, in September of 2013, the band has seen many successes with the record, as far as sales worldwide, and general interest in the group. Not bad for a band that has suffered many rough patches since its conception. In February of 2015 the band was reviewed by Classic Rock Magazine, (UK), to what would be considered as a very desirable rating, collecting 8 out of a possible 10 points, or stars, or whatever you want to call it, and has been written up as a Rock n Roll force to be reckoned with. One would like to think that we are finally past unfortunate events, but in March of 2015, one more change was to take place. Drummer, Brian Fedor, and the rest of the Snake Head Ritual camp, decided to part ways due to musical differences. The band would like you all to welcome new Drummer - (and hopefully the last member change for a long, long, time) LOL!, - Tim Swartz. Tim is a very skilled musician, with an exceptional drumming ability, and brings a power to our band that we have not had in a long time. Because of his abilities and skills, only being in the band now for a short time, we are already able to play full shows, and are feverishly working on material for the new record. Plans to return to studio in August are being discussed currently, and our Summer schedule is brief, but steady. July of 2015 finds us playing with, quick rising National acts, (Crobot, Mothership, and Wilson), and in August we've been asked to jam at, Rowland,Pennsylvania's 17th Annual Wheeliefest. This festval has had it's stage graced by many National acts over the years and has combined those acts with many, exceptional, indie label talents too. We also look forward to packing in the clubs in our surrounding areas of Ohio and Michigan. The support of small towns has been overwhelming for us lately and it's full steam ahead now. Snake Head Ritual has over 30 years of Musical experience, and as a collective, have opened up the Big Stage for numerous National and Regional acts. We are looking forward to the rest of 2015, and beyond, to be a great time period for our band. SHR prides itself on the live experience. So with nothing more to say for now, We'll see ya at the clubs! Keep The Rock Alive! SHR - 2015/2016

The Union
The Union was formed by guitarist Luke Morley and vocalist/guitarist Peter Shoulder after Luke’s twenty-year career with Thunder came to an end in 2009. Peter Shoulder was the vocalist, songwriter and musical rudder of Winterville. In 2006 he won The W.C Handy Blues Foundation award, presented to him in Memphis for co-writing the American Blues Song of the Year, ‘Think of Me’. The song was performed by blues legend Little Milton. At the time of winning there were only two other British artists to have received that particular award, the others being Eric Clapton and Peter Green. 

The Union’s eponymous debut album was released in August 2010 to acclaim from  both fans and the critics, and saw the band end the year on a high  when they were voted ‘Best New Band’ at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, where they celebrated in style by performing live to a hall packed with rock royalty.

2011 saw the band tour with Whitesnake and the recently reformed Thin Lizzy on their respective UK tours, as well as a successful first foray into Europe as the special guests of Belgian rockers Triggerfinger, 

Second album ‘Siren’s Song’ was released in October 2011 to coincide with the band’s second headlining UK tour of the year. 

Such was The Union’s burgeoning pulling power that the band were invited to go straight back out on the road in March 2012 on a co-headline UK & Ireland tour with The Answer. Shortly afterwards ‘Siren’s Song’ was nominated for ‘Album Of The Year’ at Classic Rock Magazine’s 2012 ‘Roll of Honour’.

Summer 2012 saw the band playing various festival dates across Europe, most notably Download in the UK, Azkena in Northern Spain and Bospop in Holland and in July 2012 Luke and Pete also found time to join Childline Rocks’ fundraising Harley Davidson ride through the spectacular scenery of British Columbia and the north-western States of the USA. This was the second such trip the boys had undertaken in just under a year and both enjoyed the process so much that it inspired new material that would come to be recorded later in the year.

The songwriting process had continued at a considerable pace throughout the year and recording sessions for what would become The Union’s third album began on October 1st at the band’s second home, Walton Castle in North Somerset.

The new album entitled ‘The World Is Yours’ was completed at the end of November and is set for release on February 11th 2013 through Payola Music. A ten date UK tour begins two days later on February 13th and 2013 promises to be yet another busy year……

Hard Riot
"Turn On The Lights... Ready To Rock!" - That is the heart and soul of HARD RIOT.
They elate their audience with heavy riffs, a powerful stage performance, a stunning, electrifying voice and songs that will strike you like thunder.

In the year 2006, a new rising hard rock band was formed in the city of Heilbronn, Germany. Four young men with one common passion. Hard rockin' music...

After countless hard rocking shows, including several appearances at Germany's legendary LKA-Longhorn live club, and overwhelming audience reactions, HARD RIOT decided to make their first record.

In 2009, they released their first 5-Track-EP - "The Hidden Truth" - on their own and drew the attention of producer (and former voice of Sanvoisen) Vagelis Maranis. In February 2011, they recorded their first album - "Living On A Fast Lane" - in Maranis Studios, Backnang, which was mixed and mastered by Vagelis Maranis.

After a lineup change on drums in April 2011 they're now heading towards to unleash their first creation to inspire us all...

Keep On Rocking…

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