Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Loudini interviews Chris Dodson

At WolfsCustoms, we are a small refinishing and customizing business. I myself Chris (Wolf) have been doing this for many years when I have had the opportunity. The other half of WolfsCustoms is my wife Raven, a very talented local artist, and has been so for many years. Our combined love for music of all kinds, and me a guitar player/lover and her also soon. Has brought us both to bring this new business to life. WolfsCustoms is not a luthier, nor hand made custom shop, as of yet. I pride my work in the love of the guitar and the vision of what the customers wants and desires. WolfsCustoms has outsources for things we cannot do (yet) ourselves. We have a website made but not finished as of yet. When finished it will show all the things we offer, prices, specials, ect.

As of now you may go to the photos on WolfsCustoms and see what we have done recently, and up n coming projects. As far as finishes go, we can do simple repaint, dip/swirls, airbrushing and water drop effect coming soon. The Holo-flashing we do is amazingly popular and very affordable. Another finish now available is marbilizing or what some may call bowling ball effect. We offer vinyl applications as well. We welcome anyone who would like to have something done. Also any ideas for a finish not shown or mentioned are also welcome. You may also contact us here for a quote until website is fully operational.

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