Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Interview with Northern Faces

Northern Faces Band Members:
bryan shortell, marco testa, matt ippolito

Get in touch with NORTHERN FACES
THRU the following:
twitter: @northernfaces
instagram: northernfaces
Official Store - http://goo.gl/0qKh9m
iTunes - https://goo.gl/KO64F2
Merch Now - http://goo.gl/xoUqRE
Facebook - http://goo.gl/LvCA93
Twitter - http://goo.gl/EMqMIA
Instagram - https://goo.gl/Hdg9Dr
Spotify - https://goo.gl/yuvQZ6

it all started after a few too many drinks and an exchange of words
that should have never happened.
but thank god it did. - northern faces.

Press Contact
Natalie Bisignano @ Equal Vision (natalie.bisignano@equalvision.com)
Booking Agent

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