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Tribute to Spinal Tap!

Here's the LATEST on the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus!
Hosted by: LouLombardi aka Loudini and Kevin O'Connor
Title: Tribute to Spinal Tap!
Time: 10/02/2015 07:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Lou and Kevin pay tribute to the greatest "rockumentary" of ALL TIME... "THis is Spinal Tap!" Birthday shout outs to Sting and Tiffany. Plus music by Steve Cal', The Delaneys, Silk9, The Turbosonics, and ALBUM!

When I began building this site, I thought it would take a few hours of probing, hunting, gathering, and collating. As with so many expectations about the heavy metal band known the world warmed over as Spinal Tap, I was wrong. It took hours upon hours, days upon days, cold beers upon cold beers. In the end, I found myself with little more understanding of the phenomenon known as Tapmania or the Tapheads who are caught up in it — only a sickening sense that I had wasted several months of my quickly shortening life on a band whose only distinction is that they play loud and their lyrics sometimes rhyme. More significantly, perhaps, is that with each passing year, more of Tap's fans are learning to read. Thus this site.
What I hoped to do was document every ounce of creative energy and tension that Tap has inspired in its fans and other bands (none of whom you've heard of or, perhaps, even exist). My friends, after viewing the 40,000-word draft of the A to Zed guide and literally wiping the glaze from their eyes, accused me of being anal-retentive about Tap. No, I replied, I am anal-inventive.
Nigel TufnelI'm not alone in my appreciation for the English rockers that dedicated fans know simply as "them guys." Marty DiBergi's well-received documentary about the band's 1982 U.S. tour inspired widespread interest in Tap, whose fortunes were sagging. As the New York Times noted during the band's 1992 Break Like the Wind tour, "the impact of This is Spinal Tap cannot be underestimated. Fans can recite scenes verbatim. Phrases such as 'It's such a fine line between clever and stupid' [sic] have become part of the rock vocabulary. Songs from the movie are considered classics." Rolling Stone, on the other hand, once described Tap's music as "simple and brainless." So opinions vary.

Steve Cal' is a blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. He first picked up the guitar at age eight after hearing Santana's instrumental Samba Pa Ti and started performing professionally with a band at fourteen years old covering songs by groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and The Doors. Cal' was first introduced to the blues after hearing B.B. King's The 'Thrill Is Gone.' He has also stated that the album 'Muddy Mississippi Waters Live' was another inspiring introduction to blues music.

In 2013 he released his debut album with his band, The Steve Cal' Band. The album primarily consists of original songs written by Cal'.

The Steve Cal' Band was a top winner of the 2013 Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Music Festival at World Café Live, which highlighted the finest emerging songwriters in the region.

Blues Rock Review has included one of the band's songs on their Volume 4 Sampler CD which features the best up and coming blues rock artist in the country

The Delaneys are currently promoting their 4th studio album titled Bullfighter - released digitally on 10.23.14 and available 11.22.14 through cdbaby and amazon. The album was produced & recorded by Rick Witkowski (B.E. Taylor, Crack the Sky) @ Studio L, Weirton, WV and mixed & mastered by Joe West (Toby Keith, Jimmy Wayne, Keith Urban) @ Gasoline Inc., Franklin, TN.

The group has been performing and entertaining crowds in and around the Pittsburgh area for the past 17 years. Influenced by a variety of musical tastes - elements of Beatle-esque harmonies, Foo Fighters consistency, and “face-melting” guitar solos make up The Delaneys’ sound. This group always delivers with a high-octane stage performance simply described as: Rock. Roll.

Proud of their city’s sports tradition, you can often catch a Delaneys set during various Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins pre-game festivities at their respective stadiums. They have been honored to work with various hometown athletes on fundraisers in conjunction with local charities especially: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Operation Troop Appreciation.

Silk9 is a Pittsburgh PA based hard rock band that was founded in April of 2013 by Anthony 
Leone and Jamie Rohr.
The" vision" of Silk9 was to "embrace" the essence of the 90’s and add an original spin
on today’s hard rock genre.
In May of 2014 the band released its first EP entitled “Exit the Pain.” Songs from the EP have
been featured on 97.7 fm located in Butler PA, Adrenaline 101 internet radio, 105.9 fm the X, in
Pittsburgh PA., 102.5 WDVE in Pittsburgh PA, ThePAROCKSHOW.COM, The EAgle 107.5 and recently featured on Lou Lombardi's, Rock n' Roll Circus.
We strive to keep our standards high by working with some of the top local bands in the area and national acts such as Lynch Mob,
Adelitas Way, The Art of Dying, Hillbilly Herald, Drowning Pool, Crobot,Skid Row and on most recently Jake E Lee's Red Dragon's Cartel

The Turbosonics is a three piece instrumental surf-rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. Turbosonics play original instrumentals, traditional surf music (Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Surfaris, The Ventures, etc.), and a few from bands like the Pixies, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and The Propellerheads.

Check out a show, you will not be disappointed!

Thousands of years after the annals of prehistory closed, man has fashioned sound as terrible as exploding stars. Gods will tremble at the sonic slaughter unleashed by our races hands. Music is humanities calling card to the universe and its’ message is clear: “Beware the might of man.” 

Since man awakened from his primordial slumber, he has sought to harness the essence of life through sound. The rumble of earth, scream of storm and call of the predator. Man offers his music to the heavens in awe, anguish and anger hoping his place in existence be remembered by all things. 

Deep in the foothills of the ancient Appalachians lies the tiny crossroads of Rogers. There, the last vestiges of somber, proud hill–folk wax into legacy and wilderness swallows ancestral lands back into inhuman mystery. It is amongst this quiet and isolated realm that a thunder summoned from an age forgotten, heralds a new dawning for the music of man. That thunder is named ALBUM.

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