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Loudini shares a really powerful tip for finding people who will love and support your music. Plus Birthday Shout out to Mickey Dolens of the Monkees and great music by Immunity of Fate, These Knees, I am Isis, No Refund Band and Addiction...PLUS PLUS part 1 of my interview with Ricky Jackson of the No Refund Band.
Immunity Of Fate, origional music. Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Metal.
(i am) isis is a high energy, in-your-face band formed and fronted by soul-rock-phenom, isis. the band currently consists of bassist Mike Koltosky, drummer Manny Mav, guitarist Diamond Dave, and keyboardist Isaac Childs who bring her crazy, color-filled melodies to life on stage.

with an affinity for rock-infused guitars and thrashing delivery, this five-piece crew has positioned themselves to thrive within the music and entertainment industries. their sound is an eclectic fusion of rock and spoken soul, with a bluesy funk for the new millennium. isis has been described as “an edgy and fresh brand of soulful truth”, who is both haunting and mesmerizing. The band’s live shows have been characterized as an energetic explosion of power and grace.

their mission is simple: find you, feel you and free you.
These Knees is a sun-soaked indie rock band from Cleveland, OH. Featuring a rotating cast of musicians and led by songwriter Stephanie Trivison, the band creates music that feels like summer; inspired by youth, nostalgia, and the pursuit of happiness.

Formed in the winter of 2010/2011, These Knees started out as the indie pop solo project of singer/guitarist, Stephanie Trivison. Today, the group has evolved into a catchy genre all their own. Influenced by acts like Butch Walker, The Beatles, Tegan + Sara, and Paramore, the These Knees sound has hooked the attention of publications and promoters across the country. Including Alternative Press, The New York City Songwriter’s Circle, Cleveland Scene, and HRC Emerging Artists.

Based out of Cleveland, OH, These Knees takes pride in the band’s highly energized and engaging live performances, drawing in new fans and friends with every song. Performances include Weapons of Mass Creation, Fashion Meets Music Festival, The New York Songwriter’s Circle at The Bitter End, and opening slots for American Authors, Wild Cub, Gold Motel, Zee Avi, and Eisley.

These Knees’ first full-length album, The Young and the Bright, released September 2013. The ten-track album is an upbeat collection of songs inspired by youth, nostalgia, and summertime adventures. (Side effects include singing, dancing, and sudden joy.)
Review from the “Laid Back” section of The Courier:

I fell in love with the No Refund Band’s first CD, so was excited
when the follow-up, Current State of Blue, landed on my
The album has the feel it was recorded in a smoky Texas roadhouse.
The No Refund Band (NRB) was formed by Mike Crownover
in 2007 with the intent of combining blues, soul, R&B, and rock
into a fiery combination. Mission accomplished. Mike handles
rhythm and lead guitar, and is joined by Ricky Jackson, (Lead
Singer/Lead Guitarist), Rik Robertson (Bass), Anthony Terry
(Saxophone) and Jim Brady (Trumpet). The mix of the horns
with blistering guitar and gritty heartfelt vocals is the key.
“Blues is a confession of the soul it is almost like religion, so
my hope is that the religion, which is the blues, never dies,” Mike
said. “The blues is a way to express the human condition. When
you are down about something or sad, if feels good to tell it to
others and get comfort that you aren’t the only one who feels that
Two things are for certain — electric blues don’t get any better
this, and if you like that sort of music, you’ll never ask for a
refund from a show or from this CD.
Addiction was formed on April 2013 in Athens,Greece. Members of Addiction first met in the late 90′s, back then as members of Perpetual and Ekptotoi Aggeloi. Perpetual was the solo band of Cosie Varras aka Overlord. Cosie and his band had played many shows mainly in Athens-Greece and Los Angeles-California. He has also released 3 albums. Ekptotoi Aggeloi, the band of Vaine and Chris Rox performed more than 100 shows in their native country, Greece. They also released 1 album that hit the greek charts. In 2011,Vaine joined Junkyard 69 where he met bassist Nikotinn. Three years later, Nikotinn decided to quit the band so he could focus on Addiction. For a long time, Cosie, Vaine and Chris wanted to put a band together, and so they finally decided to form Addiction. Their music is a mix of modern glam, hard n’ heavy rock while main influences are rock bands from the 80′s & 90′s. Addiction is trying to create a new sound and want to be unique. At the moment, the band is recording the debut album, while getting ready for a European tour which is gonna take place later in 2014.

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