Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dave Bremner: Rock Poems for the 21st Century

Dave Bremner has been around the music business for more years than he would want to admit. Dave got into recording his “rock poems,” as he calls them, when his daughter Dawn bought him studio time for his 50th birthday gift. Dave’s own songs have been recorded either as solo projects or with a band of eclectic musicians called Luna Reklipse. This combo produced a superb album of rock arrangements of a number of Dave’s songs called “NEW BEGINNING.” However due to life getting in the way, that group is no longer together, and subsequent “band” set ups have failed to produce the right feel for Dave.

So, as his love for writing and performing is stronger than the desire to give up, Dave has jumped back on the solo hobby horse, performing live acoustic tracks or to backing tracks of his own songs, and is finding the return to solo projects very rewarding, thus far. He candidly says in his opening address at his gigs, “welcome to a night with Davy nae mates!!” ( Which is not true – as many of his music pals often come to watch his gigs and support his songwriting, just not as band mates any more.

This latest EP release (“Tigers and Dragons”) is a collection of some of Dave’s early songs, he often plays while performing live. He is often asked, “where can we down load these?” So, he thought it was about time these were back out there, so folks can get them.

“REASON TO LIVE” - A beautiful song about, and thanking his beautiful wife, for the support she has given him over so many years, and for so many different reasons.

“I HAVE YOU” - Again, a song about his own love for Julie, that came to him while receiving Reiki treatment during a bout of depression. Also covered by Luna Reklipse, it is one of Dave’s most requested tracks.

“LOOKING FOR LOVE” – A gentle version of this rock track – based on a dream and using a real play on mystic influences of his music hero, Marc Bolan.

“OUTSIDE” - Is a song Dave loves for a number of reasons, as people can identify with the words on so many levels.

“HEY JO” - A peaceful, laid back song about Facebook, on this occasion helping a Marc Bolan nut (Dave Bremner ) helping a fellow Marc Bolan nut (Jo Mummery) out of a difficult situation that could have had a tragic ending.

Dave Bremner is an accomplished song writer, but he knows he would not be able to get his songs to the masses without the help and support of ace guitar player and fantastic producer Niall Mathieson. He openly thanks him for the top quality work and his friendship over so many years.

Later this year, Dave will be re – releasing a Celtic Rock track called “Highland Home” – with any profits going to a Scottish cancer relief charity called, very aptly, CLAN. A wonderful organization that cares for those who need help when the dreaded cancer strikes. Dave was once one of those souls in need, and never forgets the support he got.

Dave is also awaiting news on the release of a song co-written and produced with Tony Watson – an interesting song and project that was recorded and filmed, and then produced and mastered on both sides of the Atlantic.

This hard-working songwriter has always dreamt of having someone notable in the industry record and perform his songs – and he will keep the fight going to make this happen, going until the final bell – more songs already in production awaiting final producer input. Different sounds on the way from this writer of memorable melodies that sit behind /support his rock poems.

HOT NEWS – Dave and a long time friend and fellow song writer, Dave Plenderleith have put together an acoustic duo called, Double D ( memorable name ) based on the 2 daves.They will be hitting the recording studio soon and hope to have an EP ready for release in early 2018. A little bit of country – a little bit rock n roll.

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