Thursday, April 7, 2016

Interview with The Transmission Party

Band Members
TJ Byrnes - Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Keys
Julien DelTufo - Drums
Eamon Murphy-Saunders - Guitars
Transmission Party, the brainchild of TJ Byrnes, brings to life his musical aspirations with the debut self-titled LP, Transmission Party, released this Fall. With a wide range of influences which range from Blur, Oasis, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand; to the classics such as The Beatles, Beach Boys, David Bowie and Talking Heads, Transmission Party molds his music into a unique listening experience.

A charismatic blend of modern psychedelic music (without the drugs), for fans of bands such as of Montreal and Supergrass, Transmission Party is right up your alley. Each song on the record is skillfully crafted with Byrnes taking over duties on vocals, bass, guitars, keys, percussion, as well as engineer duties; truly a labor of love.

“When constructing a song, I’ve always kept in mind that if each part can be hummed or memorable it should be. I’m not afraid to borrow ideas and musical motifs that recall a certain era or vibe,” states Byrnes. The songs on Transmission Party are inspired by real life, girls, and uncorrected personality traits, which are topics most can relate to at any age.

Staring his musical endeavors at an early age, at 16 Byrnes decided to branch off from his former band, and started writing and recording on his own. Finding sounds he liked and bringing them to life, his music comes from combining different musical textures and experimentation. An accomplished songwriter and musician, Byrnes has shared the stage with Kid Rock, Hellbound Glory, Buckcherry and Southside Johnny and the Poor Fools. Transmission Party is out now.
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