Friday, January 20, 2017

Loudini Interviews Dusty Wright

American singer/songwriter, pop-culture curator and metaphysical cowboy, DUSTY WRIGHT, is celebrating the release of his 6th full-length album, the intimately engaging Caterwauling Towards The Light. The reflective album finds the roots rocker in repose, ruminating on the perils of love, loss and middle age with levels of candor and wonderment immediately relatable. 

Wright treats the listener to an atmospheric tour de force complete with slightly somber hand-jives, chiming guitars, waltzy shuffles and baritone musings that find the ear with easy charm

Dusty Wright is also a writer and co-founded the audio podcasting and video webcasting online pop culture magazine featuring his interview series The Dusty Wright Show. Interviews from the show were among the very first video and audio podcasts featured at iTunes with such guests as Ron Howard, Gore Vidal, Jim Marshall, Budd Hopkins, and board advisor David Lynch.

Wright is a former editor-in-chief of Creem and Prince's New Power Generation. The Dusty Wright screenplay The Gentleman Bandit was screened at the AFM and Malibu Film Festivals in 2000 and Wright served as music consultant for the Johnny Depp movie Secret Window (2004). Dusty was producer on the award winning documentary "Wildwood Days(2005)" and on the documentary Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio(200. Today Wright is co-head writer on Cee Lo Green's show Talking To Strangers on 

Dusty contributed the song Speed of Life for contemporary American artist Ron English on his compilation "English 101"[12][13] and recorded Ramble On for the Led Zeppelin tribute "The Song Retains The Name, Volume 2 (Safehouse Records)[14] as well as a track for America's Game on Nolan Ryan: A Musical Tribute. Wright's song I'm Still In Love (w/You) is featured in David Koepp’s '08 film Ghost Town and the video for Secret Window from his 2011 album If We Never... was awarded "Best Music Video" at the 2011 Los Angeles Film & Script Festival. Wright's song Swirl was featured on 'BBC Radio; 6 Music' by music critic Rob Hughes and former member of rock group The Fall, and renown British DJ, Marc Riley. If We Never... received 3-stars from Hughes in his 'Americana Roundup' column in the September, 2011 issue of Uncut (magazine).


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