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Loudini Interviews Echoes Never Lie

Echoes Never Lie is a five piece, high intensity, high energy metal band from Pittsburgh, PA. ENL brings a unique sound, pulling inspiration from many genres within hard rock and metal from many generations.  Started mid 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA, ENL was formed through the blending of many different music styles. But with these many different walks of musical life, there was still a common bond...the love for Metal. With heavy rhythmic guitar, punishing drumbeats, and soaring vocals, ENL has proven to be at the forefront of a new wave of American Metal
Band Members
Zosia West - Lead Vocals / Jason "Sledgehammer" Iampietro - Lead Guitar-backup vocals / Mike Beaver - Drums/Sampling/ Bass-John "The Scalpel" Ploskina, Lord of Thunder
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, ENL is a high intensity band. With an in your face sound, and deep cutting vocals.

The Mike Moscato Corner: Interview with ECHOES NEVER LIE
March 18, 2016 by Mike Moscato 
When you think about local metal music, ECHOES NEVER LIE is definitely a band you should check out.  This Saturday night, March 19th, they are headlining their first show at the Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh, calling it A Night Of Mayhem In March, with guest metal bands Defy The Tide, Lust and Confusion and Demented.
I must say, I have a strong liking for the band; yes, I have a preference for powerful female voices, and this band definitely has power.  Lead vocalist Zosia West is always full of energy and surprises on stage.  Each night, she brings different looks and theatrics, which engage the audience, and has sometimes looked like she was the star of a horror movie!  The other members are Jason Iampietro on lead guitar and backup vocals, John Ploskina on bass and Mike Beaver on drums.  Together, they make quite a powerhouse of sound!  More than that, they are all good people, trying to make a successful metal band, and I respect them quite a bit.
I got a chance to talk to the band a little about what they are doing:
ME:  I remember when you were scrambling to put ECHOES NEVER LIE together, to be in my Female Voices of Metal Show, 2 or more years ago! Even though I have been watching, please tell me some of the highlights for ENL since that time.
ENL:  One of the big ones was America’s Got Talent. Out of hundreds of bands that applied, we were one of ten that were selected to give it a shot. It was high stress for sure. We’d get requests to write metal versions of famous songs or acoustic versions of metal songs, sometimes with only a few days of lead time. It took a lot of outside the box thinking to make it all work. Somehow we managed to pull it off and we went up to New York to perform. Ultimately we got cut out of the show before it aired, but it was a great opportunity and we had fun with it. We were also selected to compete in a Battle of the Bands judged by Head Welch from Korn.  Due to an equipment problem, we ended up having to play through Fender Deluxe amp heads. Not that there’s anything wrong with Fender, but it’s not really the kind of tone metal players are going for. You just can’t keep us down. We made it all the way to finals and we got a huge response in spite of it. Most recently, we’re thrilled to be working with producer Matt Muckle. He’s helping us hone our sound and record our new EP. That’s still in the early phases but what we’ve recorded already sounds amazing. We can’t wait to share it with everyone!

ME:  Now, I do remember you did some music for a local movie called Croaker (written/directed by Fred Terling), but now, you are involved with another movie?
ENL:  Zosia West and Mike Beaver will be starring in the upcoming film, Dead Edit, which is the second film from writer/director Fred Terling, a dark thriller.  Zosia will play the lead, a troubled young filmmaker who is having difficulty finding creative inspiration within her turbulent personal life.  Mike portrays her close friend and cameraman who, by unfortunate circumstance, changes her view of boundaries in her work.  Dead Edit will film in May of 2016 and will screen at larger film festivals for possibly big screen distribution.
ME:  That’s very exciting news!  Tell me, what is going to be special about the big headlining show this Saturday?  What’s next for ENL, besides the movie?
ENL:  We’re really excited about the Hard Rock show. For one thing, this is the first time we’ve headlined our own show. For another, the Hard Rock is a great venue with a long history. It’s an honor. We’re also stoked about the eclectic line up. It’s going to be fun to play with such a diverse group of musicians from different genres, singer-songwriter, horrorcore, metal, etc. We’ve got some great stuff up our sleeves for the future. We’re in the process of redesigning our website. We’re planning on traveling more and playing more shows out of town and out of state. And of course, we’re writing new material.
To recap, ECHOES NEVER LIE is playing their first headlining show at the Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh, Saturday March 19th.

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