Sunday, March 4, 2018

Andrew Boles takes off the mask and finds his true self with No Alarms

After nearly an entire decade of searching for the ideal sound to share with the world, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles made the most important move of his life by relocating to Detroit to bring his music-career to the next level in 2016. Boles decided to shift away from solo-life to a five-piece band, taking on the incredible talents of 4 up and coming Detroit local musicians into the official lineup to play the songs live. Immediately discovering the depths of the bond between them – the songs Boles had written never sounded better; the high-energy melodies and dynamically transformative, wild, synth-drenched indie-pop music of No Alarms became the realized version of its intentions & ambitions.

"What's Right Is Left" is the first single from No Alarms's forthcoming EP, which was self-recorded in both Texas and Detroit, and mixed and mastered by a legend in the industry, Sefi Carmel (Phil Collins, Massive Attack). The EP conveys the struggles of getting through to friends with serious addictions, codependency, and finally, the overwhelming hope of getting through to the other side.

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