Sunday, September 3, 2017

Interview With Lauren Bateman

As a childhood cancer survivor, Lauren Bateman knows the importance of living in the moment. That is why at the age of 27, Lauren quit her 'cushy' job as a research scientist to pursue a career in music. Boy has that decision changed her life forever.

In 2010, Lauren decided to give a shot at entrepreneurship and started teaching voice and guitar lessons out of a spare bedroom in her small apartment near Boston, MA. She did this with no degree in music and no experience as a music teacher or business owner.

After a year of teaching, Lauren's business was flourishing and required her to hire another teacher. Then, she hired another. In 2012, Lauren opened her first commercial music school offering voice, piano, guitar, drums and violin lessons. In 2015 the Lauren Bateman Music Corporation was founded followed by a second music school in early 2016. 

Needless to say, despite all the naysayers and lectures on job security, Lauren was able to build a very lucrative business for herself and her employees in a very short period of time. This happened during one of the worst economic periods of recent history. 

With the help of business acquaintances, friends and mentors, Lauren was able to help many students learn how to incorporate music into their lives. Lauren's goal in life is to help as many students as possible have fun with music while also helping her employees reach and achieve financial success through work they find fulfilling.

She is currently working on writing her first self-published book detailing the most critical moments and decision points in her life that helped her build the success she has today. 

Life is full of possibilities. Are you ready to reach your dreams?

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