Thursday, March 26, 2015


Episode 22: Tonight's Hot Top: Zig Zag your way to Success. Music by Devil City Angels, The London Souls, The Boy from the Crowd and Nateski225. Plus part 2 of my interview with Ricky Jackson of the No Refund Band...Birthday shout to Chaka Kahn..all that and Jim Gaffigan too!
It doesn't get any more original than Devil City Angels. Devil City Angels formed in June, 2014 with plans to tour all across the country.

This phenomenal super group promises an energetic, entertaining show with some of their multi-platinum hits blended with new, original material. This powerhouse draws new fans, along with the existing loyal fans of their combined projects, to love their electrifying performance and songs.
This stellar artist line up also features founding members of Poison, Cinderella and LA Guns.

” I think people are really ready for just some pure fun rock” says Rikki Rockett. “We’re just here to rock” and they want the fans to do nothing but enjoy it! A finely tuned, guitar driven sound that also has a groove rock feel to it. Expect the unexpected!

Right out of the gate, Devil City Angels released the rocking, upbeat song "All My People" followed by “I’m Living”, “Bad Decisions” and “No Angels.” The band has plans to release a CD spring of 2015.
After fans experience a Devil City Angels performance, they will leave feeling good and wanting more. The buzz will be that a Devil City Angels show is a must see event.


Rikki Rockett (Drummer) - best known as founding member and drummer of Poison for almost 30 years, selling over 20 millions records. In 2007, Rikki created the company Rockett Drum Works because, as a drummer himself, he understood how a beneficial a custom kit would be to other artists. Since then, the company has taken off to be a thriving business endorsing some of the best drummers in the music industry.

Eric Brittingham (Bassist) - the versatile & stylistic bass player who brings the bass to life. Eric is best known as an original member of the multi platinum band Cinderella. Eric and Brandon Gibbs formed Cheap Thrill in early 2013, and he has been touring with him ever since.

Tracii Guns (Lead Guitarist) - most notably credited as founding member and lead guitarist for L.A. Guns, as well as the following: Hall of Famers Guns N Roses, all star band Contraband and Brides of Destruction. Throughout his career, he has sold over 7 million records.

Brandon Gibbs (Lead Vocals/Guitar) - the powerhouse voice, songwriter and guitar player who started his career at the age of 14, with his twin brother in a band called Gibbs Brothers. During his tenure with Gibbs Brothers, a friendship formed with Rikki Rockett leading to Rockett producing the bands CD. (Brothers N Arms) Brandon was content to be the blues/rock guitar player who captivated the audience with his mesmerizing, beyond his years guitar playing. In late 2010, Brandon took his guitar on the road for a one-man acoustic show, where he connected with the voice he had never unleashed. He began recording songs and by August, 2012, his song "This Town", was on ESPN2 and NHRA season. Brandon teamed up with Cinderella bassist, Eric Brittingham, and started touring as an acoustic duo. They later added guitarist Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) and drums to create Cheap Thrill, which toured for almost 2 years, and appeared on the Monsters of Rock, Cruise to the Edge and Moody Blues Cruises in 2013 & 2014. He has stunned audiences with his tireless performance and unique stage presence. Brandon is the front man that people are going to want to see again and again. 
The London Souls’ unique reinterpretation of classic hard-hitting rock and roll formulae recalls elements of the past with an ever-present boundless energy, fit to cement their place in the future.
Tash and Chris have been nothing short of a best-kept-secret among New York City concertgoers since the band’s formation in 2008, building a fervent and dynamic fan base leveraged by their ever-substantiated reputation for consistently well-rehearsed and impassioned, explosive live performances. The band’s celebrated sound and spirit draws significant influence from the driving force of British rock pioneers Cream and Led Zeppelin, to billowing and bouncing funk and soul, to the layered harmonies and memorable hooks of The Beatles and The Hollies, to the contemporary psychedelia of My Morning Jacket among many more.
Members: Vinny Piana - Guitars and Vocals Vegas Ivy - Drums and Percussion

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues & Rock n Roll.

Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Rapping the jams from New York to Los Angeles, Nateski currently pumps them out of Fontana, CA.
Nateski born and raised in New York City, is a serious rapper, lyricist, and writer that writes lyrics that bares a deep message within them. Nateski is bent on educating the youth with lyrics that teaches real life experiences, that the youth may be confronted with. Nateski uses his lyrics to prepare the way to for the youth to prepare them for the real world. Although Nateski is a serious rapper his music still has a grove that makes the body move.

With extensive stage experience he has establish a solid reputation coast to coast. In the past this “Hip Hop Teacher” has performed at prestigious locations such as the Palace in Hollywood and the Shrine Auditorium; And to add to that he’s Performed at Hollywood’s hottest clubs such as Danceteria, Hollywood Live and Club Spice. On October 10, 2010 Nateski was invited to appear on "Wings Of Healing” “KCWG 103.7 The Truth". A Saturday show, that comes on over internet radio, to discuss his new debut “Jesus is the Answer “.

From the moment the beat is played the crowed knew that “Nateski is in the house”. This accomplished lyricist has the rare ability to finely dice a rap phrase into a thousand funky fragments. His grooves excites a crowd of young “Hip Hoppers” to “mature thirty-something party-goers”. His music keeps them all bobbing their heads.

Nateski makes it seem almost easy. His beats are easy on the ear, easy to like, easy to move to, easy to understand – but not easy to match.

The music of Nateski has a message of life, fueled with hope and driven by love and pounded into a fierce beat.

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