Saturday, January 7, 2017

Loudini Interviews Drunken Logic

The seed for Drunken Logic was planted when frontman Jake Cassman walked away from an Ivy League education, determined to forge a "surprisingly cohesive blend of pop punk and emotionally-charged folk rock” (Sound of Boston). The band’s first incarnation formed at Berklee College of Music in 2012. Ever since, Drunken Logic has been brewing a powder keg of eclectic influences and potent, topical lyrics in their shoddy Boston apartments. Accolades and accomplishments quickly followed the release of their debut album Something New to Burn in 2013 — they rocked AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants), were named RAW:Boston’s 2013 Musicians of the Year, opened for Ed Kowalcyzk (formerly of Live), and were selected to Berklee’s 2014 CMJ Showcase. Fresh off their first tour in the fall of 2014, the band recently released their second album, Long Day’s Journey to the Middle, “a complete and sprawling thought” that “is not only worth of repeat listens, it requires them” (Speak Into My Good Eye). Drunken Logic are constantly reinventing their brand of music while battling the elements of contemporary America — and loving every minute of it.

Drunken Logic are proud to announce the impending release of their new single, “What A Beautiful Morning!”, this October. With this new release, DL makes a bold statement about a major theme of this election cycle, taking aim at the common definition of American exceptionalism.

“What A Beautiful Morning!” is written from the perspective of someone who mourns an idyllic vision of the US in the 1950s and early '60s — an era of safety and stability, at least in his mind. The song’s accompanying video uses existing footage from the era to prove that this vision was never truly a reality, and at best was brutally withheld from millions of people. Together, they subvert the entire premise of trying to “Make America Great Again.” 

Drunken Logic have taken on various political and social issues on their first two albums, such as Wall Street malfeasance to police brutality. Most recently, the band won Best Music Video at this year’s Southeast New England film festival for their video “This Side or the Other,” a reflection on social adversity and empathy. For it’s part, “What A Beautiful Morning!” will be part of an upcoming concept album, tentatively titled The Loudness Wars. The album features songs from the perspective of characters from different generations and their conflicting views on politics, love, growing older, and more.


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