Tuesday, May 5, 2015


In this age of digital downloading and music stream services, are CD's still relevant? Plus music by Jeff Fetterman, Sun Hound, Garrison Bailey and Joe Chawki. Birthday Shout outs to Aaron Lewis, Lowell George, Al Green and Mr. Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley
JFB has formed a brotherhood of blues and beyond that is undeniable for music lovers of raw, energetic, high intensity shows. No show is ever the same with their spontaneous set changes and off the cuff arrangements of any song they feel they want to play at the moment. They are a spur of the moment band which keeps the shows interesting and unique.

JFB is a blues/rock band that has been performing orginal and cover music for more than a decade. The band has 2 CD's to their credit that showcase their writing and instrumentation: Ordinary Man and The Long Hard Road.

From their work on The Long Hard Road,the band was awarded a 3-song publishing contract with Transition Music Corp in California.
They have also had songs featured in film and television, including The Closer, Passions, and the Spanish film Tough Guy. JFB has shared the stage with acts such as Molly Hatchet, Buckcherry, and Three Dog Night.
JFB continues to play live shows to promote their original music
Garrison Bailey has a bold pop voice and a wonderful pop writing ability. Her hooks will stick in your head all day. She is also a drummer/lead singer and sings and plays at the same time. Not only is she very talented with her vocal chops, she is extremely entertaining to watch. Her shows are filled with comedy and music. A powerful combination for those who buy tickets to her shows. She is one to watch in the who's who of the music scene.

With just keyboard, drums, and vocals, the Sun Hound duo delivers a full-band sound, filled with musical drive, contours, and livened lyrics. Jess Joseph's unique powerhouse voice and thrashy keyboard mixed with the melodic boom of Nicole Pyeritz' drumming is a sound that makes heads turn at every show. With rock, R&B, grunge, and alternative influences, Sun Hound creates a heavy, funky, driven sound that attracts all kinds of listeners. With fans ranging from the rock, metal, blues, hip hop, R&B, and pop scenes, Sun Hound breaks the barricade between genres. Creativity is very important to the Sun Hound gals, and their all-original music reflects that. The energy between Jess Joseph and Nicole Pyeritz is magnetic and memorable, on and off stage. You can listen to the Greytone Songs EP and find out more about Sun Hound at http://sunhoundmusic.com/
Prog Sphere conducted an interview with guitarist Joe Chawki, who is set to release his debut solo album called “Nazar” on March 31st. Read below about the creative process that informed the album, challenges he faced while working on it, gear and more. These are basically song ideas I’ve had kicking around for quite a few years now, and they are finally seeing the light of day. Three of the songs will be credited to my  producer and friend,Hodge GjonbalajThe entirety of the material was recorded at Hodge’s home studio and on his equipment, with the exception of my guitar. I am influenced by a lot of eastern music. A “nazar” serves as both a cultural and superstitious symbol. The blue eye is an amulet used throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Balkans, and parts of Eastern Europe. Often you might see one hanging in a place of business or put near a newborn. It’s function serves to ward off the “evil” or “jealous” eye of others. It seemed fitting.I’m really into a wide range of things, that really run the gamut of guitar based stuff to eastern music to goa trance and IDM. For starters, there is a Jean Michel Jarre cover appearing,Oxygene4. If you had to ask me who my three favorite guitar players are, they would probably beJohn McLaughlinShawn Lane, and Allan Holdsworth. I like a lot of Squarepusher. I loveSimon Posford (Shpongle, Younger Brother, Hallucinogen) and Ozric Tentacles. Each track might be drawing from a few different sources.


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