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When Musician's Steal From Each Other

Title: When Musician's Steal From Each Other!
Topic: In light of the recent law suit brought against Led Zeppelin,  Lou and Katie thought that they would talk about some of the other high profile cases of plagiarism in rock history. Featured Loudini Artists: Lushcamp,  Highway4, and the Honeyriders

Brooklyn, NY-based indie rock outfit Lushcamp makes alternative rock music that ignites the senses and captures the bittersweet flow of memories. The band’s debut album, Lushcamp features catchy guitar hooks and vivid lyrics that capture bandleader, guitarist and singer Paul Matarelli’s personal adventures. The album’s 10 tunes are a study of the dark and light in people and the colorful dimensions of vulnerable, flawed anti-heroes and the choices they make that shape their journey.
Let’s dive a little deeper into You, the artist and your music. What attracted you to this genre(s) or style(s)?

I’ve been into rock music for as long as I can remember, but I was first introduced to the indie genre around 12 years ago.  Back then I was catching incredible bands like Band of Horses at smaller venues in NYC for like $20 bucks – magical times.

How long have you been creating and sharing your music with the public?

I’ve been creating music for about 16 years now.  When I frist moved to New York from Chicago I was playing out at bunch of legendary venues like The Bitter End and CBGB’s (before they closed).  But I released a solo EP back in 2012, and just released the full Lushcamp album in June.

Who or what influences your playing and/or writing? Also, what motivates you to keep going?

The biggest influence on this record is The National.  There are a lot of other influences you’ll probably recognize but The National is one that tends to stand out the most.  I try to create music that will give a nod of recognition to bands that influenced me, but at the same time trying to keep the sound unique to us.  As far as motivation to keep going, that just comes from within.  Creating new music has an energy like nothing else.  When you are in the process of writing a song and everything is clicking, the feeling is damn near indescribable.

Were you trying to accomplish anything specific on this new project? Creatively or otherwise?

With this record I was trying to find a balance between hard, guitar driven tracks and mellower tracks to chill out to.  The idea behind the record is exploring the duality of light and dark in people, and what drives the choices we make.  So it makes sense to have highs and lows throughout the album.  You can check out the video to our first single “Love You More”.
What was the last song you listened to?

I was listening to a playlist of songs by The Chainsmokers, at the gym today, I think the last track I heard was “Roses”

Which do you prefer? Vinyl? CDs? MP3s? 

Though I do love the sound of Vinyl, everything I listen to is on MP3.  Living in NYC I am always on the go, so everything has to be portable.

How about this one…. Do you prefer Spotify? Apple Music? Bandcamp? Or something else? Why?

I use Spotify as a user every day and I love it.  But as a musician, I released my album on iTunes and Bandcamp.  It’s tough enough to sell your album as it is, so when people see it is available on Spotify, it becomes and even tougher sell.  I think I will eventually put the album up on Spotify, but that will be further down the road.

Other than the digital era overwhelming us with access to an abundance of music, what are one or two of the biggest challenges you face when trying to attract listeners to your music?

You hit the nail on the head, there is so much new music out there that people are inundated.  The digital era is great because it allows you to release an album without the permission of the record label gatekeepers of old.  But if you want that album to be heard, you have a new gatekeeper to impress, and that is the music curators of music blogs and websites like Middle Tennessee Music!

Do you gig, tour or perform? Do you ever live stream? Where can music lovers see you live?

Since this album was a studio project, I haven’t performed or toured.  But that is going to change in the near future.  I am in the process of putting together a band so we can do just that.  Check out our website at for updates on news and upcoming shows.

Where is the best place to connect with you online? Discover more of your music?

You can stream the full album from our website here:

The best places to connect online are:

Any last thoughts? Shout outs? Words of wisdom?

Thanks so much for having me here!  I’m a big fan of your site so this is a real honor.  Let me give a shout out to Brooklyn! We recorded the record there and its where I live so that’s fitting.
Middle Tennessee Music!

Highway 4
Highway 4 is an award-winning rock band from Pittsburgh with a Foo Fighters meets Halestorm sound, riff-centered writing, and a classic vibe and energy like that of the 1970's stadium rock.

"With an ear open to the great influences of the past, performed with the intensity of today, and a clear vision of the future, Rock N Roll is in good hands with Highway 4." -Tim Daugherty, Program Director, WONE-FM 97.5, Akron, OH

The "Classic Rock" sound has come full circle, this time, with more power and grit to back it up.  This award-winning rock band from Pittsburgh is quickly rising to popularity and resurfacing the rock music scene as we know it.  Eclectic influences of the 1970's era forged with the "muscle" of the 21st century have been the backbone to developing the unique & reminiscent sound in their alternative rock genre. Highway 4 formed in 2010 with members Kelly Brown (VOX, Torrence, CA), Mike Angert (Guitar, Chicora, PA), and Tylar Parker (Bass, Chicora, PA) with the intent to make waves and break molds in mainstream rock music.
Armed with their most recent release (Matter Of Time 2016) and their first full-length album, Up In Arms (2014), Highway 4 possesses an unmatchable energy and unforgettable sound and style that is redefining rock music. The two year gap in between the music allowed Highway 4 to serve their fans on the road playing over 300 shows, undergo many valuable changes, and evolve with the maturing writing style. New EP Record, Matter Of Time opens a door into the past while marrying the present with songs that boast powerful hooks and classic staying potential.

"We didn't want to write music that would be forgotten. There's just something about complete transparency, raw-talent, and human imperfection in the recording process that gives an album the ability to root itself in the present but last through the decades." -Kelly Brown, VOX, Hwy4

MATTER OF TIME has those qualities and Highway 4 fans are going to feel a renewed sense of passion for music when this EP Record gets into their hands. 

In February 2012, they competed in the 105.9FM X Winter Rock Showcase at the Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)  and placed 2nd overall out of 110 unsigned bands. In March of the same year, they took 1st in the Next Big Thing Tour at Mr. Small's Theatre (Millvale, PA) out of 40 indie rock bands. In July 2013, they won the first ever fan-voted Grassy Award from 97.7FM's The Rock Station for "One of These Days."  To date, they have made multiple radio appearances, successfully crowdfunded their 2016 EP Matter Of Time, shared the stage with The Clarks, Zepparella, Truth & Salvage Company, Hot Action Cop, Shane Alexander, LA Guns' Tracii Guns, BulletBoys, Killer Bee, Blackberry Smoke, and Great White, and are currently organizing a tour in support of their EP.

The Honeyriders
The Honeyriders are *of* Pittsburgh, yes, but where are they from? Best we can tell, three Americans, a Mexican and a Brit all met in the witness protection program, and this marvelous musical endeavor (whose influences run the table from reggae and ska to twangy pop to good ol' gravelly rock with some bebop thrown in for good measure) is their plan for 'hiding in plain sight'. Go see them before their case officer finds out what they're doing.

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