Monday, March 6, 2017

Loudini Interviews SUBLET

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SUBLET is the brainchild of Mike Derric. Recently unleashing the charming record, THE STILL, SUBLET entices with a mystical and thought-provoking sound, that is laced with swirling instrumentation, and perfectly crafted vocals. The Indie-Alt-Pop outfit is about to take 2017 head on, with an insightful musical vision.

SUBLET's music is best described as temporal, visceral, moody, somber, yet hopeful; offering up a full range of emotions on the record. Influenced by an array of everyday life, SUBLET draws from people who are dreamers; The truth-seekers, risk-takers, those who are brave, fearless, loners, happy, poor, disabled, different, awkward and beyond. Coming from a heavily-music influenced background growing up, Derric's music lineage runs deep with generations of musicians behind and around him. For THE STILL, he took over all duties of playing both electric and acoustic guitars, electric and synth bass, percussion, synths, as well as vocals.

Derric pens songs that are intense with every listen, while creating a thought-provoking atmosphere. The range of lyricism touches upon empathetic perspective, solving life's problems, fleeting moments and unlocking the doors of perception. "I suppose the signature sound came as a result of my many years listening to and working with my contemporaries after my band broke up.  I became more active as a music producer, songsmith and consultant even though I really had nothing to show for it. Friends and fellow musicians would often call on me to assist in writing, producing and performing as these situations presented themselves."  

THE STILL in short is one of the most standout Indie releases in the past year, as it separates itself  musically and lyrically from the rest. The unique elements of the record build an intense quality that puts SUBLET on the map. "Let go, listen, remove the ego," says Derric on creating music; and the results show. SUBLET's THE STILL is the endeavor's fourth-EP release to date, and the music and tonality is stronger than ever.

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