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Why is Jimi still so important and what we can learn from him for our own careers. Music from The Brazilian Johnsons, Fire Wolfe, Fantasm and We Came From Space. Birthday shout outs to Sharon Jones, Jackie Jackson, Nick Ashford, Randy Travis, Anders Osborne, and Gregg Alexander of The New Radicals
Here’s a new band alerted to us a few weeks ago from GDAZE regular RKBLUEZ.  They are the 80′s sounding metal outfit called Firewolfe.  Unlike the 80′s however, this band are borne on the strands of the fibre-optic highway, a five-piece collective who have used the tools of the Internet and their own respective home studios across the length and breadth of the USA to aggregate a collection of songs which is pure traditional sounding 80′s metal in the vein of Savatage, Armored Saint, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors and the like.  Formed by guitarists-in-league Paul Kleff and Nick Layton, the duo realised they had more in common than first appeared, and so began a process of collaboration in 2010 that bore fruit after joint songwriting efforts.  The exchange of musical ideas cemented to the point of progressing to a full band situation with other players.  Next onboard came singer Dave Fefolt, a singer who has credits with Masi, Angels Of Babylon and Rhino, and whose voice was the perfect instrument to carry the Firewolfe songs.  Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Unruly Child etc) provides the drums while session bassist Zack Uidl rounds out the band. To give you an idea as to how ‘inter-continental’ Firewolfe are, Kleff lives in Michigan, Layton in Vancouver, Fefolt in Phoenix, Schellen is from Los Angeles while Uidl resides in Chicago.  The transfer of large music files across the Net is the way of the music industry these days, though it does make band practice a lot tougher now.. lol!  However, I wonder how soon we’ll be able to see musicians ‘jam’ with each other live across the Internet?  If I’m thinking of it now, guaranteed it will happen within my lifetime.

GLORYDAZE Music Reviewhttp://www.glorydazemusic.com/readarticle.php?article_id=4507
The Brazilian Johnsons are a "Energetic, Blues-infused, New Old-School Rock" band based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Comprised of members Michel Nasrallah (lead singer and guitarist), Apoena Frota (bass and vocals), João Nogueira (keys and vocals), André Vasconcelos (guitar and vocals) and Bruno Esrubilsky (drums) – The Brazilian Johnsons formed with the goal of making music “that got us started playing our instruments in the first place.” 

“We all met at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  The fact that we're all Brazilian is a coincidence, well, obviously I got a band together with some of the baddest musicians I know, but being in a band with good friends is something else entirely.” – Michel Nasrallah

Their debut EP, entitled "Howdy Duty" has just been released on Dec. 6 and is available everywhere, including iTunes and CD Baby.  You can find links to purchase it here on the website as well.
We Came From Space is a small collective of super hero types. We Came From Space is flesh and blood guys that do what they can to bring a little light, heat, and volume to a sometimes dark, chilly, and silent world.

Now, we here at WCFS are aware that the concept of a ‘regular’ super hero is novel and does not fit into most people’s conveniently standard way of thinking. Relax; there is no wearing of capes or leaping of tall buildings with us (but one of those underground lairs would really kick ass). We will leave that to the ‘Super’ super heroes (maybe that’s you!) that wear capes and leap tall buildings (and have totally cool underground lairs).

We Came From Space uses loud rock and roll to generate righteous vibes and good time grooves! We are free thinkers in life and stand shoulder to shoulder in the certainty that MUSIC STILL MATTERS. It’s true! Someone’s just written it.

We Came From Space doesn’t fly the flag of any particular musical genre (although the set list is REALLY light on country-opera) and are proud of the poppy, proggy, punky, rocky, songs we’ve written. Life has taught us that limitations are nothing if not ummm…. limiting. So, to that end, WCFS defies easy musical classification. If it rocks, it’s right. Nobody puts We Came From Space in a corner!! Each member contributes to the writing, arranging, and overall rocket sauce that keeps the heat on here at WCFS
I believe its a great idea to surround yourself with people that are more talented than yourself and lift them up in the spotlight where they belong thats Fantasm! I play with the best musicians on the planet! thx to Quin Lucas, Justin Erb and Tristin Triggs for an excellent performance last night at the Tilted Kilt.

Fantasm at the Tilted Kilt in Morgantown tonight premiering our new album "Dangerous Kiss" Our line up consists of Quinn Lucas on lead guitar, Justin Erb on bass, Tristan Triggs on percussion and Rick Vrana on vocals and guitar. Weather's gonna be great, And so will the visuals

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