Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Loudini Interviews The Present Age

"The present age is one of understanding, of reflection, devoid of passion, an age which flies into enthusiasm for a moment only to decline back into indolence.
Not even a suicide does away with himself out of desperation, he considers the act so long and so deliberately, that he kills himself with thinking -- one could barely call it suicide since it is thinking which takes his life. He does not kill himself with deliberation but rather kills himself because of deliberation. Therefore, one can not really prosecute this generation, for its art, its understanding, its virtuosity and good sense lies in reaching a judgment or a decision, not in taking action.
...Action and passion is as absent in the present age as peril is absent from swimming in shallow waters. . . ."
Artists We Also Like
the Beach Boys, the Beatles, David Bowie, Chance the Rapper, the Cure, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Joyce Manor, Kendrick Lamar, New Order, Prince, the Radio Dept, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, the Smiths
Personal Interests
miles davis
jangle pop
sweating on stage
isaac's drumming
indie pop
indie rock
dream pop

Band Members
Isaac and Logan Lamers



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