Monday, July 6, 2015

Interview with Theresa Montgomery, Partner and Co-Founder of 24 West – Episode 38

Hosted by: LouLombardi aka Loudini
Episode 38 Title: Interview with Theresa Montgomery, Partner and Co-founder of 24 West

As marketing professionals, we at 24West believe it is essential to optimizing our client’s brand through simultaneously improving the above four stages of fanbase development. At all times we aim to help (1) introduce your project to the new potential fans, (2) expand your existing following, (3) help maintain your existing relationships, and (4) inspire you to continue putting fourth the sort of product that you will be proud of, and the fans will continue to want to spread the word about.

We aim to provide our clients with the largest platform possible to promote what they work so hard to build. Our goal is to create marketing initiatives that serve to amplify the worthwhile message or product of our clients. While 24W individualizes every campaign in order to accommodate different budgets and schedules, our end goal is always the same; a satisfied client with a larger following than they had at the beginning of the campaign.

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